More Scumbags In Education

Arvada Colorado school adminstrators asked for the arrest of the 11 year old boy who drew the non-threatening “threatening” stick figures in class the other day…

…even though the boy had been told to do this by his therapists as an alternative to disrupting class – an alternative that was apparently working  fine.

Well, it was, anyway (I’m going to add the odd bit of emphasis):

Arvada Police are defending the way they handled the arrest of an 11-year-old boy.  The Arvada boy was arrested and hauled away in handcuffs from his home for drawing stick figures in school – something his therapist told him to do.

His parents say they understand what he did was inappropriate, but are outraged by the way Arvada Police handled the case…They say “Tim” is being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder and his therapist told him to draw pictures when he got upset, rather than disrupt the class. So that’s what he did.

Last October, he drew stick figures of himself with a gun, pointed at four other stick figures with the words “teachers must die.”

No, he was not a budding trenchcoat mafioso…:

The boy drew the pictures to let out angry emotions…He felt calmer and was throwing the picture away when the teacher saw it and sent him to the principal’s office.

The school was aware that the boy was in treatment, determined he was not a threat, notified his parents and sent him back to class.

But once your kids are in the hands of our school systems’ idiot administrators, you really can’t count on anything:

His mother, “Jane” was shocked when Arvada Police showed up at their home later that night.

She says she told her son to cooperate and tell the truth, but was horrified when they told her they were arresting him and then handcuffed him and hauled him away in a patrol car. His mother says she begged police to let her drive her son to the police department and to let her stay with him through the booking process but they refused.

They put him in a cell, took his mug shot and fingerprinted him. He says he thought he was going to jail and would never be able to go home again.

Anyone wanna guess the kid’s therapy bills for the next ten years?

At first school officials did not want to press charges, but changed their mind when police called them later that night. A juvenile assessment report shows he’s never been in legal trouble before and is at low risk to reoffend.

He’s charged with a third degree misdemeanor, interfering with staff and students at an educational facility. The system says it’s doing what’s in the best interest of the child. But Tim’s therapist says handcuffing an 11-year-old and putting him in a cell over something like this is “quite an overreaction” and does much more harm than good.

Do you think?

I have a little background with the comatose, unreasoning stupidity of the schools’ “zero tolerance” policies.  Good luck getting redress in the courts – the laws pretty well protect schools from any sort of accountability for their actions – the laws were written by Democrats in the pocket of the Teachers unions and the Administrators associations; also, they’re the freaking government.

Do you think a charter school, responsible to a board elected by the school’s parents and stakeholders, just might have come up with a solution that wouldn’t have embarassed a Soviet komissar?

It’s time to bring back public humiliation – stocks and pillories – for public officials who so utterly transgress the boundaries of sanity, decency and morality itself.

And if the Arvada, Colorado school board doesn’t fire every single party involved, and the voters don’t in turn erase every single member of that school board from any contact with children forever, and the people can stand for that sort of priggish idiocy from their police department, they deserve what they get.

I’m pretty sure “Tim” does not.

No punishment we can legally give is severe enough for these walking sacks of “human” pus.  If I were face to face with these scumbags, I would punch them.

Damn right I’m “vitriolic”.

13 thoughts on “More Scumbags In Education

  1. “the comatose, unreasoning stupidity of the schools’ “zero tolerance” policies”

    A “zero thought policy” is a sorry substitute for leadership, which we can tie back into union control of schools.

    Leadership is discouraged in schools: they don’t need it, they have a contract that tells them what to do. Schools are a factories, teachers are robots, children are products. When we stumble upon some gray area, we cannot rely upon the good judgment and responsibility of those involved because those faculties are weak with disuse. So our ‘solution’ is “zero tolerance”, and some “products” get discarded like trash.

  2. This is a “teaching opportunity.” Next time the kid needs to draw something that will distract him from his angry emotions, he should draw a picture of Scott Walker with a Hitler mustache.

  3. OK, Mitch, draw a stick figure or two….. :^)

    Seriously, exactly what law says that drawing stick figures of a gun is an arresting offense? You’re right that school staff–and ahem, some people in the Arvada PD–need to lose their jobs over this.

    (and any legislators who would write such a law, too)

    It also appears that this kid’s parents need to seriously consider homeschooling, instead of keeping the kid in therapy. One of my cousins had ADD (ADHD, whatever), and it was startling what happened when my grandpa came into the room. More or less, the kid would pretty much snap to attention.

  4. Schools are run as minimum security prisons, the Arvada officials just matriculated the boy into the criminal justice system (where the guards are unionized) earlier than normal. Anyone who doesn’t think public schools have become feeder systems for the state and federal penal systems is simply not paying attention.

    its not “zero tolerance” its “advanced entry screening” for the CJS whose lawyers, social workers, and guards are all dependent upon fresh meat being channeled into the system.

  5. Liberals and their bureaucratic pull-toys sincerely believe that all they do is motivated by their love of the children. In fact they don’t love children. They love their self-image as lovers of children, and the brain-dead policies they institute are their proof to themselves of this love. The rules are the point, not actual kids. They call me a legalist because I’m a Christian. Show me a Christian private school where something like this could happen.

    Linus in “Peanuts” used to say, “I love humanity! It’s people I can’t stand!”

  6. Jeez, Berg. Tell us how you really feel. You expect any measure of sanity from public school administrators? I know you’ve been watching Madison all week.
    Thank God the kid’s got parents. Hopefully they can help him heal from this stupidity. He has enough problems already if he’s ADHD.

  7. You know, more than a fair share of the stupidity needs to be credited to the Arvada police department.

    Come over and ask questions, sure. Handcuffs? Seems more than a bit overboard.

    Now maybe the 11 year old is the size of a 19 year old, and the police can be excused, but assuming normal things, they over reacted as well.

  8. “They love their self-image as lovers of children.”

    Every now and again, pearls of wisdom are evacuated from the bowels of this body of discourse. It frames the debate so well. Do we love children? Do we love puppies? Do we love butterflies? Do we love unicorns? And, if we don’t – are we haters of all these things? It’s as if the opposite of love has to be hate. It’s not. It’s indifference.

  9. Stink
    I think you just drooled out another example of Bergs 7th law. We’ve all seen it before, try harder.

  10. Kel, BS has a point. Hate requires motivation and emotion. Indifference is far more insidious and has resulted if far more human suffering over the centuries. Which is worse? That is a damn hard question.

  11. Liberals and their bureaucratic pull-toys sincerely believe that all they do is motivated by their love of the children.

    That is not true.

    The teachers union knows their work rules have caused harm, they know their incessant demands for salary increases suck up money that could be used for educational resources.

    It’s simple: when it comes down to the union’s best intrerests vs. the kids, the kids lose…every time.

    And the Democrats that they own know it too.

  12. It’s as if the opposite of love has to be hate. It’s not. It’s indifference.

    That’s so nice, I’ll post it twice:

    It’s as if the opposite of love has to be hate. It’s not. It’s indifference.

  13. No punishment we can legally give is severe enough for these walking sacks of “human” pus. If I were face to face with these scumbags, I would punch them.

    You cannot imagine the power of the Dark Side! Bwaaahahahahahaha!

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