Wisconsin Democrats: “Unions More Important Than Law, Democracy”

Having lost the majority in both chambers of the Wisconsin Legislature and the governor’s mansion – by the choice of Wisconsin’s voters – Wisconsin’s Senate “Democrat”ic caucus fled the state yesterday to a resort in Illinois, rather than do their job.

In doing so, they disenfranchised a majority of Wisconsin voters.

It is, in effect, a coup-d’etat.

The full weight of law enforcement should be used to round these puling rodents up and haul them back to Madison, first to lose the legal vote on the collective bargaining measure, and then for investigation leading to prosecution for whatever charges the State of Wisconsin gives to those who try to unlawfully seize control of the state’s rightful government and violate the will of the voters.

60 thoughts on “Wisconsin Democrats: “Unions More Important Than Law, Democracy”

  1. “They did it, it’s called a filibuster…” “They” being the GOP. Trouble is Rick, so have the Dems. Is that your analogy? Poor. The filibuster can be over-ridden. So far, anyway, chicken-sh-t Dems can’t.

  2. If Democrats stated herding Jews into gas chambers, Rick would mewl “there’s precedent for this…”

  3. Rick,

    Obtuse as ever, I see. A filibuster is actually part of the legislative process. Running off to Illinois to stall a vote is not.

    And no, Rick, since you will doubtless claim it – fleeing the state as a body is not the same as “not having to show up”. Disenfranchising a majority is not the same as taking a sick day or taking a day outstate to meet constituents or campaign.

  4. Both a walkout and the fillibuster are ways to prevent the majority of a body from taking action. In effect they are fairly similar.

    Really? A fillibuster, if actually enforced, requires debate (I know, they don’t do that in the Senate anymore, they’ve become wimps, but it can still be required). A walkout prevents debate.

    I’m heartened by the knowledge of just how well this worked the last time the Democrats tried this. You’ve seen how well they’re doing in Texas these days, right Rick?

  5. this situation in Wisconsin, where you have the fucking “president” assisting a bunch of overpaid, overpampered entitlement whores with breaking the law, has been the latest straw on this camel’s back. i have been triing not to giving up hope that this nation can be saved by any means short of civil war. and i’m just not buying it any more. i’m almost to the point where i want the wave to break so we can just fucking get it over with. i’m ready; i’ve got food, i’ve got guns, i’ve got four years in the gun club (USMC) so i will win the battle, and to be honest i’d almost be relieved if this nation cut the crap and just got the fuck down.

  6. The good news is that, in the end, this stunt will fail and Walker and the Republicans will prevail. And Wisconsin will be better for it.

    I would also suggest that “ak” try the decaf.

  7. Mr. D is correct. This latest ploy by the Party of Children ™ will backfire big time. Just like it did in texas (you’re right Nerbert), just like it will everywhere else it’s tried.
    Poor Rick. There’s no known cure for stupid.

  8. I think it was a brilliant use of parliamentary procedure by a significant minority – lessons learned from the GOP, to give credit where credit is due, although they didn’t use this particular tactic before. Dems in TX did.

    They did it, is called the fillibuster and I don’t remember you complaining about Senate Republicans thwarting the will of the majority then.

    The earth’s rotation is in danger of being altered from the frantic spinning occuring herein.

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