Oddly Enough…

…I don’t recall seeing these pictures in the mainstream media’s gauzy, soft-focus coverage of the Madison, Wisconsin union members’ “keep paying us or else” demonstrations today:

This one?  Nope – not this one either:

But remember, conservatives – no vitriol!

21 thoughts on “Oddly Enough…

  1. That’s right, Doggie. You buddies, the Libtards, do this ALL THE TIME. Just like the “good old days” of the Bush administration, when C-Span seemed to have a televised protest every weekend, with signs just like this attacking Bush. Funny, I don’t remember hearing much about ‘civility’ then either.


  2. These are the same type of “peaceful” protesters who were calling for Justice Thomas and his wife to be lynched last week (it was at at a Code Pink rally, I watched the video, go find it yourself).

  3. There are a lot of “Walker is Hitler” signs there. The Socialist Party also has a booth set up there.

    From everything I can tell, the teachers are losing support from the vast center.

  4. I have to be in Green Bay Monday for work. I think I’ll leave Sunday and take a detour through Cairo, er Madison.

    My sign will say:

    Sorry I couldn’t be here sooner Gov.
    Some of us had to work to pay for the vacations
    and “Sick days” the unions have been taking.

    Video at 11:00

  5. Anyone who made such a poster – if it was actually made by a protester (aren’t you the ones routinely complaining about the opposition planting embarrassing posters?) was terribly wrong, and not very clever either.

    But it doesn’t change the facts that the governor pushed through legislation which blew an existing surplus in special interest give-aways, that there was NO actual budget crisis until he and the conservatives created one by spending money they didn’t have. Kinda like that Bush era blowing a surplus by enacting bad policies which failed.


    Ahhhhh, you cannot ruin my good mood guys. My syndication editor thinks I’m adorable, and the best possible compliment is for a major national organization to seek you out to pay you for your content, in a non-exclusive agreement.
    (Thanks again Mitch for your advice prior to our signing with the syndicate – in case you haven’t been told this lately, you’re pretty wonderful sometimes, even if we frequently disagree on specific political issues. A big hug to you, my friend and mentor for your advice and guidance).

  6. (aren’t you the ones routinely …

    …investigating embarassing signs, and finding that the people holding them are linked with anti-conservative organizations?

    Yes, we are.

    So feel free to prove – as we freqently do – that the predominant mass of those ugly, hateful signs are false flags.

    Get on it.

  7. Dog Gone Says: “Ahhhhh, you cannot ruin my good mood guys.”
    Enjoy it while it lasts………..conservative avalanche coming straight at you in…3…2…1

  8. “My syndication editor thinks I’m adorable, and the best possible compliment is for a major national organization to seek you out to pay you for your content, in a non-exclusive agreement.”

    Until he/she realizes that everything you post is bullshit!

  9. Dog, the state will be broke this coming year. $3,500,000,000 over the next 2 years.

    Swiftee……counter protest tomorrow in Madison (aka, the town that gave the key-to-the-city to Castro).

  10. Yes, we are all mad at President Bush for his big spending Compassionate Conservatism. But also, his $2,000,000,000 deficits almost look quant compared to Obama’s deficits.

  11. Dog cites as her source “The Cap Times” a “progressive voice” that posts an article with zero actual “FACT CHECKING”. Bravo, comrade. Your kool aid must taste sweet. Your comments smell like

  12. Dog, every time you drag your papspew over here, you insult the intelligence of everyone here.

    You are a fucking moron. No one takes you seriously; we’re laughing AT you, not With you….that pretty clear?

    Now go sit by your dish…maybe teh Peevee will come sniff your ass and you can have a party.

  13. Boss,
    “Until he/she realizes that everything you post is bullshit” that isn’t a problem for the Sorosphere it’s a feature.

    DG plenty of video interviews with those holding the signs they seem to be very authentic liberals.

  14. Dog Gone, to keep up your narrative, you guys need to somehow portray the Wisconsin issue as “labor against capital”. That is the only reason your side has latched onto some job-creating tax breaks Walker signed weeks ago.
    “Labor vs. capital” is a lie. This is pampered public employees with wages, benefits, retirement plan, and job security unheard of in 2011 versus the people who pay their wages — people who work in the private sector with little job security, lower wages (if any at all — you don’t have to have a job to pay sales and property taxes).
    If the tax legislation “caused” a budget shortfall that required public employee union give backs why the Hell didn’t the Dem legislators walk out when the legislation was voted on?
    As I have written before, you are gullible, Dog Gone.

  15. I’m starting to see why liberals have quit commenting here. When they get their ass handed to them, they can actually smell it.

  16. FYI- Ann Althouse is collecting pictures of the New Civility on display by the protesters in Madison: http://althouse.blogspot.com/
    My God it is hard to believe that a few weeks ago these were the same people trying to hold Palin or the Tea Partiers or anyone on the right responsible for the Giffords shooting.

  17. Dog Gone’s beloved “politifact” claims that she is wrong about ” . . . there was NO actual budget crisis until he and the conservatives created one by spending money they didn’t have.”

    How many times does a person have to be shown to be a fool before they start questioning their assumptions? This is getting to be pitiful.

  18. Oh my, DeeGee certainly has gone off the deep end. Such a pity, but good for her that her editor drinks the same Kool Aid.

    * cue Pauline Kael

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