Because He Says So, That’s Why!

Someone left some naughty messages at the local AFSCME headquarters.

Andy Birkey at the Minnesoros “Independent” notes that AFSCME and the police know who it is, but…:

[An AFSCME spokesperson] revealed the caller’s identity, and states that his business is on record as a vendor for the state of Minnesota; she shared documentation of that fact with this site. The Minnesota Independent’s call to the individual was not returned, so we’ll refrain from revealing his or her identity at this time.

But, all of that aside, Birkey will reveal [I’ll add emphasis] that…:

A local chapter of AFSCME, the national public workers’ union, says it received three expletive-laced phone messages from a person claiming to be a Tea Party member in response to the union’s new ad urging support for fair taxation in Minnesota.

Wow.  That’s a pretty damning conclusion!  And on what does Birkey base this?

[AFSCME’s flak] forwarded audio of the call along with the identity of a person she says the calls were tracked to.  That individual, a local business owner, she says “claims to be an organizer of the Tea Party protest at the State Capitol tomorrow.”

So let’s summarize; Andy Birkey, apparently at the assurance of a PR flak from a group that has a vested interest in attacking the Tea Party, not only claims on the eve of the national Tea Party protests that an “organizer” (we know this because he claimed it on his phone message!) is threatening a local union (???), to the point where he headlined his story “TEA PARTY SUPPORTER THREATENS AFSCME OFFICE“…

…but won’t say who it is, so that we Tea Partiers can find out who has allegedly so sullied the honor of our movement?

Hmmm.  The hell you say.

And what exactly was the “threat?”

“Hey you [expletive] piece of [expletive]. Your days are [expletive] numbered sucking at the public tit. This [expletive] is over. I saw that [expletive] ‘Tax the Rich’ ad again. We don’t you come and visit tomorrow at the [expletive] little party we’re going to have on the 15th at the capitol. Why don’t you show up there with your [expletive] union signs. That’d be just [expletive] wonderful. Come you you gutless [expletive] wonders, show up!”

Um, what’s the threat?  I get it, profanity is unpleasant and all, but the only “threat” seems to be sympathy for cutting government jobs, and an acid invitation to come to the Tea Party with union signs to see what people thought of ’em.

As to the AFSCME flak?  Well, the union can be happy they’re getting their money’s worth; she’s certainly on message…:

“The tea party has a history of inciting angry mobs, so given that, we filed the report…

I’d ask her to provide examples of “angry mobs”, but I’m sure she’ll be on a contractual coffee break when I call…

I’ll be calling the AFSCME office for clarification.  Let’s see if that gets reported as a “threat”, too.

UPDATE:  Welcome, Politics in Minnesota readers.  I update this story in this piece.

12 thoughts on “Because He Says So, That’s Why!

  1. I’ve seen the “Tax the Rich” commercial. I think the irony is it is paid for by AFSME. Last time I checked, government employees earned way more than private sector employees.
    What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Did I miss the membership forms for the Tea Party? Because if we have ‘members’ then there must be a way of determining who is a member, right?

    Liberals and the media (sorry for repeating myself) get tripped up over the fact that there is as yet no political party called the Tea Party. There is a large group of people, including folks from all across the political spectrum, that are fed up with out of control government spending.

  3. Was that swiftee or K-rod? Not saying.. just asking. Way to short a message to be peev and clown would have had far more expletives.

    Your right though the message was rude but not a threat.

  4. Not a threat at all. Certainly not a criminal threat. In fact, it seemed like an invitation to go to the Tea Party. Not a cordial invitation, of course.

    (Note to krod – this is not an indication of liberal fascism.)

  5. Liberal Fascism? pffttt. Come on liberals, America is too big to fail, right?

    Now when the federal government starts taking over industry like the auto industry, firing CEOs, dictating private company business decisions, and mandating citizens buy a private product… then you can start talking about Liberal Fascism.

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