Georgia Bans Lefty Losers

Is there anything more irritating on your morning commute than slow-moving drivers who refuse to extricate themselves from the passing lane? The answer is “no.” And so now we may have at least one good reason to consider moving to Georgia

…sorry for the teaser…still… hell yeah!

7 thoughts on “Georgia Bans Lefty Losers

  1. Minnesota is the worst state I’ve ever seen for driving slowly in the left lane. And I’ve lived in many different states…

  2. I heard on the radio yesterday or Tuesday morning that a MN state legislator is pushing a bill to fine left lane hijackers $50, since outstate signage hasn’t solved the problem in the Cities.

  3. If you’re going roughly the same speed or slower then the traffic to the right of you, you’re in the wrong lane.

  4. I agree with nerdbert above. In Chicago, where i grew up, you wouldn`t last long as living, breathing driver if you drove like they do here. Now, if the people here learned how to make left-hand turns, we`ld be on our way to driving like the rest of the galaxy.

  5. Just like Germany on the Autobahn, except they actually let you drive the speed you want. Nobody stays in the left lane there in a minivan with a Porsche coming at you at 120 MPH!

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