Not Quite Sure What Disgusts Me More

It’s hard to choose.

Option 1

Is it that Randi Weingarten and everyone who supports her are lying about the “Teacher getting fired for reading Ann Frank“?

(She was reading a version of Ann Frank that’d been tweaked to make it read more like soft-core queer porn. Not the original).

Or is it…

Option 2

Someone actually wrote a queer porn version of Ann Frank.

Because gays didn’t have so much skin in the game during the Holocaust that they didn’t need to appropriate an utterly non-LGBT story.

Truly hard to choose, to be honest.

12 thoughts on “Not Quite Sure What Disgusts Me More

  1. This is another case of a leftist using dishonest means to achieve a policy objective.
    Teacher says “So the parents want to ban Gender Queer? Well, I will have read my 8th graders a graphic novel of the unexpurgated version of Franke that includes descriptions of masturbation! Then when they object I’ll call them Nazis!”
    Utter bullshit, Weingarten knows this, all the MSM drones know this.
    The MSM is the world’s greatest purveyor of misinformation.

  2. I’d be more disgusted by Option 1.
    There’s always going to be some fringe person out there trying to be transgressive and get attention. Combine that with the fact that anyone can self publish and you can’t stop it.
    It’s the people that enable the fringe, especially people in positions of power, that disgust me. First off, teachers shouldn’t seek to be transgressive. More importantly, the president of the teachers’ union shouldn’t be out there trying to highlight teachers that are.
    I could even support the idea of the teachers’ union paying for a lawyer to support the fired teacher on appeal. That’s the Union’s job and the teacher has presumably paid her dues. That support doesn’t have extend to social media or continue after the appeals process is completed.

  3. To me, our root cause is that some well-meaning editor chose to undo an edit that Anne’s father did on the diary, taking out some sexual comments he deemed objectionable.

  4. This just highlights a much larger issue: the distinctly predatory nature of the LGBT community, hence the constant grooming.

  5. Reminder – it’s a bad idea to trust the welfare of your children to childless Alphabet people!

  6. What’s wrong with finding both equally disgusting?

    Also, I’m a bit surprised that after the last 15 years that anyone would find anything that DemoCommies do be a surprise. Especially when it’s disgusting. That’s their reason for being.

  7. Ackshewelly, she was reading the original, and evidently it *was* soft porn.

    Evidently, Anne Frank was quite, eh, progressive for a 13 year old girl in 1942.

    It’s a good thing I’m around to be a gatekeeper, or y’all would just continue to shoot in the dark.

  8. Non-conforming, Canadian Jew, Jonathan Kay on Twitter: Genderwang isn’t just destroying trust in educational/political elites when it comes to gender. It’s destroying trust, *full stop*. If elite nutbags think waving a fairy wand turns boys into girls, what other crap do they believe?

    The nice guys on the other side of the “genderwang” movement — you know, those guys on the side of history and morality — have sent Jonathan Kay DM’s indicating that they know which schools his daughters attend.

  9. Kremlin Tom’s comments about Miss Frank are, in my view, exactly why her father chose not to include those pages of her diary when the book was released. He knew that all kids get sexually curious at about that age, and his daughter didn’t need to have guys like “Sheets” using that as an excuse to abuse her.

    But going back to the original thoughts, we might say that it’s telling that the teacher chose this passage out of the diary, which has so much else to say about the tragedy of the Holocaust. It’s like watching “Fiddler on the Roof” and getting stuck on what challah recipe the mother used. Um….you’re missin’ the point…

  10. The “true story” of the Frank diary has been widespread for at least 30 years. Keep up, people!
    One other little known fact about Nazi’s and the Jews? Jews were often hidden from the Germans by Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don’t think that Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christians, but they have a very healthy distrust of the State. But because they are weird and cultish the JH’s history of Nazi persecution is ignored.
    Another fun fact? Many of the people in Eastern Europe who “hid Jews” did it for money or treated their “pet Jew” as a slave.
    On the other side, you had SS officers who thought nothing of using dogs to tear Jewish children to pieces.

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