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On Saturday, I had a chat with Shawn Holster about the new, vastly streamlined Minneapolis GOP. It’s a reform that makes sense – going from four Senate district and 13 ward committees to a single city organization. No more wondering what side of what arbitrary dividing line you live on, no more wondering if you went to the right meeting, no more wasted effort among a dozen sub-units, more focus on what matters- it’s freaking brilliant, and Saint Paul should do the same.

It starts at the :33 mark:

In the meantime, as I was talking with Shawn, this was the MInneapolis Ward 10 convention:

Ken Martin – who runs the party of Bill “Guillotine Republicans!” Davis, of Matt “He Who Flexes on Reporters who are 30 years older than him” Roznowski, of Leigh “Thrilla On the House Floor” Finke, whose party has presided over probably half a dozen cycles of Minneapolis district conventions breaking down into riots…

…is making vigorous noises about violbla beingbla bla unacceptibiblablabla.

8 thoughts on “Politics In Minneapolis

  1. Naw, NW, just Mogadishu tribal warfare, ’cause they know in politics, power=$$$.

  2. My favorite is the verbatim, cut and paste Twitter responses from a couple of DFL State Legislators. Either one copied the other’s work, or they got the script from above.

  3. This isn’t the first time that a Minneapolis DFL Convention has been interrupted by violence among the attendees. The best part is that everytime the DFL has to host a another convention, they require photo ID and limit attendance to registered delegates and alternates.
    “This is how democracy works!!”

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