Leave No Man Behind

Last week, I did one of my periodic cites of Jeff Snyder’s epochal “A Nation of Cowards“.

It was partly in reference to the Penny case.

Daniel Penny was the good samaritan who put a sleeper (not choke) hold on a mentally-ill man who was actively threatening people in the NYC subway. He was assisted by a black man and a latino fellow – all good samaritans, all men doing the right thing, all examples of what masculinity is supposed to be in the face of danger.

But Penny is being charged by Manhattan DA Lavrentii Beria. Oops – I mean Alvin Bragg.

He’s got a legal defense fund:

Penny (amd the other men) were the opposite of the “cowards” Snyder assailed. Naturally Beria..er, Bragg can’t tolerate that.

This has the potential to wedge NYC the way the Bernard Goetz case did.

In a just world, anyway.

7 thoughts on “Leave No Man Behind

  1. A quick Google search as of 10:10am CDT on May 15 shows a 1 day old article confirming that the other 2 gentleman with Penny have never even been named in the Press, much less charged by DA Bragg.

    This is the same DA that original charged a crime victim for defending himself by disarming his assailant and using the criminal’s own weapon against him. Those charges were only dropped because of public outcry.

    Alvin Bragg is a disgrace and NY deserves him until they vote him out, just like Minneapolis deserves Mary Moriarty at this moment.

  2. I’m happy he’s got over $2million, but I’m not going to donate anything. Because Penny should not have been anywhere near NYC, and damn sure shouldn’t have been on a subway car full of black thugs.

    He doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of gong free; the Nazgul have him, and he’s going to give them some flesh. The feds couldn’t print enough federal fiat currency to save him, and I don’t want my treasure wasted.

    I also don’t want my treasure to end up in the hands of the homeless guy’s family, who, after ignoring him for his entire life, suddenly re-discovered their love for him…as soon as there was gibs to be got. Let the scumbags paying taxes in NYC hand over the gibs.

    Finally, if there’s a silver lining in this, it is that Dan Penny can act as a warning to other young White guys, living in leftist shithole cities. GTFO of there, lads. Those wretches hate you, and they will end you at the first opportunity. Come live with your people, have some kids and be happy.

  3. From the beginning when I heard about this incident, I thought of Mitch’s continuous warning that people are going to take the law into their own hands and it won’t be pretty. This seems to be only the beginning.

    It is tragic that Neely died. It is tragic that he was in such a state as he was on the train that morning, or ever. But, knowing that we live in a current state of society where there are no consequences, where there is no response for help, where anything goes it seems, what are the bystanders to do? Eventually, someone takes it into their own hands.

    And still, there are people quoted in articles about this incident, saying “just because someone is yelling and makes *you* uncomfortable doesn’t mean they are dangerous.” But, could it escalate? When people break the social norms and everyone looks away, it escalates. Shouldn’t be surprising to people, but it seems that the current elite ruling class people have separated too far away from the people to even realize what is actually going on.

    For perspective, I did actually look up where we are on the case of the trans person attacked at the Lake Street Light Rail stop in February. I found a quote from Mary Moriarty in which after the attack, she did a “ride along” and visited the Lake Street stop. She is quoted as saying how filthy it was, most disgusting place she had seen, “looks like we’ve given up.” And this sounded like this was all news to her. This is life in their “vibrant cities.” And until they realize it, and deal with it, we’ll have more vigilantism.

  4. Mary Moriarty […] did a “ride along” and visited the Lake Street stop

    Meaning she was protected by “people with guns” who she would protect later if they had to do anything to protect her. Probably in broad daylight? After all the vagrants and aggressive “youths” had been chased away.

  5. …..the homeless guy’s family, who, after ignoring him for his entire life, suddenly re-discovered their love for him…as soon as there was gibs to be got.

    © George Floyd’s family.

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