The Same Thing Over And Over Again

“Juvenile Offender” alleged to have murdered a Saint Paul man while burgling the man’s wife’s car is already a frequent flyer:

FOX 9 has confirmed through multiple sources that the 17-year-old suspect in custody on suspicion of Michael Brasel’s murder is the same young man captured on a video that went viral last year inside a Saint Paul Harding High School bathroom…the teen, who we are not naming at this point, was charged and eventually pled guilty to aggravated robbery in that case. He was discharged from probation and supervision four months ago, in January.

Former St. Paul Police chief Todd Axtell makes an appearance in the story, showing us again why he was literally the only public figure in either of the Twin Cities not to disgrace himself completely during the 2020 riots.

Remember – if the murder victim had instead shot the teen (while meeting all the other criteria for self-defense naturally), the Ramsey County Attorney’s office would have take a much greater interest in punishment.

That’s intentional.

And just watch – John Choi will not ask for the sentence enhancement for using a gun in a violent crime. Mark my words.

13 thoughts on “The Same Thing Over And Over Again

  1. Didn’t I call this a few days ago?
    Another unguided missile hitting a random target, set free by the DFL who, by the way, is working really hard on disarming law abiding citizens because they care so much about gun violence.

  2. I wish Axtell would run for Ramsey County Attorney. He’d have my vote, and he could actually do something about these pitiful prosecutions. I don’t care if he’s not a lawyer. He can hire lawyers and set the policy direction. He doesn’t need to be in Court himself.

  3. The people, the judges and prosecutors, lack integrity, but they are aren’t stupid. They know exactly what the likely outcome will be very time they spin a violent criminal out of jail.
    But they have made themselves hostage to the BLM crowd., who tell them that putting these violent criminals behind bars “harms their community.”
    In MN, country attorneys are elected non-partisan, but you know which party each candidate represents.
    Last fall, the voters of Hennepin county could choose between a DFL ex-prosecutor, a black woman. Instead they went with Mary Moriarty, who literally promised to not people in jail. Moriarty won her election handily.
    The DFL is looking to export its “unique” ideas on fighting crime to the rest of Minnesota.

  4. I kind of like the Minneapolis Crime Watch approach: they show a picture of the person who has been convicted of murder, along with the photos of the judge or judges who previously released the perp on a plea deal or waived bail, allowing him to go free to kill. Let’s have all news outlets do the same.

    Of course, the establishment will howl about intimidation trying to influence “justice”, but the establishment is already intimidating the public it is supposed to represent with these releases.

    And besides, as Judge Chu demonstrated in the Kim Potter case, intimidation works.

  5. Consider the case of Daniel Penny & Jordan Neely.
    In the eyes of the nutso leftists who control the Democrat party, Neely had no moral culpability for his over three dozen arrests, including attempted abduction of a child and a violent assault on an elderly woman. If Neely wasn’t responsible for his crimes, who was?
    White supremacy. Also capitalism.
    So if Neely can’t be held responsible for his crime, how can Penny be prosecuted for killing Neely?
    Because Penny is white. If Neely had been black, you never would have heard of this story. There would have been no protests, no demands that he be “brought to justice.” This is because, in the carnival house of mirrors that is the collective mind of the Democrat party, “White people” have the ability to make moral decisions, while black people do not.
    I am not joking. They honest-to-God believe this, and any Democrat who insists that this is stupid bullshit will be primaried & thrown out of his or her job.
    I don’t think that any of the Dem politicians actually believes that the reason black people steal so many cars is the car manufacturers make cars to easy to steal, or that the reason that so few blacks get admitted to higher education without the boost of AA is because the universities are hotbeds of white supremacy. They have to say that they believe this crap because otherwise it would be career suicide.
    This began in 1968, when the Dems turned over their internal politics to identitarian activists.
    This insanity will end in race war, and you know what? I don’t think that the Democrats care.
    Wouldn’t be the first war they have started over their desire to define and protect racial privilege.

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  7. This insanity will end in race war

    There already is a race war – it’s just that whytes have been carefully taught to not to fight back much less to even acknowledge it.

  8. My 13-yo niece is being bullied by a group of female classmates. It’s not physical yet, but the taunts, insults, and threats do have a physical effect. The school administration knows about it, even has audio evidence. The bullies supposedly have been ordered to have no contact or communication in person or online with my niece; they ignore this, of course. Her parents have been to the school, been to the track meets, raising holy hell with the staff. The staff admits they really can’t do anything about it because the bullies are, uh, 10th ward delegates.

  9. I hate to say it, NW, but it may be time for your niece to learn how to physically fight. If she hauls off and connects a good hard swing at one of her tormentors, they both will likely get in trouble. But they may leave her alone.

  10. Bill C., she’s blue-belt karate … but we know how this will play out with the school if she actually struck one of her tormenters, don’t we? (Assuming she survived the group head-stomping that would follow).

    We’re a long ways from the days when I dispatched a handful of bullies (younger than me, but my size) who were harassing my little brother at the school bus stop. The only repercussion then was having the mom of two of the kids berate me from her front porch as her darlings cringed in mortification at her intervention. Totally worth it.

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