Unsafe Space

That wave of right-wing terror they’ve been warning us about for the past fifteen years is apparently nigh, and coming for Jacob Frey:

The progressive mayor of Minneapolis is fearing for his life since receiving an uptick in death threats…

Well, yeah. After giving free reign to leftists, including all but inviting “Anti”-Fa to attack Trump rallygoers, of course all those right-wing MAGA hat-clad goons are going to threaten a puling left mayor…

…from left-wing extremists, nearly three years after the unrest over the police-involved death of George Floyd…


Wait, what?

The wave of terror is coming from the left?

Why, yes – we’ve commented on this before.

3 thoughts on “Unsafe Space

  1. Did Frey hire Tiyeastie Green to be his Director of the Department of Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (that’s a real department, btw)?

    The one that ran up a $500k tab to showcase weave and nail shops and entertain “scores” of happy, black Minneapolis citizens?

    Well now he’s got a real reason to fear for his life.

    He may want to stay away from her until she lands another racial job….she sounds really pissed off. If she corners him she’ll probably beat him like a Popeye’s front counter girl:

    “Minneapolis Black expo fallout? Top race and equity official is out*

  2. I’d suspect that there are elements on the Minneapolis City Council not too happy about the “strong mayor” format the voters enacted. I also wouldn’t be surprised if these Council members don’t have activists and shock troops on speed dial. Churn, not change.

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