A friend of the blog emails regarding the “Muhammad” flap at Hamline that I wrote about last week:

It is entirely possible that Aram Wedatalla read the syllabus for the course last summer, saw that there was a warning about the image of the Prophet and signed up for the course with an eye toward kickstarting her political career by manufacturing this incident. Aram Wedatalla is after all President of the Muslim Student Association at Hamline. This is a great resume builder for someone who sees their future in the NGO/Nonprofit universe and eventually following in the footsteps of Ilhan Omar into public office. The mind positively boggles at the thought that she was “blindsided” by the picture of the prophet, Aram Wedatalla is not an Innocent.

It’s very entirely plausible.

In fact, it’s entirely possible this entire situation has resulted in no victims whatsoever.

Wedatalla may have launched her career – no mean feat for a “-studies” major at an also-ran university.

Professor Lopez Prater? She became a national cause celebre, perhaps the most famous adjunct professor in the country, and got herself a gig at a more viable school.

The U of M Art Department profs that spoke out on her behalf? They got to thread that needle between being keeping their “woke academic” card and still defending free speech (by one of their own, natch).

There were no losers!

Other than Hamline.

8 thoughts on “Win-Win

  1. Wedatalla definitely seemed like a grifter in everything I read about this.

    I’d argue that Hamline University won’t be the loser-the University’s President will be the loser. She is going to get thrown under the bus, if she hasn’t been already.

  2. This is Biden’s America, do not underestimate Dr. Fayneese Miller’s ability to Fail Up. She could just as easily find herself a position at some medium tier school (*cough* Lewis & Clark *cough*) on the west coast with a big bump in pay and a book deal to boot.

  3. She could just as easily find herself a position at some medium tier school (*cough* Lewis & Clark *cough*) on the west coast with a big bump in pay and a book deal to boot.

    My medium-tier alma mater (not Lewis & Clark, but similar) is searching for a new president right now, so there may well be multiple options.

  4. If Dr. Miller and the Hamline Board had any brains they would grant Ms Wedatalla her bachelors degree immediately and boot her ass off campus, stripping her of a continuing platform. She’s a grifter and the best thing you can do with them(if you can’t kill them) is pay them off, take you lumps, and move on, letting the grifter continue running their con is suicidal.

  5. It sounds like the situation took a wrong turn when the administrator for inclusivity got involved. More proof that such institutions are doing a good job of marginalizing themselves in modern society.

    Where do you draw the line? Perhaps we should stop teaching evolution, as not to offend creationists of various faiths?

  6. Emery
    When did your life become something other than chattel for your mother to dispose of at her whim?

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