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  1. First is traditionalism–“going to the polls is tradition and it works. Why do I need to vote early?”.

    Good point, bikebubba.

    But I can just hear the (D) K-Street consultants braying, “Gee, shouldn’t the states shift resources from the polls on election day to getting a fast accurate count of the mail-in vote?”

    In other words, fewer polling places, fewer working voting machines and longer lines – making frustrated (GOP) voters. We are already seeing that in Maricopa County.

    Call it cheating, call it “stealing elections” or call it the same old dirty tricks dems have been using for years but the GOP has not caught onto.

    **Historical Note** From Wikipedia: “One theory dating from 1872 suggests that Edgar Allen Poe’s death resulted from cooping, a form of electoral fraud in which citizens were forced to vote for a particular candidate, sometimes leading to violence and even murder.”

    He died, an addict and alcoholic confined in a pen (a coop).

    One would think that after (at least) 150 years of dirty election tricks, the GOP would have learned how to expose, control and mitigate them.

    But apparently not.

  2. Ukrainian anti-missle rockets fall in Poland. Or was it Russian missiles?

    Who cares lads? It’s time to join the fight to protect Buttsex, child trafficking and money laundering!

    You and your kids better get your gear together, Bikebubble…we expect a good half time show to enjoy after Thanksgiving dinner!

    Don’t forget to pick up your pal rAT on the way to the Air Guard sally point.

  3. 50 year old anti-aircraft missiles. An update is overdue — Nato should ship the latest and greatest to Ukraine.

  4. i still have my netflix dvd subscription
    they mail me a dvd of shows which are no longer on the instant download site
    been working my way through the sherlock holmes program elementary
    season four episode nine murder ex machina
    the bad guys are arms dealers involved in the russia/ukraine war
    the episode was filmed in 2016
    while obama was president
    and biden was vice president
    and ukraine was not a moral imperative
    it was a money laundering operation
    for hunter biden to funnel money
    to the big guy

  5. the same big guy who just asked congress for another 38 billion for ukraine
    tied to FTX the crypto currency that failed costing investors billions
    right after making massive donations to democrat politicians
    and the question nobody is asking
    was one of them the big guy
    and is he still getting
    his ten percent

  6. ^^ Obvious question: What is the true intrinsic value of a crypto coin? Address this.

    The predominant investment thesis for Bitcoin is that someone else will take it off your hands at a higher price. That’s it.

    I asked woolly the same question wouldn’t couldn’t/couldn’t answer it.

  7. translation

    its okay for a politician to accept indirect bribes like payments to his son

    or hard to trace crypto currencies which he sold just before the crash

    because he deserves it for once beating up corn pop

    and doing pushups

  8. The GOP policy at the moment is to impeach Biden senior and investigate Biden junior. That’s enough for the Trumpalos. The Republican 2024 manifesto contains only one word: payback.

  9. Greg, one little quibble with your comment; since when are the new methods faster? It seems to me that when we had in person voting, we had 98% of the results in that night ,not “we’ll wait for 2-3 weeks before we even have the first count complete.”

    I think that between the inefficiency of the mail-in systems, and the way they make it more practical to cheat and intimidate voters, the GOP could, if they were so motivated, make a change for the better. I’m not against improving voting, but there are some very important historical reasons that we have poll watchers and the secret ballot. We lower our barriers to vote fraud at our peril.

    And of course, Putin delenda est!.

  10. bikebubba, I don’t disagree with your point at all.

    It is more a matter of adjusting to election realities. If the Dems are going to change the rules of the game, either change them back or learn to beat them with their own rules.

  11. I’m rather curious how Keri Lake will deal with her election loss.

    The Arizona elections were run by Republicans, votes reviewed, verified and counted by Republicans, under election laws and procedures passed by Republicans. Votes accurately counted will produce the same numbers whether counted in 1 day or 7 days, 1 time or 7 times.

    For Lake and other historically unqualified candidates, election denial is the only play left in the MAGA playbook. Without that she will not be of much use on talk TV or in the news cycle in general. She is not a policy maker or public servant, thus she has little value to her party after concession. Any legal counterattack by her is performative and aimed at a future goal.

    MAGA Republicans, including Kari Lake, are sore losers. My kids played hockey when they were little. They were taught to line up at the end of a game and shake hands with opposing team, even if they lost by one goal, and say “nice game.” They grew up with character, not a sore loser in the bunch. It doesn’t take organized kid sports to learn basic decency—so tired of the lack of it in people running for the highest office in government, and those who applaud it.

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