Your Wish Is My Command

We’re being asked to watch out for signs our political, market and social leadership are thinking about threatening democracy.

In this case, by media historial Michael Beschloss:

OK. I’m on it. Let’s get started:

  • Calls to abolish the electoral college, or otherwise make the government majoritarian – essentially voiding the contract that caused smaller-population states that put the “united” in “United States” in the first place.
  • Answering calls to tie the Senate to the popular vote.
  • Calls to to abolish the Supreme Court, “pack” it with people favorable to the current administration, or otherwise make it “follow public opinion”.

Let’s see to these, shall we?

29 thoughts on “Your Wish Is My Command

  1. It is probably true that society and institutions are inherently unstable. They are always being nibbled and torn at the edges and must be constantly and continually repaired and maintained for them to survive and thrive. It is also true that there have always been individuals who instinctively exploit failures of institutions at any given time to benefit themselves. The delicate balance in the constant tug of war between forces of maintenance and exploitation has been breached because of social media where a single unscrupulous individual could weld enormous power and influence. They can tear down a social institution for their own financial or political benefit. Let’s hope that over the long run the mania of social media will die down and our society as a whole will learn how to process fake news and the malignant effect of social media, the same way as we learn how to treat cancer.

  2. Girlfriend is currently rereading an old book called Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. We are in one of those pendulum swings. This phenomena is straight out of QAnon.

  3. Not QAnon, Blue Anon.
    All the blues endorsed the “Russian Collusion” hoax. Some. like Emery, still believe in it.

  4. Everyone can now see that Trump’s claims of voter fraud were completely baseless. AG Bill Barr’s words, “BS”. Trump was unable to convince his daughter Ivanka he won the election.

    What is becoming clear, and which some have known all along (as Hillary Clinton stated plainly in the 2016 debates), is that claiming “vote-rigging” is his standard tactic for campaigning, when there are no evidentiary grounds for this. This is unacceptable. He is unfit for office.

  5. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Trump. He’s never been more than a cheap con man, a street corner grifter. Truthfully, I think many of his supporters knew all along what he was but didn’t care because they viewed him as a kind of wrecking ball against the hated political establishment, a middle finger to the political elites. I think this was his appeal, not ideological in the sense of being “conservative” as the term has been understood in American politics, but as a kind of populist battering ram, similar to Bernie Sanders in that his supporters were mostly people who are angry at a political system that they believe is hopelessly broken.

    While the point about the political system being hopelessly broken has merit, it should have been obvious from the outset that Trump was a dubious choice as the individual to go to Washington and “drain the swamp”. Trump wasn’t interested in breaking the political establishment ,and replacing it with a coherent alternative, his sole interest was in self promotion, in developing a cult of personality with him at the center ,and with anything but unquestioned loyalty to him and his interests being unacceptable. I think this has become obvious to more and more GOP voters. The act has worn thin. A guy like Desantis seems preferable to a lot of GOP voters because he brings the ideological package they want without the toxicity of Trump’s exhausting self glorification. Most importantly, they are starting to see Trump as a loser, which is his worst fear as well as folks finally waking up to the grift….

  6. Everyone can now see that Trump’s claims of voter fraud were completely baseless.
    Emery wrong again:
    Among self-described Democrats in the poll, 87% indicated no concern about fraud sullying the presidential election. But only 22% of self-described Republicans agreed, with 39% saying there was “some fraud” and that Biden “may or may not” have won, and 33% saying there was major fraud and that Trump truly won.

  7. Again, no one talks so much, and says so little. You’ve turned gibberish into an art form.

    If you think the system is broken and want someone to burn it down, Trump isn’t competent enough for you.

  8. Yea, right, Emery, you brain dead moron.

    The DemoCommies have cried fraud on every presidential election that they lost since Al Gore. Then, they threw a five year temper tantrum for 2016. We’re still waiting for lying shitty Schiff to present his “irrefutable evidence of Russian collusion” and now, he announced that “they will be releasing some more information on Trump this fall”. I’m sure dumb asses like you are believing his bull shit and are still waiting. You left wingers were QAnon before QAnon.

  9. Again, no one talks so much, and says so little. You’ve turned gibberish into an art form.

    I’m find it uncanny how well the little weasel describes his own contributions.

  10. jdm:
    “find it uncanny how well the little weasel describes his own contributions.”

    It’s posted on the wall above his monitor, right there in his job description!

  11. Emery is doing some serious projection.
    For good or ill, the GOP never abandoned Trump. But look at the weasels scurrying away from Slow Joe Biden, the only president who makes Jimmy Carter look good.
    “We are facing a pandemic of the unvaccinated” said triple jabbed Slow Joe, who ten months later gets covid.
    67% of people with post graduate degrees voted for Biden. The result has been military defeat, skyrocketing inflation, and the collapse of the Southern border. Way to go, geniuses!

  12. Liz Cheney is a profile in courage. She is the rare elected official who is willing to lose her leadership position and seat in Congress to uphold her principles and her oath of office to support and defend the Constitution and her country over partisanship and party still led by Trump.

    If she does indeed lose her seat in Congress, or even if she doesn’t, I hope she runs for president in 2024. She’s an island of honor and sanity in a Republican party that has lost both.

  13. Again, Emery, Lizzie is an illegitimate representative of the GOP, because she wasn’t picked by McCarthy. Pelosi, formed an illegitimate congressional committee, in violation of congressional rules and illegally picked two RINOs. Actually, they are worse than RINOs. I’m betting Lizzie gets pegged to run for POTUS in 2024 as a DemoCommie.

  14. McCarthy pulled out because that’s what Trump wanted. He didn’t get Trump’s sanctioned warriors, so he walked away like Trump does. Now in typical Trump fashion, it was a fail and it’s everybody else’s fault.

    How could this be a partisan witch hunt, when pretty much every witness is from the Republican party and most worked in the Trump administration?

    It seems to me that Trump’s followers gripes are they just don’t like what they are hearing. Well too bad, next time don’t elect a crook, a fraud and a liar who tries to override our laws and our Constitution to stay in power to represent the Republican Party.

  15. You mean like Pedo Pete and his corrupt cabal of mental midgets and financially incompetent pricks? Keep looking in the mirror!

  16. “Cheney us a profile in courage…”. Drama Queen quote of the week award, thanks. Emery-do you have pictures of Cheney posted all over your walls?
    When a Republican switches sides as Cheney did, he/she will have the complete backing of the national media, so where the hell is the “courage” in that? There isn’t. As usual, you’ve got it completely backwards..

  17. The truth is that the reason Cheney and Kinziger are on the committee is because Schiff offered them free vouchers for an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet if they volunteered. Schiff is tricky, tho, so before they got the buffet tickets they also had to listen to a high pressure condo time share sales talk.
    Schiff knows a sucker when he sees one.

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  19. UMMP:
    Yup! And the San Francisco ho treats us to another one of her ignorant quotes:
    “Women are getting pregnant every day. That’s a huge problem”. At least it wasn’t her usual word salads.

  20. Any plan Trump has to announce a run for 2024 would have two purposes: to keep up the tithing by the faithful (he needs the grift) and to try to drown out the news flow from the January 6 committee (Fox and the others have to fill the time somehow). I’d love to believe the scales are falling from the eyes of the faithful but doubt it; they’ve too dug in and can’t conceive of admitting they’ve been conned.

  21. Emery, regarding Cheney, she was put there by Madame Pelosi after Pelosi rejected the actual GOP nominees to the committee because they were insufficiently anti-Trump for her liking. Cheney, as an attorney, ought to have known that this was a “fix” to ensure the outcome that Pelosi wanted, and should have declined Pelosi’s nomination in response, pointing out that she does not do kangaroo courts.

    Cheney has also apparently sat quietly aside as the committee interviewed someone whose only evidence was hearsay, evidently having forgotten her classes on admissibility of evidence as well.

    One does not have to love Trump and be unthinking in support of him to know that this stinks to high Heaven.

  22. We have an adversarial legal system because we find it is the best way to determine the truth. Pelosi and Schiff explicitly rejected an adversarial system for the Jan 6 committee because, I suppose, the truth doesn’t interest them.
    The committee was formed to achieve a political goal, not a judicial goal. I don’t know why anyone would bother watch it. You don’t go to a time share sales talk because you want to know if buying a time share would be the right thing to do, because at the sales talk you will only learn that buying a time share will ALWAYS BE THE RIGHT THING FOR EVERYONE TO DO.

  23. The neglect of legal principles seems to be a recurring theme along the left. We have a DOJ that (even when run by a Republican) doesn’t seem to do a terribly good job investigating crimes by Democrats, we’ve got this, and then we’ve got the blanket party they administered to Brett Kavanaugh where they withheld evidence and failed to act on clear evidence of perjury by his accuser.

    I don’t know for sure, but it’s getting to the point where even if I agreed with the policies of the left, I still couldn’t vote for them, because I’d know that with them in charge, my time in the “wrong box in the kangaroo court” would be likely to come.

  24. Have you noticed that the various secretaries appointed by Biden to his cabinet always explain their political directives as, first and foremost, overcoming reluctant Americans racism and sexism?
    Buttagieg thinks the most important issue in transportation is racist highways. Yellen thinks that lack of access to abortion is what is crippling the American economy. Austen thinks that the greatest security threat to America is white supremacists, inside and outside of the military structure.
    Orwell would have a great time with this.

  25. Now this is interesting.
    I think Buttagieg is the worst of the worst of Biden’s appointees. He is a supremely untalented individual. He has no applicable expertise in transportation, his only political experience in being mayor of small to middling Midwestern town.
    Compare Buttagieg’s qualifications vs Trump’s Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chou.
    I had a feeling Buttagieg was getting out of his lane.with his fixation on racist roads, so I looked up the DOT’s mission statement:
    Behold! It now contains the magical word “equitable”!
    What We Do
    To deliver the world’s leading transportation system, serving the American people and economy through the safe, efficient, sustainable, and equitable movement of people and goods.

    A quick look at the Wayback Machine showed that the mission statement had been changed on March 29 of this year. Until then it was:
    What We Do
    To ensure America has the safest, most efficient and modern transportation system in the world, which boosts our economic productivity and global competitiveness and enhances the quality of life in communities both rural and urban.

    There were earlier versions, but nothing as radical as the insertion of the word “equitable” into the DOT’s mission statement.
    The earliest version on the Wayback Machine is from March 12, 2014:
    The mission of the Department is to:
    Serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future.

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