Yet Another Good Guy With A Gun

Bystander in the St. Louis area shoots a serial violent armed robber:

A man who police say went on a “violent crime spree” at three gas stations was shot and killed by a customer armed with a gun, Missouri police say.

It happened around 3:20 a.m. on Saturday, July 16, in St. Charles, just outside St. Louis. The St. Charles Police Department said the 26-year-old robbery suspect, who is from St. Louis, died at a local hospital after being shot by a witness.

While I expected the knife wielding robber was “just getting his life together“, I’ve had no written confirmation.

All I know is, it’s been a good week for the good guys.

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  1. Not only did Dicken take the shooter out in 15 seconds, he fired 10 rounds, from “a distance”and hit the shooter with 8 of them.

  2. This is the part where the Left reveals that they live in opposite world. They think that the world have been a safer place if Dicken had NOT had a gun with him that day.

  3. He hit eight times, starting from an initial distance of 120 feet. I make no claims to be a modern day Annie Oakley, but I’m pretty sure that’s pretty much competitive level shooting when he had to fear being hit himself. Wow.

  4. Bike, I saw that report, too. 8 out of 10 at 40 yards? Holy handgun, Batman, that’s nice shooting, better than many police officer involved shootings (remember the Empire State Building fiasco about 10 years ago, when two cops fired 16 rounds, only one of which hit the suspect, but wounded 9 other people).

    I questioned the report at first, thinking “40 yards is a long shot, must be 40 feet” but then I thought about the food court at a mall. It probably is that long. Damned fine shooting, kid. Good on ya.

  5. ^ Cops have no legal obligation to protect you. All we citizens really have is armed citizens.

    The Uvalde fiasco *looks* bad and maybe some cops will be fired – probably the border patrol guy(s) who went in in spite of orders – but standing around looking like cowardly boobs in the school hallway was perfectly legal.

  6. I questioned the report at first, thinking “40 yards is a long shot, must be 40 feet”

    8/10, even into body mass at 40 YARDS? Under pressure with adrenalin pumping? With a carry weapon with a short barrel? Unless this good samaritan was a champion shooter, no way batman! Even at 40 feet it would be a miracle, but 40 yards? No way, robin.

  7. jdm, this is why qualified immunity has to go and these pigs (not all cops are pigs, but majority of the ones with blood of innocent kids on their hands in Uvalde, are) should be sued in civil court, if not in criminal, for being accessories to a murder. Because how can they not be if they PREVENTED people from interfering? They should suffer the consequences, if not incarceration, at least monetary.

  8. I questioned the report at first, thinking “40 yards is a long shot, must be 40 feet”

    One more thing, if you cannot trust press to report at noon that it is daylight out, how can you trust them to get feet vs yards correct?

  9. Found a different article that said the kid leaned against a post to fire. Okay, that helps, for sure. Plus he was taught to shoot by his grandfather so he may have acquired some fine training that way. But still, I’m going to have to hit the 50-yard range this weekend to see how it looks to me. I gotta tell you, I’ve been shooting 50 years but I’m skeptical I can shoot as well as a kid less than half my age.

    Oooh, maybe not the range. That’s passive and emotionless, too easy. Maybe I should get some real-life live-fire shooting experience at varying distances. Wasn’t Mitch talking about Going Downtown to see a comedy show? That might be just the ticket.

  10. What was the muzzle velocity of Dicken’s handgun? Maybe 1200 fps?
    So at 120′, there is a tenth of a second travel time. That’s a drop of about 4″.

  11. Found a different article that said the kid leaned against a post to fire.

    That would definitely help. But I am with MP. I do not doubt the result, just the reporting. Looking forward to hearing about results from your experiment, JD. Good luck!

  12. Just for reference, I looked up Glock accuracy at 25 yards, and they’re saying a 4″ group for a well trained shooter. So if you increase the distance 60%, we’re talking 6″. Typical chest width of a grown man is 12″ or more, so this is plausible.

    Here’s the mall map.

    If you look up pictures, the posts behind which Dicken could have stood are in the middle of the food court, and that gets you to about that right range, especially if the perp was still in the hallway leading back to the bathrooms. Ironically they were about 300 feet from a Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

  13. it will probably take weeks if not months to get the facts, ie truth! Dicken was apparently armed with a 9mm glock. So it was likely a g19 which is hardly a target firearm. But the same report also said he started engagement from a “considerable distance” but closed in on the gunman – ie ran towards him! It took him 15 seconds to do what countless pigs (not all cops are pigs, yada yada…) in Uvalde did NOT do in 78 minutes. And, while he was engaging he apparently was directing people as well! Wish there were some people who would report the facts and the truth on the matter.

  14. So if you increase the distance 60%, we’re talking 6″

    bike, accuracy is not linear. whatever this kid did was a miracle from any distance under the circumstances. I am getting more impressed by the reports (if they are factual) on how he acted and not his accuracy. He deserves a medal… oh wait, those are reserved for woke America-hating libturds.

  15. I am not a firearm guy. But I have a M1911 I take to the range maybe once a year. If I clamped it in a vice I might get 7 rounds in a 3 inch circle at 25 feet.
    So I am withholding judgement on 8 hits at 120 feet by Dickens.

  16. But I do think that, marksmanship aside, Dicken is to be praised for his heroism. He had a pistol, the other guy had a rifle with higher muzzle velocity, greater accuracy, and almost certainly a higher magazine capacity.
    My firefight experience is all video games, but I don’t think I’d want to take on a guy with an AR 15 with Glock nine.

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