The Shrill, Entitled Voice Of, Um…(Checks Scorecard) Moderation (???)

HIllary Clinton openly wonders if the Democrat Party benefits from hitching its political fortunes to transgender ideology.

In another sign to transgender activists that their increasingly unpopular cultural crusade has become a liability for their Democrat enablers, Hillary Clinton has suggested that the feelings of a minuscule but noisy percentage of the population shouldn’t take priority over the party’s political concerns.

The embittered sore loser of the 2016 presidential election sat down with the UK’s Financial Times for an interview that was published on Friday to discuss a wide range of issues. And while her insistence that she was not going to run in 2024, deferring to President Joe Biden initially got the most attention, her remarks throwing transgenders under the bus have set off a firestorm on Twitter.

She’s not running for anything, she’s not nothing to lose, and she’s fleeced more money from Clinton Foundation saps than she can possibly spend in her lifetime.

On the other hand – I had to think the “moderates” would have to start to get worried about this sort of thing eventually.

4 thoughts on “The Shrill, Entitled Voice Of, Um…(Checks Scorecard) Moderation (???)

  1. Why worry? The senior Republican leadership will do whatever it takes to make the election more competitive.

  2. I think Biden and his team have two big problems.

    One is a tendency to exaggerate the importance of pet ‘issues’ to engage their base (so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws and the various incarnations of pronouns for example) and dismiss, diminish and deny genuine problems of interest to mainstream and moderate voters (inflation and, increasingly, crime, spring to mind) until they are utterly mugged by reality. Then, the reaction is generally to duck responsibility, rather than admit error.

    The other problem for Biden is that his party has picked up a lunatic fringe that it does not know how to deal with and that seems to exercise too much influence and authority. And, yes, of course, the Republicans have one of those too. But you can only get so far by pointing the finger at the other kid in the playground and declaring ‘But he was doing it too!’

  3. The vicious worm may be turning regarding catering to a vocal and violent minority. HRC is a focus-grouped follower, not a leader in any real sense, so her belching isn’t a brave effort to chart a new path, but a barometer. Then you have the WaPo saying, “Bye, Felicia”, and Netflix telling its rowdies to go sit in the cloak room or get out.

    No one but the vocal, vicious minority wants to live in that kind of tyranny, but the realization may be coming too late. Even Robespierre’s “That’s not what I meant!” to the beast he unleashed wasn’t enough to save him.

  4. Everyone keeps telling me things are great because Republicans will win in November and they’ll save the nation from liberal stupidity.

    We already have Republicans, people like Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain and the other idiots who voted to confirm the stolen election, voted for the bipartisan gun bill, the bipartisan January 6th hearings, and the bipartisan Ukraine pension bail-out. Stop giving Democrats cover! Democrats never break ranks to save our butts, don’t we have a Whip to get our members in line?

    I don’t want Republicans to win. I want Conservatives to win, people who will govern like Newt Gingrich. Not seeing them on the ballot this Fall. Not feeling good about this election making the difference.

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