So have you noticed how many “journalists “in the Twin Cities are doing the DFL‘s job for it?

For example, here’s WCCO TV is Esme Murphy:

What is the difference between actively propagandizing for the DFL, and referring to a cash giveaway as “Walz Checks“?

Call them a propaganda wing of the DFL. Call them the DFL‘s branding or public relations service.

Just don’t call it reporting.

9 thoughts on “Unseemly

  1. I receive Walz’s periodic missives, and it’s worth noting that the person who named the bonus the “Walz check” is none other than Tim Walz, it appears–or at least one of his paid minions.

    And yes, that’s really, really, really tacky. Humility does not seem to be Mr. Walz’s strong point, to put it mildly.

  2. I wouldn’t mind getting a check from Tim Walz’ personal account. Go ahead, write the check, name if after the guy who dug into his pocket to pay it: Walz Checks.

    But don’t put your name on my checks. I earned that money. I paid that money to the government in taxes. If government doesn’t need it, fine, give it back; but be honest about it.

    “Overcharge Refund Check” would be honest.

  3. Kurt Daudt, Walter Hudson and Nick Zerwas were lampooning Walz and the stupidity of the DemoCommies in the legislature. Daudt said that it will cost about $10 mil to cut those checks and most of them will go to people that paid nothing. Further, the DemoCommies want to spend $21 for every $1 refunded.

    Walz is a legend in his own mind.

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