Our Idiot Elite, Part MMMLCCXVII

In twenty years of first blogging and then social media, you’d think the semi-literate popsies that populate the ranks of “new big media” would have learned by now: trying to make people you disagree with sound dumb, about things you’re not especially smart about yourself, is going to backfire.

Molly Jong-Fast – a gift that keeps on giving, in the mold of Robin Marty or Jeff Fecke, but with a six-figure income – was exhibit 50,234,632,421 yesterday, in re Ted Cruz’s commentary on how schools should be designed:

I get it. Molly Jong Fast, being on the (pardon the expression) academic fast track (I kid you not – she attended “New York University, Barnard College, and Wesleyan University and completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in English at Bennington College”, which qualifies her as Central Casting Overpromoted Progressive Dimwit in one of my little satirical dramatizations, has likely never spent much time observing the mechanical and logistical details of the physical world around her.

Not just tactical security issues, like Cruz is discussing.

No, I’m talking about this little number here:

Locked from the outside under normal circumstances, easily opened from the inside under the extraordinary ones – say, the ones that would require a fire alarm anyway, like a fire.

Ring a bell?

I’m gonna go out on a short, sturdy limb and guess Jong-Fast thinks knowing about things like this is a job for a Honduran immigrant.

5 thoughts on “Our Idiot Elite, Part MMMLCCXVII

  1. I’ve installed the doors in my farmhouse to open outward.

    Can you guess why?

  2. One of the first responses illustrates the depth of the stupidity that exists among the ranks of garbage people.

    “The Las Vegas gunman was shooting his victims from ACROSS THE STREET. Doors didn’t matter. Armed guards didn’t matter.”

    This chud felt comfortable spewing this bit of uneducated pap, and was sure many of his equally stupid garbage people pals would agree.

    He was not disappointed.

  3. You mean “you’re not a civil engineer”, no, NW?

    Seriously, I think Molly Jong-Fast can be forgiven for her lack of oral comprehension, as her curriculum vitae suggests a rich history of writing for voyeurs and a bout with alcoholism. The scary thing is not that she thinks this way, but rather that so many Americans think she has great things to say.

    And correction; her income is, judging by her purchase of a five million dollar condo in Gotham in 2022, not in the six figure range, but rather seven. Peeping Toms and Janes have made her very rich, as they did her mother, Erica Jong.

  4. Fun story about a notorious L wing twitter hoaxter in Seattle who claimed to be a cancer-stricken uncle of one of the Uvalde victims, and confabulated a story about being followed around by Tx governor Abbott’s goons, who tried to bribe him in to a pro-gun photo op & threatened to kill him if he told anyone about it.
    Lol, this kind of stuff is regular fare on twitter, the funny part is how many highly regarded politicians and journalists fell for the outlandishly fake story.
    These people are lunatics.

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