We’re in Jeopardy!

[Author’s note: this completely unoriginal attempt to pick low-hanging fruit so low it would take a ladder to reach cantaloupe was arrived at independently from our host’s post… in the future we will strive to be unoriginal in original ways…]

This is Jeopardy! Our contestants today are our returning champion Warren, from Bakersfield CA. And, Ketanji Brown Jackson from Washington DC.

Here’s our host, Bert Convoy!

[Applause light on]

[Bert] Thank you! Let’s get right to it.

(later in the game)

[KBJ] I’ll take Facts of Life for $200.

[Bert] And it’s a Video Daily Double! What is this person?

[KBJ] I, I can’t… I’m not sure. I’m not a biologist.

[Warren] What is a woman?

[Bert] Correct!

(later in the game)

[KBJ] I’ll take Transportation Vehicles for $600.

[Bert] And it’s a Video Daily Double! What is this vehicle?

[KBJ] I, I can’t… I’m not sure. I’m not a pilot.

[Warren] What is a jet plane?

[Bert] Correct! Before we continue on, let’s meet our contestants. First, our returning champion, Warren. Warren, you’re on a 12 game winning streak, tell us about yourself.

[Warren] Well, I’m a civil engineer, father of two, and I like to garden.

[Bert] Whoa, sounds awfully privileged! We can edit that out in post. And Ms. Jackson, tell us about yourself.

[KBJ] I’m a black woman.

[Applause light on]

[Bert] Hey-oh! That’s all we really need to know about someone, isn’t it! Ms. Jackson, the board is yours.

[KBJ] I’ll take Sources Of Energy for $400.

[Bert] And it’s a Video Daily Double! What is this bright object in the sky?

[KBJ] I, I can’t… I’m not sure. I’m not an astronomer.

[Warren] What is the sun?

[Bert] Correct! Leave it to the engineer! That brings us to Final Jeopardy. The category is Historical Founding Documents. What is this document?

(Final Jeopardy theme completes)

[Bert] Ms. Jackson, what is your answer?

[KBJ] I, I can’t… I’m not sure. I’m not a legal expert.

[Warren] What is the US Constitution?

[Bert] Correct! That leaves Warren with $98,000 and Ms. Jackson with $0. That means Ms. Jackson is our new champion! Warren, thank you for playing, we have some lovely things for you back stage. Ms. Jackson, from what you’ve shown us here today, you’ll be around for a long time to come!

[Applause light on]

7 thoughts on “We’re in Jeopardy!

  1. I’m kind of an archaeology nerd.
    Did you know that archaeologists, still, in 2022, routinely identify human remains as male or female? They know nothing about how the person who left the remains self-identified.
    Sometimes they can make the male-or-female determination from just a few teeth or the DNA in a strand of hair.
    I wonder when that practice will end?

  2. When Corey Booker “questioned” Jackson last week, you had the son of a pair of IBM executives questioning the daughter of a government lawyer and an academic.
    This was praised as a demonstration of America’s growing diversity.

  3. MP, they can also identify whether it’s male or female from various places in the skeleton, most notably the pelvis and knees. Even the skull thickness/size gives a strong hint, and perhaps the jaw, too.

  4. Well, sure, but they’re scientists. They wear lab coats. You must always believe everything told to you by a person wearing a lab coat.

    Did you learn nothing from Covid?

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