100 Reasons I’m Voting Republican Tomorrow

I did this two years ago (and on the air two weeks ago); people seemed to like it. Time for a reprise.

This bit isn’t aimed so much at the undecideds, or at those of you who are planning to vote DFL/Democrat. No, this is aimed at those of you who are Republicans who are thinking about staying home because of one imagined slight or another. I’ve talked with all of you over the past year. I’ve heard your complaints, in person, in this blog, and on the NARN show. Most of them are valid; Bush did spend too much; If John McCain and his urge to drag the party back to the seventies is gaining traction, then this party does have problems; I think Coleman and Kennedy were wrong to oppose ANWAR drilling and support ethanol subsidies; Harriet Miers was an incomprehensible choice for the SCOTUS; there should be no compromise on securing the border, if nothing else (the complaint that Michele Bachmann played excessively hardball in winning the CD6 GOP nomination is not valid, but that’s OK – I’ll work with you anyway).

But whatever you’re angry about, it doesn’t rise to the level of the consequences of your action (whether it’s staying home on election night, or voting for some inconsequential third party, or just hoping the GOP “learns a lesson” by getting ushered from power.

The consequences to Minnesota, the nation, the world, and yes, even the GOP are too great to risk this. Since 48% of this nation’s population doesn’t have the common sense to run Bemidji much less the world’s only remaining superpower and the world’s great rampart of democracy, it’s up to each of us to think bigger than Miers, Anwar, Ethanol or whatever.

The party, state, nation and world depend on you doing better than that

So I present 100 reasons to change your mind, starting locally, moving globally.

    State Constitutional Office – this is where the rubber hits the policy road for Minnesotans – the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Auditor. If you, the good Republican, stay home, you’ll make it easier for the DFL to control these key offices. And that would be bad.

  1. Because Mike Hatch is too sleazy to hold office…in Chicago.
  2. Because Mike Hatch is no stranger to using the full weight of government to enforce his will. Remember the American Bankers scandal? Remember how the New York Times attacked the aggressiveness with which he moved his cronies into positions of power at the state‘s HMOs? All of you “Ashcroft Libertarians” – you do realize that Mike Hatch is a glorified thug?
  3. Because Tim Pawlenty has done a great job as governor. Not a perfect job – like very good conservative, there’s a shopping list of things I’d have preferred he’d done. But great is the enemy of perfect.
  4. And you have to be in office to enact “great”
  5. And you need to be backed up in the Legislature.
  6. Because Mary Kiffmeyer is one of few politicians ANYWHERE to realize the problem of voter fraud, and one of few to try to do anything about it.
  7. And the vehemence of the Democrats’ opposition to her shows you how important that is – among other things.
  8. Pat Anderson, our state auditor, needs the Legislature to be at least CLOSE to be able to do her job.
  9. We need Jeff Johnson as Attorney General. Because while the Legislature makes the laws, the AGO is where those laws hit the road.
  10. And Lori Swanson is a long-time lieutenant of Mike Hatch.
  11. And Mike Hatch’s sleaziness has even been recognized in the NYTimes! If the leftymedia notices Hatch’s sleaziness, that should tell you how important it is to keep him away from the Governor’s mansion.
  12. So – if we want change in HOW laws are enforced in this state, we NEED Jeff Johnson in office.
  13. Keeping the constitutional offices Republican is a key part of turning the whole Midwest red. And the Midwest NEEDS to be red – WI and IA should NOT be enemy territory.
  14. The Minnesota House has done a good job of both mitigating the privations of the DFL-controlled Senate and helping keep Governor Pawlenty on task. Keep the House GOP.
  15. The Senate is DFL-controlled – but it could be worse. The GOP is highly competitive – competitive enough to keep the outstate (and more conservative) DFL senators from straying to far into loopdieland. If the DFL picks up seats in the Senate, this state of sanity will be directly endangered.
  16. Which will have dire consequences on many issues.
  17. Most notably, concealed carry proponents, the anti-gun movement is gathering its resources (financial, obviously – very few people oppose concealed carry) and waiting for an opportunity to try to roll back a decade of progress and hard work. A vote for the Libertarians, the Constitution Party or the Ventura Independence Party is as good as a vote for the DFL – which means as good as a vote to repeal the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.
  18. The US House – Bummed about the Budget? Do you think a Democrat controlled House is going to improve things? Gentle GOPer – be pissed off at Bush if you want. But we need your vote for your district US House candidate…

  19. Because Gil Gutknecht, while not the most conservative Republican out there, generally votes right.
  20. And we need to push the party right to affect the votes of people like Gil. Gil may be a tad mushy – and the best way to strengthen the spines of the mushy is make sure the prevailing wind blows right, not left.
  21. Because Colleen Rowley has run a sleazy campaign, and should not be rewarded for it.
  22. John Kline has been one of Minnesota’s best reps – and he deserves support. Cover his back.
  23. Because while Jim Ramstad is far from the perfect conservative, he’s right on vastly more issues than he’s wrong.
  24. And Ramstad is one more GOP vote, which on many key issues is vital to have. Remember – a lame-duck term can be horrible, or it can be merely difficult. Ramstad can help make that difference.
  25. And we need to push the party right to affect the votes of people like Ramstad, who are experts at seeing which way the wind blows.
  26. Because Obi Sium has more class in his arm than Betty McCollum has in her whole body.
  27. Because Obi Sium exemplifies the American Dream – he came here with nothing, built himself into a very successful man, and now wants to serve his country. He’s the example we need to put in front of immigrants to this nation – about what being an American is. And more importantly, what America itself is.
  28. And reinforcing that idea is going to solve many of our society’s problems.
  29. And only Republicans can do this. Look at the example Democrats provide for immigrants – “come to the US. We’ll pay your bills regardless of whether you want to assimilate or not – because, frankly, why would anyone want to assimilate into this society, as deeply corrupt and wrong as it is”?
  30. Because Minnesota will never be truly “Red” until we win, or at least contend for control, in the Twin Cities.
  31. Because immigrants in Minnesota are concentrated in the DFL-hobbled inner cities – it was the DFL who opened the legal pathways to brought them here (to Bruce Vento’s credit). And people like Obi Sium are the first step in changing that.
  32. Because Latinos, Somalis, Eritreans and the H’mong SHOULD be conservatives!
  33. Because while Betty “Rubble” McCollum wants all the votes she can get – immigrant as well as everyone else – she serves the Minnesota Federation of Teachers first and foremost
  34. Because the Strib shamelessly lied – or omitted, or softpedalled – about Keith Ellison.
  35. Because the Strib is going through the most amazing logical gymnastics to excuse – to justify! – what amounts not only to shoddy journalism, but the appearance of being totally in the bag for the Democrats.
  36. Because the only way to show the Strib that this doesn’t work is by repudiating them at the polls.
  37. Because terrorists (like CAIR) and thugs (like the cop killers and Kathleen Soliahs) that Ellison supports, don’t need their own congressman.
  38. Because the Strib’s sleazy attack on Alan Fine deserves to be repudiated at the polls. Like training a dog or teaching a small child; if you allow bad behavior to succeed, you reinforce it. More later.
  39. Because I’m looking forward to seeing Michele Bachmann’s detractors’ heads explode when the woman who’s “far too conservative for the Sixth CD” is sworn into office.
  40. Because Patty Wetterling is a shameless liar.
  41. Because the Anti-Bachmann campaign has wallowed in despicable sleaze – and if the voters reward this sleaze, it’ll be reinforcing bad behavior. You don’t do that with a child, or with a pet – why do it with politicians and their minions?
  42. Because Michele Bachmann is vastly more conservative than the GOP at large, and pretty uncompromisingly so. So even the most jaded paleos among you should be happy with her…
  43. And you should want to give her the opportunity of having her voice heard, by not letting her be totally outnumbered.
  44. Because it needs to be said again – Patty Wetterling is shameless liar.
  45. Wetterling has no policy (except as re missing children), merely attacks. Except as re missing children, she is a marionette, her strings pulled by the most radical, extremist elements of the Democrat party.
  46. Michele Bachmann is nobody’s puppet. Whatever you think about her, she stands for things, and stands up for them. And if you’re a conservative, they are largely things you SHOULD agree with. You might quibble with how she got nominated (although for the life of me I can’t figure out why), but you can’t argue that she is what a conservative, largely, should be. Right?
  47. Because while Collin Peterson is a DFLer, he’s a solid moderate red-state (or red-district) DFLer.
  48. And we need to create an environment where sane DFLers can exist. How do you think Collin Peterson will fare with a Deaniac majority?
  49. Because Rod Grams did more in his six years in the Senate than Paul Wellstone did in twelve.
  50. And if Wellstone had won a third time, Grams STILL would have accomplished more!
  51. And it’s likely that, if you leave out pork, Grams accomplished more in his one term in the House than Jim Oberstar has in all of his thirty-odd years.
  52. So let’s prove it, by putting Grams in the House.The US Senate – Worried about the Supreme Court? Harriet Miers was a piker compared with what awaits if we get a Democrat Senate. So getting out there is going to be important…
  53. Because in a Senate that rarely hs to deal with fiscal realities, having a CPA like Mark Kennedy in Washington can only be a good thing.
  54. “Macacastein”.
  55. Because while Mark Kennedy was a great accountant, Amy Klobuchar has been a dismal failure as a county attorney. Party aside – why promote a lousy employee?
  56. Because even if the Republicans aren’t perfect on your personal pet issue, the Senators we elect will likely be voting on between two and six Supreme Court nominees in the next six years. And that’s almost as important as winning the war on terror. And at this, the Dems just don’t stack up.
  57. Seriously – show me one case where Democrat control of the Senate would be a benefit? Property Rights? Judicial activism? Abortion?
  58. Putting Democrats in charge of the Senate will put a spike through the heart of constructionism. The phrase “the constitution is a living document” should make your heart chill with fear – and it’ll be a daily refrain in a Democrat Senate.
  59. If you are one of those people who’s throwing a tantrum about the Republicans not being perfect enough – you will have yourself to blame as we suffer through 20-25 years of a 6-3 liberal court.Media – Ever wondered how to get the media in Minnesota to quit acting like an unofficial wing of the DFL? Get out and repudiate them, both at the newsstand (if you’re a Republican who subscribes to the Strib, you might as well be putting money in Patty Wetterling’s pocket) and at the polls…
  60. Because Democrats run dirty, smear-y campaigns – hang on to your credit reports! – and then snivel “Smear! Smear!” when they’re called on it. The Media enables this behavior; this enablement needs to be called.
  61. Because I unsubscribed from the Strib years ago; voting against the DFL is the only way I have of getting back at them.
  62. Because the October 7 hit piece on Alan Fine was just about the sleaziest piece of slime I’ve ever seen in the media – and I’ve seen a lot. We can not reward this.
  63. Indeed, if any of the Dem’s sleazy tactics work, it’ll reinforce this atrocious behavior.
  64. Because if you DO value the role of the Fifth Estate as a body that regulates and watches over government – and I do – then the Strib’s behavior needs to be repudiated by we, the voters, people news consumers.
  65. Because it’s becoming hard to see the Minnesota Poll as anything BUT a tool to discourage you, the GOP voter. And we need to repudiate that. If it never works, maybe they’ll quit. And you stay home, you reinforce this – and play into their hands.
  66. Because Patty Wetterling’s “Foley” ad was cynically calculated to MAKE you, the conservative voter, stay home.
  67. And the Twin Cities’ media refuses to call it as such.The GOP
    So you stay home. Good for you. Here’s the “lesson” you’re teaching everyone:
  68. You don’t care what happens to your state while you’re having your snit.
  69. Likewise your nation.
  70. Likewise the world.
  71. Define for yourself – what is more important? The state, nation or world? Or having a party that agrees with you on every particular.
  72. Here’s one area where Ronald Reagan did us all a great disservice; only a Ronald Reagan could bring conservatism from the deep wilderness to the White House inside of six years. Who is the new Reagan?
  73. No, indeed, Reagan was a once-in-a-lifetime figure. The rest of us have to do it the old-fashioned way – by building support, voter by voter – and by enacting policy.
  74. The only thing separating us GOPers from the Libertarians, the Constitution Party, the No New Taxes Party, the Chemical Farming Banned party, the Socialist Workers Party and on and on is the fact that we are able to actually enact our platform upon our cities, counties, states, and nation.
  75. If you stay home, you are not teaching your party a lesson; you are giving a vote away to people who believe things that are vastly worse than the worst of the GOP’s worst aspects.National – OK. You don’t like ethanol subsidies. So – why should you get out and vote, even if it means holding your nose? Because the nation – the nation you leave to your children – depends on it. And also…
  76. Because the Democrat platform, nationally, today, is scarcely distinguishable from Jimmy Carter’s. Oh, they’ll quibble and fumpher, but at the end of the day they have actually gone back to the future; coddling Iranians, backing away from promises to struggling nations (see 1975), putting the UN in charge of our foreign policy, yadda yadda. If Carter hadn’t given away the Panama Canal, Howard Dean would be trying to give it away today.
  77. Because Democrat rule will give the terrorists the break they need to regroup.
  78. Because Mark Foley is out of office, while Ted Kennedy bloviates on and Bill Clinton remains a key Democrat. Republicans get rid of their miscreants; Democrats revere them (or tell us all to “move on” rather than call them on it).
  79. Because as mushy as the President has been on things like immigration and spending, it’s only going to be worse if he’s got a hostile party in Congress.
  80. Because the Republicans, whatever you think about abortion itself, will never call a baby a “piece of tissue”.
  81. Because if the Democrats take control of the House, Congress will spend more time debating “Impeachment” and subpoenaing people in re Jack Abramoff and Valerie Plame than seeing to this nation’s security.
  82. Do you value having an alternative voice on current events? The Democrats will try to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine”, gutting the conservative talk radio movement that has so hobbled (to the Dems’ endless frustration) the mainstream media.
  83. And don’t look to the blogs to take up the slack; the Dems will eventually try to subject blogs to the “Campaign Finance Reform” system. Look for “alternative media” to face years of assault.
  84. The only chance we have of reforming our tax system for the next half a dozen years is to stay ahead in Congress.
  85. Ditto immigration reform. What – you think the Democrats are going to tighten up the border? They think you’re a racist for even bringing it up!
  86. Because when the Democrats are in power, the military suffers. Inevitably. It’s like a cause and effect thing. Ask any of your veteran friends what life was like under the Carter or even Clinton administrations.
  87. If you stay home, you will be enabling the Democrats to turn Congress into an instrument of their sick little urge for revenge for the last eight years. They’re more worried about payback for the Clinton Impeachment and for 2000 than in the threat that looms overseas. Of which more in our next section…The World. Yes, the whole wide world depends on you getting out and voting…
  88. Because you can lose a game just as easily with ten minutes to go in the Third Quarter as you can inside the Two Minute Warning. This may be just another mid-term election, policies that happen during this next two years will be of grave import in this situation. And we can’t afford, as a nation, to let our guards down even for two years.
  89. The Democrats think the notion of “having one’s guard up” (in any meaningful way) is absurd.
  90. Because there is a storm gathering out there. Some people see it – it’s like the thirties – a demographic and cultural storm of Islamic radicalism combined with a huge population of disaffected, opportunity-starved people seeking salvation through a mad, millenarian strain of Islam. It’s waaaaay bigger than any single war, or set of battle.
  91. And if you think the Dems won’t blink on these issues, you desperately need to learn some history. Vietnam. Cambodia. The first WTC bombing, the embassy bombings, the Khobar Towers, the Cole…
  92. Because 50 million Iraqis and Afghans, fighting for their unstable new democracies, are depending on us.
  93. Because the last time people depended on us and we put Democrats in charge, it led to the Killing Fields, the Boat People Exodus, and the loss of much of Africa to communism, with results Africa is still paying for today.
  94. And Osama and his lieutenants are hitting their prayer mats five times a day, hoping you stay home.
  95. Because Europe – the homeland of the Western culture that nurtured this nation – is in the balance even as we speak. No less so than they were seventy years ago, or thirty years ago.
  96. And the Republicans see this.
  97. And the Democrats don’t.
  98. No, let’s be fair. The Democrats think that if we catch Osama Bin Laden, all will be well with the world.
  99. And now, as in 1944, only America has the strength and moral courage to turn the tide.
  100. Because the world our children inherit in twenty or thirty or fifty years is totally in the balance.
  101. Someday, when your grandchildren ask “in 2006, when Islamofascism could still be stopped, what did you do?”, do you REALLY want to answer “I stayed home because I didn’t like John McCain?”

Suck it up, guys ‘n gals. We can argue the future of the party in our next round of caucuses (assuming you all show up – and I hereby invite you to. Especially in my district).

But Minnesota, the US, and the world are bigger than Harriet Miers, than ethanol, than the Northstar Corridor, than a border fence (important as each of these are). Two to six years of Deaniac control of this nation’s agenda is too great a price to pay for any of them.

Come to the polls. Vote GOP. It’ll beat the crap out of the alternative.

7 thoughts on “100 Reasons I’m Voting Republican Tomorrow

  1. I see WordPress must have a built in Snark widget. *laughing*

    I could stomach Tpaw, even Jeff Johnson, but Come on, Awada and Kiffmeyer have been simply AWFUL in their jobs, and only a blinded partisan mouthpiece would try to spin it any other way.


  2. Awful= Not following state statutes.

    And only two groups of people don’t know what I am talking about, a blinded partisan or someone not paying attention. I would never accuse you of not paying attention. Simply, Awada can’t add and Kiffmeyer can’t follow the law.

    You know the specifics as well as anyone, you are merely trying to draw me out into a pissing match so you can drown out the falings of your candidates with smoke and mirrors.

    I miss the old Mitch, the one who would recognize the flaws and failings of his preferred candidate and not defend them unconditionally.


  3. Flash, you know as well as I do that only two groups of people cite references to state statutes; steers and beers. And I don’t see any foam on you!

    And if you don’t see it that way, it’s because you’re a partisan! Partisan-y partisan partisan part-part-partisan!

    I miss the old Flash, who would recognize that the only flaw with either Kiffmeyer or Anderson (not Awada – she ‘s got the divorce papers to prove it) is that they are not in the Congress representing CDs 4 and 5.

    I support both for a reason. The fact that they are both Republicans helps (I’m not splitting my ticket this year, for about the second time ever), but it’s not the sole factor. To say it’s because I’m partisan – well, yeah, I’m an “out” Republican. But it’s far from my sole reason.

    And you’d know it, if you weren’t so partisan!

  4. The difference between my comment and your response is mine was sincere, and factual. Yous . . was . well . . that Darn Snark Widget in WordPress acting up again.

    Tomorrow will be an interseting and long evening and I believe we both will have something to celebrate.


  5. Right you are, Mitch. As bad as the Republicans may be in a lot of cases, they still make more sense than their opponents. So we show up at the polls with a clothes-pin – that’s how it goes sometimes. Sitting it out equals “letting the Democrats win.” And we can’t be having that.

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