Of Platforms And Campaigns

I speak only for myself. That’s pretty much a given

But speaking for myself – and, I suspect, not a few conservatives – I’m going to give Republicans a little unasked-for advice on approaches not to take in the upcoming midterms.

Covid is a Hoax” – Of course it was ineptly handled by two different presidents and one unbroken chain of public health “experts”. But most of us have had someone in our lives die of it, so no, it’s not a “hoax”. Try again.

Masks Are The Beach To Die On – Like most people, I suspect, I hate them, and I ditch them everyplace I can. One of those places I can’t is the nursing home where one of my very, very vulnerable family members lives. Quote your Ayn Rand elsewhere. Change policies that matter.

“The Election Was Stolen” – Was there fraud? Yep. But Sidney Powell was worse than useless, and the extent to which Giuliani squandered his legacy last year was a national tragedy. Bring the actual evidence – not Alex Jones guests, actual hard evidence. We’ve got enough issues with actual evidence to deal with – like the MN Secretary of State defying court orders on turning over info on registration fraud.

Same with the endless recounts and audits. Do them if you can justify them – but shut up about ’em until you find something actionable. Otherwise it’s nothing but fundraising fodder – and if conservatives can’t raise funds in this climate on real issues, they shouldn’t be in politics.

Defending January 6 – Let’s be clear – Big Left is trying to turn January 6 into a bigger assault than Pearl Harbor. It was a riot, at a place and time that was very symbolically fraught – but that was never going to affect the constitutional process, never going to overturn the election, never going to directly affect our democracy (as opposed to the indirect effects of the ramping up of surveillance and the politicization of law enforcement and the turning of the Capitol Police into a Congressional Praetorian Guard with national scope).

But the rioters themselves? Especially the ones that made serious threats, and did serious actions? Don’t be defending their actions (beyond the Fifth Amendment duty to give them a solid defense in court, naturally). And do not run your campaign around it, Miss Taylor Greene.

Hopefully that helps.

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  1. I agree, Mitch.

    IMO, the GOP needs to focus on a. the economy/inflation, b. the border crisis and c. Biden’s disastrous foreign policy.

  2. It doesn’t matter what “approaches” GOP candidates take, does it?
    Trump managed to get elected by getting around the media, via twitter, and because the media unwittingly amplified his message.
    We — meaning conservatives — need to understand that the woke media is not an arm of the democrat party. The power flows the other way.

  3. Joe, I’m gonna vote soooo hard. Nobody has ever voted as hard as I’m gonna vote…goin’ nuclear in the booth.

    Gonna be swell.

  4. A friend asked if I’ve noticed a decline in the frequency and vitality of the comments on Conservative internet sites recently. I hadn’t noticed it – has anyone else?

    He thinks it’s Chinese drip torture. Every day, another Lesko Brandon fiasco. Every day, new media lies. Every day, Liberals ratcheting down liberties. It’s wearing people out, making them tired of caring, tired of fighting all the time. They just want it to end. They just want to go home, back to America the way it was two years ago before all the craziness got out of hand.

    It’s like Chinese drip torture – drip – drip – drip – and it’s working.

    Even now, some of you are thinking, “You can’t call it Chinese drip torture, that’s racist, you’ll be punished for saying that.”

    They got into your head.

    It’s working.

    I told him he’s full of it. Nobody would believe that. Stuff happens, get over it, move on. He’s just a right-wing kook believing wacky conspiracy theories. Go stock up on bullets and toilet paper, ya crank! The rest of us have it all figured out: we’re going to find a Moderate Republican candidate and Vote Harder. That will surely fix everything.

    It is odd, though. Same people posting the same comments. If we’re so Right and Liberals are so Wrong, where are the converts? Where is the outrage? Where are the People Rising Up demanding to be heard? It is odd . . . .

  5. If the Republican Party and conservative groups cannot vet and communicate a slate of candidates for every school board position to every voter in every district, they are useless and belong on the ash heap of history.

  6. “Covid is a Hoax”

    Oh, please. In other words, note to Emery: all is forgiven.

    Quote your Ayn Rand elsewhere

    Do wear your mask if it makes you feel better, but Ayn Rand? How about 100 years of research?

    Do them if you can justify them – but shut up about ’em until you find something actionable

    How does this work? Don’t audit unless you know something is wrong? Or you only audit in silence until you find something wrong. And then what? As we’ve seen, regardless of what was found – and serious irregularities were found – nothing will happen and the media will run cover for that approach.

    It was a riot

    And there it is. The barbed wire fences, the 25k soldiers patrolling the streets, the dead unarmed protester, the protesters held in solitary confinement (one now dead for lack of medical care), not one of which were armed nor charged with anything more serious than trespassing, the videos showing the “rioters” walking through the central corridor of the Congressional bldg obeying the rope barriers, that one old grandma looking just happy-to-be-here, and the very distinct possibility that FBI was involved in fomenting the so-called riot – none of this really matters out of a concern that the ill-defined “Defending January 6” topic might offend center-right voters. Or make Republican politicians feel bad for not doing or even saying a damn thing about these reactions to the so-called riot.

  7. Honest to god, if the voters Mitch represents don’t see the problems with “[e]very day, another Lesko Brandon fiasco. Every day, new media lies. Every day, Liberals ratcheting down liberties“, then what’s the point of voting anyway.

    Når man ikke vil høre, må man føle (eller med andre ord, når man ikke vil lytte til andres råd, må man selv bære de ubehagelige konsekvenser).

  8. Mitch, reasonably sound advice, to avoid all the trivial crap the Dems are pounding us with, in favor of the big issues. But there are ways to talk about these small issues without sounding like a not. We can say that COVID is real, but the damage done by the government over-reaction and draconian mandates is real, too. And that they should not be claiming credit for vaccines that TRUMP developed and purchased, and arranged for delivery to everybody. All Biden had to do was not muck it up, and he has.

    As for “stolen” elections, 56% of voters believe it (and there is irrefutable evidence for such). If you can’t make a sale on those kinds of numbers, if only indirectly by reminding voters of what resulted, you’re a poor candidate. Candidates should be able to connect common sense to common knowledge. IF the election was stolen, the result was the Democrat-owned disaster which followed. Electing Republicans is the way out. If it ain’t close they can’t cheat.

  9. Defending January 6 = misunderstood tourists.

    Naw, they were just trying to do Minneapolis – without the flames.

  10. The most damning evidence against the Insurrectionists intent on raping AOC and drinking Pelosi’s beer is the video showing them being let into the building by Capital security, walking within the velvet rope lines, and WIPING THEIR FEET on the doormat. That’s the dead giveway that violence is afoot.

    Dickens wrote a whole scene in “A Tale of Two Cities” about revolutionaries wiping their feet before manning the Paris barricades and the slaughter which followed.

    In “Saving Private Ryan,” Steven Spielberg brilliantly included shots of soldiers wiping their feet before scrambling up Omaha Beach, to lend authenticity to the butchery.

    And who can forget Shakespeare’s account of Henry V’s speech:

    “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition:
    And gentlemen in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day,
    and wiped our feet upon the dead.”

    Yea, let none of us speak well of the Insurrection, lest we be lumped with the other vile traitors and villains of history. Wiping their feet, indeed. Who did they think they were, tourists? Citizens? A rabble, more like. Damn them all.

  11. For my part, I won’t vote for any candidate who doesn’t take seriously the idea that the election was stolen. They don’t have to be anti-mask, but they can’t be pro-mandate. They don’t have to make an issue of dismissing Jan. 6th, but if they insist on taking it seriously without reference to leftwing political violence, then they’re worthless.

  12. In defense of Mitch’s point (not that he needs me to defend him), you can’t bring over mushy-minded-middle voters with shrill right-wing screams or mean tweets. They’ll instinctively back off. They want someone warm and comfortable, someone non-threatening and likeable. Mitt Romney. George Bush. Dave Durenburger. It’s the traditional Republican analysis: vote for the most conservative candidate who can win by pulling support from the middle.

    Of course, that analysis assumes mushy-minded-middle voters still exist; that they can be persuaded to cast off decades of media programming to cast a vote for the Republican/Racist/Nazi/Science-Denier party; and that all votes will be honestly counted. Maybe in the 1950’s, that was true. Maybe even in 2016. Today? I’m skeptical. I fear Mitch is stuck on strategy from the last war.

    Sarah E. Hoyt advocates hashtag #headsonpikes because she hopes a brief, violent convulsion would be better than a protracted guerilla war against Socialist overlords. Some are hoping for a Bernhard Goetz to spark it. I’m too old and too comfortable to man barricades. I’m wondering whether to stock up on supplies to ride out The Collapse in Minnesota, or flee now to our winter home in Texas and build a vault there.

    Trouble is, the retirement community has no Texans: it’s full of snowbirds and they’re like Californicators – they are part of the problem no matter where they go.

  13. A friend asked if I’ve noticed a decline in the frequency and vitality of the comments on Conservative internet sites recently. I hadn’t noticed it – has anyone else?

    Nope…of course I’ve abandoned most normie “conservative” sites…I cannot stomach Neo-Cons any more than I can Leftist degenerates.

  14. Trump is not advocating reestablishing the dynamism of the federal government but rather fracturing it through corruption and incompetence. The actual practice of government by Trump—and now his supporters in Congress—is to destroy the effectiveness of the federal government by discrediting it and its professional leadership in the civil service. This is Steve Bannon’s destruction of the administrative state.

    The Republican party now stands for decentralization and fragmentation in the face of two nation-rocking challenges that are truly global in origin and reach — pandemic disease and adverse climate change. Global collective action must be organized, not undermined and fractured. But the Republican party literally has no policy platform for either international engagement or domestic policy solutions. They hate the one and disparage the need for the other.

    The Republican party now noticeably supports insurrection and treason. They wave the flag while trying to overthrow its institutions.

    The current Republican strategy appears to be to change enough election laws so that enough local firebrand officials and enough legislatures can seize control of electoral results backed by stooges in the federal judiciary and stage a “legal” coup d’etat over the democratic process and take power of the executive branch in 2024. If support for such an effort were to command a majority among the American people, then the ultimate nihilism would be realized — a point that Liz Cheney has forcefully made. Her kind of conservatism lives within a democratic framework; Trump’s conservatism lives within an authoritarian framework. Most of today’s Republican party doesn’t know the difference.

    In 2020, democracy rejected Trump, and by God, in 2024 Trump is going to come back and try to throttle democracy. Simple as that.

  15. ^ Man, given that Democrats (leftists, commies) always accuse their opposition of the very things they themselves are up to, it’s looks pretty bad for the ol’ USA.

  16. Hoo-boy! Tell us again about how Hillary is going to win over Trump in a landslide, Emery.
    Emery on October 22, 2021 at 3:36 pm said:
    The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth ~ George Orwell

  17. This article is kind of funny because it tries to answer the question “Why are Biden’s numbers so bad?” and then it describes the multiple unforced errors of Team Biden, and says, gosh, it could be any of these!

    President Biden’s polling numbers are down — way down — warranting descriptions like “underwater” and “brutal.” A recent Quinnipiac University poll found the president “battered on trust, doubted on leadership, and challenged on overall competency,” with an approval rating of just 38 percent.

  18. Stop with the false equivalence. One is trying to replace the most powerful democracy and the engine of modern development with an autocratic state. It has basically performed a trial run of the first stages of a coup and the key issue was that the guy in charge wasn’t organized enough. His party wants to give him another shot at it.

  19. The forest was shrinking, but the Trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them. ~ Turkish Proverb

  20. Here’s something funny.
    During his testimony before congress last week, Biden AG Merrick Garland, who darn near made it to the supreme court, claimed that he thought it was necessary for the feds to start working with local LE to stop harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members and teachers. He told GOP rep Jim Jordan he did this based solely on the content of a letter sent to him by the National School Boards Association. Garland said the NSBA represented the views of “thousands of school boards.”
    Then, just a day later, the Washington Free Beacon, which still practices journalism, revealed emails that showed A) the letter to Garland was not approved by the board of the NSBA and B) it was crafted by the NSBA President and CEO with the help of Biden administration officials.
    Now exposed as a political operation by the Biden admin and two people at the NSBA, Garland has had to rescind his letter threatening to sic the feds on parents who dare attend school board meetings.

    This was yet another unforced error by the Biden administration, and it confirms that Merrick Garland is not, in fact, a non-partisan enforcer of the law. He is a political hack, eager to use the resources of the federal government to persecute the Biden administration’s political enemies.
    Thank God Garland never made it to the SC!

  21. MBerg wrote: “The Election Was Stolen” – Was there fraud? Yep.”

    Republicans have been in control of the Georgia Legislature and Governor’s mansion for about a generation now. The 2020 election was held under the very laws that were created by these same Republicans, including voter ID. But in spite of this, and the partisan gerrymandering of the state, they still lost. So now they have created a statewide “elections board”, whose members are appointed by the Legislature, with broad powers to challenge election results, circumventing the Secretary of State. I wonder what’s up with that?

    Trump’s coup failed because State GOP functionaries refused to go along with it. They are being replaced with Trump loyalists right now.

    The part here you all need to pay close attention to for this, and future elections, is the power of state legislators to appoint new electors. There are a ton of people on record now openly advocating for overturning elections for wholly meritless reasons.

  22. More mad gibbering by the troll, Emery.
    Remember how Emery was dead certain that Hillary would win over Trump by a landslide? That Mueller would find evidence that Trump colluded with Putin to steal the 2016 election?
    Emery is a looney-toon. His mind ain’t right. He has been obsessed by Trump hatred since the guy announced his candidacy back in 2015.
    Emery, meet delusional Georgia 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and current Dem candidate for VA governor Terry MacCauliffe, who, like many, many Democrats, ignore evidence and the law and believe that Abrams won her election back in 2018 and is the legitimate governor of Georgia.

  23. Republicans have an election fraud problem. No matter how hard they look, they can’t seem to find any. Every investigation into the 2020 election has confirmed the accuracy of results and proven how rare fraud is.

  24. “Every Democrat investigation into Democrat fraud in the 2020 election has confirmed the accuracy of results certified by Democrats.” Fixed it for ya.

    Democrats sometimes investigate VOTER fraud, for example, a college kid who voted in person on campus and absentee at home. That’s not rare but it’s not enough to overturn the election.

    Democrats never investigate ELECTION fraud, for example, poll workers running the same batch of Biden ballots through the counting machines over and over to ramp up his count; or Democrat interns submitting bales of absentee ballots in the names of people who never saw them (elderly, dead, confined). There’s plenty of video, affidavit and statistical evidence that type of fraud occurred and was more than enough to overturn the election.

    I’ve explained it so many times that confusing the two cannot be accidental, it must be intentional. One wonders why the Left continues to post the same lie on a conservative website. What difference, at this point, does it really make?

  25. Reinforces the point that Trump primed the crowd to believe that Pence would stop the count, knowing full well that when they got there, they’d find out he hadn’t and explode.

    /The Capitol rioters kept posting incriminating things on social media. Unsurprisingly, they were mocked — and arrested./

    I honestly have trouble believing Trump spent even a millisecond thinking about any consequence of what he was saying other than that he needed his base to think he won the election because people who lose elections are losers and he wasn’t going to let the L word kill his brand.

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