9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s “Hate Speech” = Today’s Headline

  1. The only thing to say against this is that it’s plausible that the guy would have done it anyways, I guess, but the new policies did indeed give him cover and prevent people from just saying “get the h*** out of here, you’re a man.” And that’s the issue.

  2. I don’t know how many of you have been following the story about the father that railed on the Loudon County, VA school board after the chairman claimed that they have never had any incidents regarding trans students. They were covering the fact that his 15 year old daughter was raped in a rest room by a predator in a skirt. They transferred him to another school, where the perv assaulted another girl.

  3. No true Scotsman would wear his kilt into a women’s restroom and pretend to be female!

  4. Since this could not happen, it did not happen, so let’s focus on other more important things like the hundreds of thousands of NGO and school administrator who are in desperate need of a substantial pay increase.

  5. I would suggest until it all comes out, with people sworn under oath, etc.
    I want to know the truth.

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  7. In the current year, the free candy van is obsolete. They’re handing out free candy openly in public schools.

  8. Another thought that comes to mind, courtesy of BPCT, is that teachers who had previously been all for preventing sexual crimes against children are going to see this kind of thing and lay low because political correctness is working against them, and then all H*** is going to break loose this way as rogue teachers and students alike realize that nobody cares to stop them anymore.

    Reason….I forget the number….that my family homeschools.

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