35 years ago, during Minneapolis’s first ground of gang violence, a police sergeant, perhaps in a combination of hyperbole and fatigue, told me that the safest place to be in a gang shootout is the target. Gang-bangers don’t spend a lot of range time; they love that John Woo horizontal grip; they spray and pray – never moreso now that the streets are full of illegal Glock full-auto trigger conversions, which will empty an 18 round magazine in a second and a half with all the accuracy of trying to knit while riding an untamed bronco.

That Sergeant, God bless him, just keeps getting proven right:

Miles of full auto gunfire at car-to-car range – and no casualties. One dead and four injured – from the car crash.

Thanks, Sarge.

10 thoughts on “Confirmed

  1. jdm.
    There are no background checks to buy ammo…YET. I’m betting that they just walk into any gun store and buy it or they get it online.

  2. if only we had more social workers.

    Scratch that, if only we had more $180K/year social justice administrators.

  3. It is hard to believe that this could happen in a city like Minneapolis that has robust human rights policies and institutions, and is run by progressive democrats.
    It will probably always be a mystery!

  4. Yeah but… my point was the shortage of ammo. The (very) few checks I’ve made of late indicate no improvement.

    NW, so true.

  5. Glocks are from Austria. You know who else was from Austria? That’s right, Hitler. Why are we allowing middle-aged White Methodists to purchase fully automatic Nazi war weapons to murder innocents in the streets?

    The solution is clear.

    Ban Methodists.

  6. These horrific crimes are just anecdotes in Biden’s America. They are not even on the radar of the worst shit going down.

    Think about that.

  7. Gotta wonder how happy all those ‘CCO employees are being downtown and all – and the Red Star employees too! I mean, it’s a short drive to the new stories about death and mayhem, but the drive to and from work can’t be fun.

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