Campaign Advice

To: All Republican Candidates for Everything, Everywhere
From: Mitch Berg, Obstreporous Peasant
Re: Your 2022 Plans

Dear GOPers,

There are a lot of good things to run on against Democrats in this cycle:

  • Crime
  • The collapse of education
  • Crime
  • The economy
  • Crime

But if you’re not running on the, not merely “erosion”, but the affirmative assault on freedom by the government, you don’t deserve to win, and this nation deserves what awaits.

To wit:

Your mission is – or should be – clear.

That is all.

28 thoughts on “Campaign Advice

  1. It does come under the umbrella of the economy, but prices everywhere are skyrocketing, and no spin can change that. Especially gas and food prices, which hit the poor much harder.

    Hammer home the bs line the dhimmis sell that they are the party of working and poor people, and ask “how are you doing under dhimmi rule?”

  2. Having seen videos of some of those school board protests, what I find interesting is that those men women assaulting and threatening healthcare providers and community volunteers are, or at least claim to be, parents.

    The most hilarious part of this whole thing I would imagine is finding out that some of your neighbors, and even some of your friends, are completely nuts.

  3. Yea, Emery, to woke, DemoCommie party apparatchiks like you, anyone that speaks out against the false narrative that your ilk is trying to sell, is nuts.

  4. From the conspiracy theorist who voted for the guy who believes that women can have penises and can impregnate men.
    The most hilarious part of this whole thing I would imagine is finding out that some of your neighbors, and even some of your friends, are completely nuts.

  5. A momma bear will fight to protect her cubs.

    But human parents shouldn’t. That would be completely nuts.

  6. That would be completely nuts

    “That should be a federal crime”.

    Glad I could fix that for you.

  7. Once an institution becomes corrupt, it can no longer fulfill its uncorrupted function. You cannot eat food that has been corrupted. You cannot count on a corrupt police force to enforce the law or to protect law abiding criminals.
    The modern left sees its most important role as corrupting existing institutions. It wants the FBI to engage in political prosecutions. It wants DA’s to release criminals and persecute the law abiding. It wants the Equal Opportunity Commission to encourage businesses to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, and religion.

  8. The decorum police have been oddly quiet about this behavior from a loud vocal minority compared to those people harassing Sinema.

    Do people really think that yelling while parents are walking little kids to school is a good thing?

  9. If you are a school board member, and you insist on teaching children that their value depends on their race, and that women can have a penis and impregnate a man, you should expect pushback from parents. The parents will push back because the school board member is teaching their kids poison that will make their life, and the lives of others, more difficult.

  10. Its not just school board meetings. It’s everywhere. The proverbial squeaky wheels are the minority rulers. The children in adult bodies are throwing tantrums to get their way.

  11. Tantrums?

    Oh, you miserable rat…you have no idea what real tantrums look like. But I’m more convinced every day that we will all be alive to witness it, and participate as required…or as capable of.

  12. It’s only 8 months into the Biden administration and we have federal agencies bullying parents and students, bullying the unvaxxed, the economy is tanking, the taliban are running Afghanistan again,the Cinese are openly mocking the US and threatening Taiwan (you will see a real chip shortage if the chicoms take or blockade Taiwan), and covid deaths are already higher than they were for all of 2020. Biden’s approval ratings are in free fall, of course, which at least has the benefit of putting the brakes on his insane legislative agenda.
    It ain’t going to get better. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. We are experiencing maximum Biden, this is as good as it gets. This is ol’ Slow Joe at full throttle, firing on all cylinders.
    All completely foreseeable given Biden’s long, embarrassing record in public office.

  13. Ever notice that Biden almost always makes his public and television appearances in the afternoon and not in the evening?
    I am guessing the problem with Biden is “sundowning.”
    Even with the media working with the white house, they can’t hide this forever. The disease is progressive, and the drug cocktails used to mitigate its effects grow less effective over time.

  14. And since we are discussing the lack of integrity on the part of Democrats, remember all chatter about Trump’s “bone spurs” keeping him out of the draft and Vietnam?
    Biden had FIVE student deferments, and was eventually given a provisional medical deferment. No one really knows how Biden qualified for the deferment, and the media is utterly uninterested in exploring Slow Joe’s bio. I am going with “bone spurs.”

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  16. Some people appear to believe that living in a free country means that they can do whatever they want while shoving the consequences of their bad decisions onto others. This is a false belief. When these people were children, I’m pretty sure their parents put limits on their behaviors for their safety and for the safety of others. The level of entitlement and immaturity on display is really unbelievable.

  17. Some people appear to believe that living in a free country means that they can do whatever they want while shoving the consequences of their bad decisions onto others.

    OH! You mean sodomy, right, rat?

  18. OK, what is the significance of the name “Brandon” these days? I have obviously missed something here.

    Regarding the school controversies, apparently the key one is in Virginia, and it appears that the teachers and school board are expertly playing the students against their parents, and allowing one side to speak but not the other. Yes, things are going to get heated when you play that game, especially as the DO(in)Justice is getting involved, and as the offenses committed by the school apparently include books that graphically portray statutory homosexual rape.

    Then you’ve got the CRT angle, and if it’s like what someone told me Honeywell was doing, that’s also something that’s going to necessarily provoke a lot of conflict unless….you’ve got a “moderator” who is clearly on the side of the school board. Really, there are all kinds of issues with that, starting with the fact that if you teach people that white people are inherently a lot more evil by “virtue” of a lack of melanin and nothing to do with their upbringing, you’re going against everything people know about psychology and sociology.

  19. Bike, the “Brandon” meme stems from the course, anti-Biden chanting that’s been taking place at college football games and NASCAR races of late (F* Joe Biden). A couple weeks ago the crowd started chanting this at a race while the winner, who’s name was Brandon, was being interviewed live. The reporter commented that the crowd was enthusiastically chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon” instead of the earthier version. The internet, as is its wont, is mockingly running with it.

  20. Look for more persecution as Biden’s numbers collapse and the Dems face disaster in the mid terms. The dems could lose the house and senate by huge margins, but the JD, the FBI, the military, and all of the intelligence services will still be in the hands of hard core democrat partisans.
    It’s not just Biden’s incompetence — though that by itself would doom his presidency, if we have a reasonably honest election — it is his foolishness. The weird ingenuousness of his vice president. It is Biden’s obvious descent into dementia and other health ills. It is the tanking economy, looming WW2 style shortages of consumer goods. It is the mounting covid deaths and mandates. It is the oppression of the half of the American people by the least democratic level of our government.

  21. Las Vegas, NV:
    “Your job is not to be concerned with the children’s health,” he added. “You’re not nurses. You’re not doctors. You are not responsible for their health organization. Your only focus is on our children’s education, and the education system here is 50th in the state, and you make almost more money than anybody else.”
    “It is very clear that you have failed in doing that job,” he said. “This country is not alone. It’s time that we wake up. Now, we’re gonna do a lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. We can throw it out as much as you want. We’re gonna keep this paperwork on your desk and keep the problem going until we get exactly what we want.”
    “This is not a negotiation, we will have our freedom of choice, and we’re gonna see you in court,” he added to applause.

    Say, didn’t the Left come up with the idea of “lawfare”?
    Sucks when you realize your enemies can use your weapons against you.
    My preferred solution is an environment where citizens and bureaucrats and elected officials do the hard work of making compromises, but, alas, the leftists have decided that their job is to tell other people what to do.
    Tears. It will all end in tears, and the fault will be on the people who believe that their job is to tell other people what to do.

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