Damn You, Ron DeSantis!

Is there anything re Covid that Florida’s governor can’t affect?

And I bet the Texas Abortion Law has something to do with it too.

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  1. What a poorly written article! Reminds me of a high school kid forced to do a report: find some articles in Newsweek and Time, pull random facts and a couple of quotes, throw them all together with no theme or message. B-

    No attempt at analyzing vaccination versus infection; vaccine mandate versus staff shortage; seasonal surges; mask/social distance/close school/vaccine versus return to normality. Bald statement that 70% vaxxed is not enough, we need more.

    Following the link in the article brings us to: “Dr. David Dowdy, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who has analyzed publicly reported state data, said it’s safe to say at least 70,000 of the last 100,000 deaths were in unvaccinated people. And of those vaccinated people who died with breakthrough infections, most caught the virus from an unvaccinated person, he said.”

    Safe to say . . . most . . . no data, no numbers, no way to verify the claims, but notice the 30,000 vaxxed who died with breakthrough infections. They’re dead. The vax didn’t save them. It didn’t reduce the severity of their symptoms. It didn’t even stop them from catching the virus from an unvaxxed person. And not ALL of those dead vaxxed caught it from an unvaxxed – meaning SOME of the dead vaxxed caught it from somebody already vaxxed themselves.

    The vax doesn’t do a damned thing so therefore everybody must get it? What the hell for? Despite the shoddy reporting, the lies leak through.

  2. The AP playbook calls for writing the conclusion first, then cherry picking facts to fit. It’s been that way for the last 20 years at least. The only thing missing from the article is the phrase: women and minorities affected most.

  3. Thanks for that, JD. That Dr. David Dowdy fella looks like he’s stepping up to board the Expert Gravy Train now owned by Fauci. About a week ago, Dowdy was talking up the need for boosters, “It’s not that the current vaccine is losing its effectiveness over time but rather that getting the shot can boost that up just a little bit“. The two clauses in that sentence are like two incoherent drunks leaning against each other. So, 100% protection is not enough, you should aim for 110%?

    Could being multiply vaccinated be used to prove one’s worth as a True Believer? Just how many is enough? Is there going to be a ranking or a hierarchy among the vaccinated? How does J&J stand up against Pfizer? Can you mix? One of each? I mean, shoot, they’re free, why not collect ’em all?

  4. Anything coming out of Johns Hopkins, especially the Bloomberg unit, is bullshit to fit the narrative. All of those “Doctors” working there, are owned by him, because he is a globalist depopulation zealot.

  5. What the E-Club and all the snake oil salesmen won’t admit is Covid acts just like other viral respiratory illnesses such as Influenza and Pneumonia: you can’t stop people from catching it, you can’t cure them when they have it, you can’t stop them from catching it again.

    We can boost our immune system with Vitamin D and Zinc and the so-called vaccine, which might help us fight off infection if we only get a weak case. We can take drugs once we have the infection, holding on until the body recovers on its own. We can wash our hands, elbow bump, avoid sick people which might help us avoid catching it again. But nothing works perfectly and nothing works forever.

    Influenza kills thousands of people each year. So does pneumonia. And now, so will Covid. The virus will be with us always. Pretending otherwise isn’t just spreading misinformation, it’s lying to spread fear and foment domestic division. There is a cure for that, but it involves tar and feathers which isn’t presently allowed.

  6. Confucious say: “Do not take health care advice from conspiracy theorist whack jobs who hate you.”

  7. 👆I can see the 6 hour Facebook outage yesterday dealt a serious blow to independent Covid research.

  8. Somewhere in Sawyer County — Woolly careens down a street, panicked, shrieking at passers-by to debate him to save Western Civilization.

  9. Sure, Emery, it’s someone else who sounds like a frantic loony on this topic.

    No, it’s you.

  10. By all means yes, The Lancet has become the hallmark of “independent” research. SMH. LOL.

  11. ^ The SiTD comment boards illustrates the fact that vaccination is something that is dividing us both culturally and politically. This is going to have wide-ranging implications beyond Covid.

  12. Some people only see “works” and “doesn’t work”, and can’t grasp the concept of “reduces risk”, “reduces transmission” and “improves chances of survival”.

  13. We are able to grasp those concepts, but we are not allowed to make decisions based on them. That’s what rankles.

    Why the Pfizer vaccine? Why not Ivermectin, or Vitamin D, or Chicken Soup? Why is it the government’s job to tell me which dietary supplement I must take on pain of losing my job, being denied entry to public accommodation, being denied freedom to travel?

    Those of us who desire to debate the effectiveness of the various nostrums and remedies are the ones trying to make prudent decisions based on science.

    Those of you insisting everyone must take a particular dietary supplement “to protect us all” are superstitious mystics, hoping the magic juice will make the monster go away.

  14. You may have noticed that the covid pandemic has coinicided with the disappearance of the Left’s “anti-bullying” campaign.

  15. Bosshoss429 — The Epoch Times is a Falun Gong backed newspaper. They’re trying to fight authoritarianism by embracing hoaxes and authoritarianism. What could possibly go wrong.

    About 35% of the general population seems predisposed to accept disinformation, misinformation and all sorts of fiction and fabrication manufactured disproportionately by the radical wealthy far right.

    Doesn’t speak well of human nature.

  16. “About 35% of the general population seems predisposed to accept disinformation, misinformation and all sorts of fiction and fabrication manufactured disproportionately by the radical wealthy far right.”

    And my seventh grade English teacher is reaching out from the grave with her read pen to write in the margin of your paper “CITATION!”

  17. Says the pathetic loser that constantly cites outfits like the NY Slimes and the Communist News Network. Emery, you are indeed dumber than a box of rocks. On second thought, rocks are probably smarter than you.

  18. That pathetic “kill” the messenger debate tactic has been used for years to good effect by the commies… that is, until people started responding by asking, so what is actually (factually) wrong with the report?

  19. ^ Yes —I’ve been called out by Twat, Woolly and others for using various media links. And more recently on this thread by TKS mocking The Lancet link I provided.

    You should probably learn how to become a little more self aware before lobbing that sick burn around.

  20. The only disinformation and lies I’ve been subjected to came from Fauci, Democrats and the CDC.
    Disinfect surfaces, don’t disinfect surfaces, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, “two weeks to flatten the curve,” “70,000 Minnesotans dead by July.”
    It was misinformation from the CDC that caused Walz to buy a never-used building as a mass morgue, and Cuomo to ask for a hospital ship that was never used.
    It wasn’t R wing misinformation that caused massive deaths in care homes in NY and MN. That was the CDC.
    I could go on, of course.
    The question isn’t “why are those Republicans so distrustful of the CDC?,” it is “Why do Democrats trust the CDC when it has, again and again, given poor quality recommendations based based on poor models and outdated or sketchy data?
    And why does Fauci still have a job?
    Knowing what we know — that he approved funding gain of function research for corona viruses at the Wuhan virology lab — he needs to answer some hard questions from someone besides Sen. Paul about his behavior AFTER the pandemic began.

  21. The Lancet is not a reliable source on the pandemic.
    The Spectator has been invaluable in pointing out how the Chinese have corrupted our elite institutions:
    How the Lancet lost our trust
    The journal’s role as the mouthpiece of the medical establishment couldn’t have been clearer in February last year, when it published a group letter organised by the zoologist Peter Daszak on the origins of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. As well as ‘strongly condemn[ing] conspiracy theories’ that the virus did not have a natural origin, the letter expressed ‘solidarity’ with all scientists and health workers in China, ending with some oddly Soviet-era phrasing: ‘Stand with our colleagues on the front line! We speak in one voice.’

    The letter didn’t reveal that Daszak was himself involved with virological research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the lab at the centre of the ‘lab leak’ speculation. Medical journals are usually hyper-aware of potential conflicts of interest — for instance, if a clinical trial was funded by a pharmaceutical company — but in this case the Lancet let it slide.


  22. Under the old definition of science, the scientists weren’t always right, but at least they got better with time.
    Under the new definition of science, scientists just say what ever the arbitrary power needs of the elite require.

  23. I love the internet.
    In March of 2020, Fauci was the lead author of a notice desceibing the early stages of the Covid-19 epidemic in China.
    Fauci does not mention that he funded the research that may have created the disease. He says nothing about its origins at all, which is interesting.

    In this paper Fauci writes:
    Therapy currently consists of supportive care while a variety of investigational approaches are being explored.11 Among these are the antiviral medication lopinavir–ritonavir, interferon-1β, the RNA polymerase inhibitor remdesivir, chloroquine, and a variety of traditional Chinese medicine products.11

  24. The more closely you look at Fauci’s present and past statements in the right context the more you realize that he has complete integrity. He also happens to be brilliant academically. The US is lucky to have him in his present role.

  25. I see that US covid deaths under Biden have now exceeded covid deaths under Trump.
    This can’t be Trump’s fault, so instead the feeble-minded blame the Biden covid abattoir on Trump supporters. Leftists have a long and despicable history of casting their enemies as vermin.

  26. Once the failure of masking and social distancing and other government proscriptions have been exposed as failures in fighting covid, there needs to be an accounting.
    Walz in Minnesota, Evers in Wisconsin, etc. These tin horn despots could have spread the blame around by working with legislators, but they chose not to. All the blame lies with them, personally.

  27. Steve Hayward at Powerline points us to a new article that shows that the lockdowns did nothing to prevent hospitals from being swamped or decrease the covid death count:

    Much of the paper is about the failure of the models used by public health officials to predict the course of the pandemic in their jurisdiction. Whether ot not they locked down, they always wildly overestimated the number of deaths:
    A major reason for the failure of SIR models to predict actual cases and deaths is because they assume no individual in the model ever changes behavior.9 The implication of ignoring individual responses to a viral threat are dramatic. Atkeson (2021) used a standard SIR model (with exogenous behavior) that included seasonal effects and the introduction of a more contagious variant in December 2020 to forecast daily U.S. deaths out to July 2023. The results of this standard model were typical: the model made apocalyptic predictions on deaths that were off by a factor of twelve by the summer of 2020. However, he then used the same model with a simple behavioral adjustment that allowed individuals to change behavior in light of the value of Rt. The new forecast of daily deaths based on this single addition completely changed the model’s predictive power. The model now tracked the actual progression of the daily deaths very closely.

    “A major reason for the failure of SIR models to predict actual cases and deaths is because they assume no individual in the model ever changes behavior”

    This is because they are statists. They see the state as being a dynamic actor by choosing to control (or not) individual behavior. Individuals are automotons, doing as they are bid.
    This is where state governors in the US have made a difference.

  28. It’s a good thing we had Fauci in office to handle the Covid crisis. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of people would have needlessly died.

    Oh wait . . .

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