This Oughtta Be Good

Caught this on social media over the weekend:

Sort of the opposite of the “Free State Project” – the “idea” would be to export Manbuns from slave states to free states to tip the Senate.

And part of me would love to see 85,000 Manbuns trying to move to North Dakota. To survive in North Dakota.

And who on earth came up with these numbers?

In practical terms, it means 85,000 Manbuns – about 12% of the entire state’s current population – jamming into Fargo, since much as I’d love to imagine these effete hamsters moving to Fort Berthold or Scranton or WIllison or Dunseith, they did specify “work from home” Californians. You want broadband, you gotta go to Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismark or Minot. Which would increase the combined population of those four cities by 30%, pronto, making each of them more expensive than San Francisco. And you can wander any of those cities for the rest of your life looking for Avocado Toast, and find nothing.

It’d be even more pronounced in Alaska, and especially Wyoming, where an influx of 75,000 useless club drones would increase the entire state’s population by nearly 20%, and make its breoadband-enabled metro areas, Cheyenne and Casper, look like Del Rio Texas.

And Montana?

In practice, those 60,000 ofay fops would land in Missoula, the closest thing any of those states have to a San Francisco, blowing that city up.

And then? Winter.

Oh, good Lord. I hope you try, Manbun. I pray for your safety and your sanity in the middle of a North Dakota winter in an electric car. But I hope you try.

14 thoughts on “This Oughtta Be Good

  1. Jezebel then: Marjorie Taylor Greene targeting Occasional-Cortex for criticism is LITERALLY dangerous and threatening.

    Jezebel now: stalking Senator Sinema into a bathroom is good, lets make her change her mind with threats of violence.

    Our speech is violence, their violence is speech.

    See also: FBI to target parents who are worried about what the evil teachers unions are trying to indoctrinate their kids with.

  2. I believe that image proposes that only 35k manbuns are needed in ND. Won’t matter. The winter in ND is nasty enough, but the spring in those Red River of the North towns is scary too (do the scary ice melts happen in Bismarck too?). Minot would just opt for a winter extension to May.

    Regardless, those four states are where real weather happens. Every year. Every season. People who think Reality is a choice would not do well there.

  3. Ha! I would just love to see DemoCommies move to Wyoming and Montana. They do not like “outsiders” moving in, especially if they even suspect that they are Democrats. My bet would be that these wimps would literally get run out of the state within two years.

  4. Missoula, MT would welcome them all, but then again, Missoula has been weird for years.

  5. ” I pray for your safety and your sanity in the middle of a North Dakota winter in an electric car. “

    Stupid should hurt!

  6. Where will they get their avocado toast, chai lattes, and the like? You can’t ship fresh avocado toast via Amazon!

    And the thought of an electric car in Nordakota in winter scares me. They won’t know (at least until the first few Tesla drivers freeze to death) that the range of such a vehicle effectively halves at -20F–and Nordakota gets of course much colder.

  7. bike,
    Not to mention the fact that all Teslas are shipped with performance tires, which are for shit in snow. I think that I’ve pointed this out before, but LaMettry’s Body shops are the only authorized body repair facilities for Tesla’s. Last year, between the 7 LaMettry’s shops in my territory, I counted 37 of them with severe front end damage, awaiting parts. A friend of mine that had the SUV version, finally gave up and put winter tires on his.

  8. Remember that scene in LOTR where Saruman tells worm tongue that to rule over Middle Earth “We have only to remove those who oppose us.”
    I always imagine Democrats watching that and asking themselves “I thought Saruman was supposed to be evil. That’s not evil.”

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  10. Boss; apparently the average Tesla owner is nowhere near as smart as the average owner of a Camaro or Mustang, who either puts snow tires on his ride in the winter, or garages it altogether.

    Seeing they bought a car that gets 50-70% less range in the worst weather we’ve got, I guess I already knew that.

  11. you can say that again!

    Seriously, the hypocrisy of what the far left wants to do needs to be seen to be believed–they are against colonization until it’s of places where conservatives might want to live.

    That said, it might backfire spectacularly, as an infusion of ideologues from the far left would shift Democrats from being apparently moderate to being….on the far left, where most Democrats in those states would not support them anymore. Oopsie.

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