Management Madness

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Two years ago, no one could work from home. Everyone had to come to the office so managers could supervise employees to ensure quality customer service and high productivity.

Last year no one could come to the office. Everyone had to work from home to protect employees from the deadliest virus ever known. Without management supervising us, productivity actually went up.

Starting in November, everyone must work from home, and everyone must come to the office, half and half. It’s a “hybrid” which sounds smart and trendy but actually combines the worst of both worlds. We’re doing it because . . . well, nobody really knows why, exactly. It just is. And since everyone is coming to the office but the deadly virus pandemic is still in effect, everyone must be vaccinated, even those who don’t want to work in the office, who are more productive working at home and who would prefer to continue working from home. Nope, must come to the office, must be vaccinated. And wear a mask plus move your desks six feet apart. But if we’re vaccinated and the vaccine protects us, why wear masks/social distance? If the vaccine doesn’t protect us (and masks/social distance weren’t safe enough to protect us last year), why are we back in the office instead of working from home?

Business magazines are asking what lessons we learned from Covid. Improvements in efficiency, distance working, employee satisfaction . . . no, none of them. We have learned no lessons and have no intention of learning any. It’s our way or the highway. Further proof that the whole thing was not a medical crisis, it was a political stunt.

Joe Doakes

If Dr. Fauci went on CNN and declared wearing aluminum foil Capri pants reduce the spread, I would expect edicts to follow shortly.

48 thoughts on “Management Madness

  1. Went to Chicago last weekend to see Wrigley Field (bucket list) and watch the Cardinals take batting practice against the Cubs. Chicago has an indoor mask mandate. Curiously, it was OK to walk with large crowds of people maskless under the stands, packed with fans and in the seats shoulder to shoulder. Or Sunday on crowded Michigan Avenue with thousands more. But not OK to shop in Whole Foods with less than 50 customers in the entire place. Similarly the airport.

  2. So, how’s that mandate going for you, rat?

    “Dozens of Massachusetts State Police troopers have submitted paperwork to resign in response to the governor’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to a union that represents around 1,800 officers.”

    “To date, dozens of troopers have already submitted their resignation paperwork, some of whom plan to return to other departments offering reasonable alternatives such as mask-wearing and regular testing,” Michael Cherven, president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, said in a statement Monday.

    “The State Police are already critically short-staffed and acknowledged this by the unprecedented moves which took troopers from specialty units that investigate homicides, terrorism, computer crimes, arsons, gangs, narcotics, and human trafficking, and returned them to uniformed patrol.”

    Governor Charlie Baker’s mandate applies to all executive department employees, including state troopers and state officials. The order, which goes into effect on October 17, requires employees to show proof of vaccination.”

    Fucking disaster in the making.

  3. Look, rat…..More #Winning!!

    The Washington Post

    New York governor declares ‘disaster emergency’ amid staffing shortage crisis prompted by vaccine resisters

    Tens of thousands of health-care workers in New York are likely to have refused a coronavirus vaccine before a state requirement went into effect on Monday, serving as a preview of resistance that the Biden administration’s vaccine requirements will face on a bigger scale in coming weeks.

    Resistance to the coronavirus vaccines means large numbers of health-care workers could face dismissals or unpaid leaves of absence in the state, exacerbating an already existing labor shortage in the critical world of medical care during the pandemic.”


  4. So. Much. Winning….

    “This Is Completely Avoidable” – New York Hospitals Prepare For Staffing Crisis As Vaccination Mandate Forces Mass Firings

    “With President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate set to take effect on Monday, health-care systems around the country are suspending elective in-patient surgeries and refusing to accept ICU patients from other hospitals as they brace for potentially hundreds of firings of nurses and other critical staffers, potentially even doctors.

    According to the NYT, the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo is planning to do all that and more, as it says it may soon fire about 400 employees who have chosen not to get the single job required by the edict”

  5. What’s going on on the Left coast, rat? #Winning, of course!

    Nurse shortages in California reaching crisis point

    “The state’s new vaccine mandate for health care workers is already causing headaches for understaffed hospitals before it is even implemented. Some traveling nurses — who are in high demand nationwide — are turning down California assignments because they don’t want to get vaccinated.

    Hospitals say they are reaching a crisis point”

  6. Hey rat…look over here —–> Unions representing pilots at Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, both based in Texas, are asking for exemptions to President Joe Biden’s pending vaccine mandate, with one of those unions warning that holiday travel could be disrupted if they have to comply.

    In a Sept. 24 letter distributed to 15 officials across the FAA, Congress, DOT and others, the Allied Pilots Association, which represents 14,000 pilots at American, suggested mandatory vaccinations could cause disruptions across the aviation industry as airlines will be forced to “offer unpaid leaves of absence or, worse, implement mass terminations of unvaccinated pilots.”

    The mandates are working perfectly!

  7. And yet, gubmint, Post Office, White House staffers, the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, J&J, Pfizer and Moderna employees, are exempt from taking the jabs. But, all of us serfs, need to be stabbed, as the fascism that the real fascists claim that Republicans are, commingle business and government.

  8. LOOK RAT!!! More #WINNING!!!!

    “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” Biden said.

    However, larger trucking companies — many of whom have already been working to get as many of their drivers and other employees vaccinated as possible — are concerned about what these new rules will mean, for two main reasons:

    They fear truck drivers, who they already are having a hard time recruiting and retaining, will leave to go work for smaller fleets that won’t be subject to the mandate, or find other jobs outside the industry.

    The logistics of getting truck drivers, especially long-haul drivers, vaccinated (or tested weekly), are daunting. Both the American Trucking Associations and the Truckload Carriers Association have come out with statements criticizing the mandate.”

    But…but….if there’s no trucking, what will become of Avacado toast rat???

  9. Raaaaat! What think? Squeak up!

    According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, roughly seven in 10 unvaccinated workers who are not self-employed say they would likely quit if their employer requires them to be vaccinated and does not grant a medical or religious exemption, according to the same poll.

    Fuck ’em, right? Right rat?

  10. Anyone that thinks rat Biden will look out, see the developing crisis and do the right thing needs to watch the Senate Armed Service Committee’s hearing with Austin, Milley and McKenzie.

    They’re shredding rat Biden. They confirmed rat Biden lied when he said no one said he should leave some troops in Afghanistan…they did. They confirmed rat Biden lied when he said his “top military commanders endorsed” his plan…they did not. They confirmed rat Biden lied when he said Al Queda was gone from Afghanistan in August….they were there then, still are there, and rat Biden knew it.

    Even most of the degenerate leftist Senators, with the exception of the appropriately named Dick Durban are shredding rat Biden. 10/10 his caregivers have put rat Biden down for his nap during this hearing.

    Rat Biden is an incompetent buffoon, with a huge ego. Once he makes a decision to ram that ice burg, he’ll let everyone go down with the ship…except him.

  11. Rat emery didn’t tell the whole truth…of course.

    “But the state Health Department vaccination rate listed for hospital reveals that some facilities could face staffing problems.

    Only 63 percent of workers at the SBH [St. Barnabas Hospital system] in The Bronx completed their vaccination series, as of September 21. Only 64 percent of workers in Interfaith hospital in Brooklyn and Richmond University hospital in Staten Island were fully vaccinated.

    The full vaccination rate was 66 percent at Brookdale and 67 percent in Wyckoff, both hospitals in Brooklyn.

    Fire ’em, right rat??

  12. ^^^404 Not Found

    The requested URL was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

    LMAO…your little bullshit blog link is broke, rat.

    My math is a little off here, rat…help us out. The WaPo Poll says 70% of pure blood citizens will walk before they get the juice. There are at least 75 million of us.

    How many is 70% of 75 million?

  13. S Carolina about to fire 175 health care workers. Yup, mandates totally working.

    Right wing religious zealot mayor of NY (!?) says “God wants us to vax. Lulz.

    New York’s teachers have obtained a court ordered injunction against the mandates.

    What is the troll spewing again?

  14. Rat emery squeaked: ““We’re not gonna back down,” declare unvaccinated health care workers — almost all of whom did eventually back down.”

    From his link:

    Dozens of Northwell Health employees were fired Monday after refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

    “Northwell Health said it has already parted ways with two dozen leaders who are unvaccinated, and they will also be terminating the rest of unvaccinated employees.”

    and…Mount Sinai South Nassau says approximately 87 employees remain unvaccinated and face unpaid suspension.

    Almost all backed down!!!…(except the dozens fired immediately and an unnamed number to come). LMMFAO!!!!! Rat emery, are you drunk every day? Baked? Or are you really this profoundly stupid?

  15. Kinlaw, I contacted my state rep last week. He says the legislature and our Governor are working on plans to nullify Biden’s asinine mandate in the Great State of South Carolina.

    Our Governor has said publicly, that he will fight rat Biden to the gates of hell, and we plan to hold him to that promise.

  16. Top reasons for high coronavirus spread by party from the KFF poll out today:

    89% not masks and distancing
    87% refusing to get vaccine
    75% Delta more infectious

    55% immigrants and tourists
    41% Delta more infectious
    40% vaccines not effective

    That last 40% makes sense. I hear vaccines are much less effective if you refuse to get them.

  17. Twat —How’s the mass campaign of civil disobedience against vaccination mandates going?

    “More than 99% of Novant Health’s 35,000-plus employees are now compliant with the vaccine mandate, including employees who have submitted an approved religious or medical vaccine exemption, according to a statement.”

    175 workers fired at North Carolina healthcare provider for not complying with COVID vaccine mandate

  18. Say rat?

    Would you say that destroying the American economy, stealing an election, throwing American foreign policy into utter chaos, shredding our relations with our allies, lying directly and repeatedly to the American people, abandoning American citizens in a hostile, foreign country, opening the border to 1.2 million Corona virus carrying, illegal aliens is in rat Biden’s wheelhouse?

    Squeak up, boy.

  19. 175 workers fired at North Carolina healthcare provider for not complying with COVID vaccine mandate

    That’s 175 workers they are not likely to be able to replace, rat. That’s because when you add up 100 here, 200 there, all over the country (I know that’s more than your pea brain can comprehend), you’re talking about tens of thousands. I’d say the mass campaign of civil disobedience against vaccination mandates, just among doctors and nurses, are going to be devastating…so does the Governor of NY.

    New York governor declares ‘disaster emergency’ amid staffing shortage crisis prompted by vaccine resisters

    Add engineers, truck drivers, auto workers, airline pilots, mechanics….well it comes to 75 million.

    What’s 70% of 75 million, rat?

  20. So does she talk to God, troll? Really, she knows what god wants, she must be in touch. She’s a raving lunatic.

    By the way troll, does the vatican approve of abortion too? So what the vatican says is automatically US law?

    I would laugh but you lefties are killing my country.

  21. How’s the mass campaign of civil disobedience against vaccination mandates going?

    More than 96% of United’s 67,000-person U.S. workforce complied with the vaccine requirement. United said less than 3% of its roughly 67,000 workforce applied for exemptions, while 1% didn’t comply.

    Nearly 600 United Airlines employees face termination for failing to comply with vaccine mandate

  22. Lmao! Rat, you are drowning in your own stupidity.

    70% of the 75 million smartest people in America, including me, won’t shoot that worthless juice under any circumstances.

    You keep reinforcing the disaster Biden has created; you fucking idiot! Lol!

    The feckless, incompetent buffoon you chose to lead you is failing at *everything*. It’s absolutely true that everything he touches turns to shit.

    Trump will go down as the most hated President…reality based people cannot deny the hate leftist scum have heaped on him, but Pedo Joe Biden is on track to become the absolute worst President this country has ever seen.

    You’ll have to explain that to your grandkids as soon as your tranny son gives birth.

  23. Hey rat! How’s that mandate working?

    AP News

    Employer vaccine mandates convert some workers, but not all

    “Some mandates seem to have converted hesitant workers, but employers are still dealing with holdouts. United Airlines said late Tuesday it will begin terminating 593 employees over the next few days for refusing to get vaccinated.”

  24. Rat!!! This looks bad!!

    AP News
    Tuesday, Sept 28

    “The president of the American Airlines union warned that “mass terminations” of unvaccinated pilots could cause a shortage of pilots during the December holidays.“

    Hope that doesn’t fuck up your yearly shredding of the BiRKie!

  25. Oh, crap. Its the shit rain, rat.

    NBC News

    Mandating vaccines amid a worker shortage could spell trouble for corporate America

    “It’s so hard to find workers now that, if you know a certain percentage of your workers are going to quit [due to a vaccine mandate], you’re not going to disrupt that,” said one HR expert.


  26. Today’s award for the most biased headline to appear in our unbiased media goes to the WaPo:
    New York governor declares emergency amid staffing shortage crisis prompted by vaccine resisters
    “Tens of thousands of health-care workers in New York are likely to have refused a coronavirus vaccine before a state requirement went into effect on Monday, serving as a preview of resistance that the Biden administration’s vaccine requirements will face on a bigger scale in coming weeks.”

    Willing workers locked out of their workplace are blamed for their employers’ locking them out. Wasn’t the WaPo once considered a pro-labor newspapaer?

  27. jesu cristo, the troll is en feugo!!

    Facts just can’t bust through that exterior shell of stupid!

    This is a full on catastrophe of labor shortages in many sectors, and he just keeps whistling past the graveyard.

    hey doofus, New York is not going to have health care workers.

    But the mandate WORKS!!

  28. I’m positive all their favorite antivax podcast hosts and pundits will give them jobs.

    United Airlines says 99% of its workforce met a deadline to show proof of vaccination. Now it will lay off about 600 workers who refused to get vaccinated.

    This seems to be strangely effective at adjusting attitudes once understood.

    Let me know which large group of flyers wants to ride on “we’re free to have Covid and so are you” Airlines…

  29. “It’s so hard to find workers now that, if you know a certain percentage of your workers are going to quit [due to a vaccine mandate], you’re not going to disrupt that,” said one HR expert.

    I work from home, hundreds of miles from our corporate headquarters, and have no direct contact with any of my global associates and clients. If my company says I have to vax, I won’t quit. I’ll make them fire me, and collect unemployment.

  30. Can a Worker Who Was Fired for Refusing a Vaccine Collect Unemployment?

    “Unemployment is available to employees who lose their jobs through no fault of their own,” explained Lindsey Self, an attorney with Eastman & Smith in Toledo, Ohio.

    In most states, employees are not eligible for unemployment benefits if they are fired for violating a company policy, because it is considered misconduct. So if a company has a vaccination policy and the consequences for violating that policy are clear, Self said, the employee may be ineligible for such benefits unless the worker was exempt from the policy for medical or religious reasons.

    Maybe you’ll consider being ordained as a Bishop from The Universal Life Church.

  31. lol…I’ve got a copy of my company employment policy. It does not include taking an experimental vaccine when ordered by a doctor….much less a senile scumbag.

    I also have a lawyer.

  32. 👆Like most things in life, the vast majority of people are all talk.

    Twat — how’s the campaign of mass civil disobedience against vaccine mandates going?

    Duke University health system announced Sept 29 that only 20 of its 23,000 employees had to be terminated for vaccine refusal.

    If my math is correct, that is a 99.83% compliance rate.

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