The Pioneer Press and MPR report that the state of Minnesota is “selling” the former Bix warehouse – purchased in 2019 to serve as a “back up morgue” for the COVID thousands fatalities the state was predicting.

And since this is a government operation, you may be assured that when we say “selling“, we mean “shifting around the books, to further serve as a wealth transfer“:

The state purchased the refrigerated warehouse at 1415 L’Orient St. and the five acres of land it sits on from private ownership last year for nearly $5.48 million. Under pressure from St. Paul and Ramsey County officials opposed to the idea of warehousing bodies there, the state used the site instead as storage for personal protective equipment. On Tuesday, the board of the Port Authority will meet to vote on whether to purchase the site — which now sits vacant — from the state for $5.65 million, the property’s current appraised value and the purchase amount required under state statute.

Conservative social media or portraying this as a “boondoggle“. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Even if you ignore the conspiracy theory (launched and spread by me) that Ken Martin stored John Thompson there to keep them out of the public eye after the Hugo incident before the 2020 election, the morgue served its primary purpose; as a prop in setting an ominous backdrop for the public health security theater the state has been subjecting us to for the last 20 months.

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  1. On top of that, St. Paul is going to raise property taxes significantly. The school board says that “they can live with a 3.2% levy.

  2. Oh man, those were the days. Spring (in the northern hemisphere) of 2020. Bodies in the streets… hey! remember that program? The simulation written over a weekend by grad students at the U? The one that predicted thousands of deaths and was the justification for the morgue, the lockdowns and masks and staying home hiding under a blanket waiting for the Virus Monster to attack? The reason that all the Karens, inside the government and out, under the auspices of a bunch of cynical, power-hungry leaders, took power? For our health? You know, those same leaders who didn’t and don’t believe or act as if the Virus Monster is anything other than a decent flu. And the flu! What ever happened to that? Man, wasn’t it great to have a winter with no worry about catching the flu?

  3. JDM, don’t forget about the government’s refusal to release the Model for scrutiny and review because, “someone might reach a different conclusion.”

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