Out Hateful Racist President

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Black people make up 13.5% of the US population but only 10% of vaccinated people.

Executive Orders closing entertainment venues and employment opportunities to the unvaccinated, will have a disparate impact on Blacks.

Disparate Impact discrimination is a hateful and invidious form of racism.

The Usurper in the White House is a hateful racist. We must remove him from office at once, so Kamala can be elevated to cure the building of the taint of racial discrimination.

Republicans should introduce Articles of Impeachment based disparate impact racial discrimination. No, of course they won’t pass. But it’ll be fun hearing the explanation why the Hater in Chief should remain in office instead of allowing the First Black Woman President to heal the nation.

Joe Doakes

I suspect the next step would be a state of emergency…

18 thoughts on “Out Hateful Racist President

  1. In terms of cliches, my first reaction is to be careful what you wish for. And my second, right on the heels of the first, is out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  2. Yes, our racist pretend president, disparaged Larry Elder and encouraged the sheep of Californicate to vote for the corrupt, rich white guy over the better black candidate, who is more libertarian than Republican. Obviously, they cheated again to keep the moron Newsom in office.

  3. Boss, here is the MO on the fraud: remember all the ludicrous polling done before the presidential election last year? Wisconsin by 17, etc? Obviously fake polling, because accurate polling would show Trump ahead. But they had the fraud plan in place, and it would be a bad look for all the polls to say Trump and then have jello brain win. So, precede the election with bs polling.

    Two weeks ago the polls show the recall a tight race. Over the last two weeks (Gomer Pyle voice) Surprise!Surprise! Surprise! Polls show hair gel way ahead. The deuce you say!! Stir in millions of fake ballots, and your fraud cake is baked.

  4. Unlike fraud of the previous election, I do believe Newsance won fair and square – just basic math tells you no matter how many votes Edler would get, the libturd base in CA is too big to overcome.

  5. You mean the vax hesitant aren’t all Trump voters? In fact, most AREN’T Trump voters? Don’t let the troll know, it’ll be hiding in the basement for a week.

  6. jpa, I believe you are correct, way too many dhimmis in this state. I’m moving out of here in a couple of months, so let them have the “NOT caused by global cooling climate freezing melting bs” forest fires, tax on miles driven, electricity blackouts, man made water shortages, and homeless cities everywhere. Let them have it all.

  7. More proof Wuhan Flu is but a pretext for taking away freedoms of general populace:

    A newly released study has found that nearly half of those hospitalized for COVID-19 in 2021 may have been admitted for another reason entirely, or were mild or asymptomatic for the respiratory virus. Conducted by a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, the yet-to-be peer-reviewed analysis examined electronic records for nearly 50,000 COVID hospital admissions at more than 100 VA hospitals across the country.

  8. Interesting, jpa. I’d have to give some credit to those researchers for even publishing. I don’t really care about the “peer review” aspect because as often as not it’s just a way to validate adherence to the Narrative.

  9. bosshoss429 wrote: “Obviously, they cheated again to keep the moron Newsom in office.”

    This is another win for Trump, like losing last year’s election. Every failure is a victory for victims.

    Starting the recall backfired on the GOP. They’ve lost the plot. One mistake after another.

  10. Unfortunately, Republicans did not show up. Trump received 6 million votes in CA in 2020. Recall only received 3 million votes yesterday. Millions of Republicans stayed home. Even more explicitly, if the 6 million votes had shown up they would’ve (might’ve) defeated the 5.8 million No votes. There probably was some cheating tho’, but not enough to matter in a state where Democrats have a 2:1 majority.

    This has no relationship to the cheating that did take place in 6 chosen states that prevented Trump’s re-election.

    I’m pretty much not sure what “the recall backfired on the GOP” means. An explanation might be nice. On the other hand, the followup “They’ve lost the plot. One mistake after another” is completely nonsensical so never mind.

  11. Not reading the troll today. As far as the ramifications go, LA County has just issued the “show me your papers” order, presumably giddy about the recall outcome. In other words, not reading the room AGAIN, and now thinking it was love of covid restrictions that saved hair gel, lol. HUGE backlash coming for the dhimmis and their overreach. It also put on display the lefts and the mediots (birm) overt racism. Meanwhile you can’t STEAL a u haul to get your ass out of shi*-town because so many (middle class, small business owning) people are leaving it to the oligarchs, the homeless and the illegals. By the way, adjusted for cost of living, Cali has the highest % of people living beneath the poverty line. Yea, way to go hair gel!

  12. Time to change the recall law..what a waste of money.

    kinlaw wrote: “You mean the vax hesitant aren’t all Trump voters?“

    More data reinforces a consistent point: a higher percentage of Black Americans than Republicans have been vaccinated — even as the latter is a larger group.

    Republicans are still a bigger obstacle to vaccination than Black Americans

  13. The Washington Compost also says that if a person with a penis and testicles cuts them all off, then that person is now a woman, and can menstruate and get pregnant.

  14. If people are “assigned a sex at birth,” how it is that with no organization or communication network, all the world’s doctors and midwives manage to deliver a population of babies that is split exactly 50/50 boys and girls. This is especially amazing considering that most cultures in the world express a preference for boys, at least as first born, and some doctors claim to be able to identify the sex of a baby in the womb. I wonder if they are using some subtle biological marker, perhaps subconsciously.
    Whatever arcane method they use of getting the boy/girl split at exactly 50/50, I am sure that it is anti-science.

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