At Stake

If you’re voting in California today? Your mission is clear.

Gavin Newsom is everything that’s wrong with modern progressivism (although far from alone at that). He’ part of an “elite” that has destroyed one of history’s great success stories, one of America’s onetime great accomplishments.

Larry Elder may not have all the answers, and given that even if he manages to swim upstream past the Democrat fraud machine he’ll still be facing a California State Assembly on his own.

Is there a better guy for the job than Elder? Some certainly wish it so:

As Donald Rumsfeld said, “You don’t go to war with the army you want. You go with the army you have”. The California GOP may be rebounding, but at the state level they’ve got nothing. Nationally? This next three years is going to be interesting in all the wrong ways, party-wise.

A wish and $3 will get you a cup of Starbucks. $5.50 in California.

19 thoughts on “At Stake

  1. California seems to the place to be if you are a millionaire or an unskilled, non-English speaking immigrant.
    Otherwise you can go to Hell, says Newsom.
    Even the lucky recipients of a calpers pension don’t want to live in California.

  2. gl whisler on September 14, 2021 at 8:10 am said:
    Jonah is never gonna catch the clue bird, is he?

    In recent podcast, Goldberg was asked what, exactly, the post-Reagan GOP could take credit for, Goldberg said “free speech protection.”

  3. “Competent and conventional candidate”.

    In english: a candidate who will go along to get along, reach across the aisle, will grow in office, and not upset the suburban wine moms.

    In other words: an “establishment” republican who won’t upset the media.

    That’s how you got Trump.

  4. It just came to me this morning, as I was wondering how people could change their ideology so much: they never had an ideology, they have always gone where the money was.

  5. kinlaw wrote: “No way the fraud machine lets hair gel get recalled.”

    This whole notion about fraud and elections, it’s a shiny object that quite honestly is about trying to save face and not own reality. I don’t think Elder and the GOP actually believe there was fraud, but do believe they can convince their voters of it.

    Republicans wanted a referendum on how California is dealing with Covid and they got it. Newsom should come out of this with a clear mandate.

  6. Sorry, Emery, considering that your side started trying to claim fraud via Russian collusion from the day Trump won in 2016, your argument, as usual, is lame at best.

  7. Emery today:
    This whole notion about fraud and elections, it’s a shiny object that quite honestly is about trying to save face and not own reality. I don’t think Elder and the GOP actually believe there was fraud, but do believe they can convince their voters of it.

    Emery in the Spring of 2020:
    Emery on April 7, 2020 at 7:37 pm said:
    ‘If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so’ ~ Robert Mueller

    Mueller also said he was legally unable to charge the president with a crime, emphasizing it’s against Justice Department policy and describing it as “unconstitutional.”

    Emery on April 7, 2020 at 7:59 pm said:
    I feel that these two sentences from Volume II of the Mueller Report have not gotten anything like the attention they deserve.

    “As described in Volume I, the evidence uncovered in the investigation did not establish that the President or those close to him were involved in the charged Russian computer-hacking or active measure conspiracies, or that the President otherwise had any unlawful relationship with any Russian official. But the evidence does indicate that a thorough FBI investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the President personally that the President could have understood to be crimes or that would give rise to personal or political concerns.”
    Volume II, p. 76

  8. Lol, we couldn’t prove he didn’t do it.

    For leftists and trolls out there, American jurisprudence has two outcomes: guilty, or not guilty.

    In other words, he was found not guilty on all counts.

    Think the troll can handle all those big words?

  9. By the way troll, whatever happened to Matt Gaetz was next to go down? (regardless of the fact that whoever they thought was going to “go down” before Matt , didn’t go down.)

  10. In case anyone is interested, the troll who is wrong about everything and hates you would like to give you some health advice.

  11. Thanks. I knew that. I was more concerned about the effect 10s or even 100s of comments from the little weasel would have on one’s psyche. You’re a giver, man.

  12. Newsome prevails 64/36. I predict things will get worse at an increasingly perilous pace now that his regime has been affirmed and vindicated.

  13. The California voters want California to go down a sewer.
    They are getting what they have repeatedly voted for.
    Dried out, on fire, shit everywhere, and fascists in charge.
    How could it get worse? I guess we will find out.

  14. Troy, the dhimmi voters are largely two groups: the wealthy who do not have to soil their shoes on the common ground, and those whose livelihood are dependent upon government largesse.

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