Well, Lookie Here

Rep. Matt Gaetz exonerated of allegations of sex trafficking.

He was the victim of an extortion attempt:

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has been exonerated after 62-year-old Stephen Alford was recently indicted by the Department of Justice for extortion.

“Stephen M. Alford did knowingly and willfully devise, and intent to devise, a scheme to defraud and for obtaining money and property by means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and for the promise of executing such scheme, did cause, and attempt to cause, a wire communication to be transmitted in interstate commerce,” the indictment states.

So, all you Democrats in the comment section (you know who you are) who were measuring the drapes in a Supermax cell for Gaetz? Anything to say?

By the way – Rep. Gaetz’s father, Don…

…was a student of my father’s, back in Rugby, ND, back when I was a toddler.

I’m not gonna claim it gives me absolute moral authority or anything.

12 thoughts on “Well, Lookie Here

  1. I’m still waiting for Adam Schitty Schiff to reveal all of that “irrefutable evidence of Russian collusion by Trump” that he lied about having.

  2. The faux Gaetz story was first published by the NY Times, using anonymous sources.
    The usual suspects who fell for every fake news story from the NY Times fell for this one as well.
    They are incapable of learning from their mistakes.

  3. I doubt they consider these mistakes, as you call them, to be mistakes. I think they consider the stories to be at worst “fake but true”. Meaning they’re all true, unless they’re fake and then they’re still true.

  4. Oh, they’ll believe the any story that can be labeled “anti-Trump.”
    What was the name of that hooker that said she shtupped Trump? The one with the crooked lawyer?
    I once asked a #nevertrumper conservative why they believed her and not Trump’s denial, and all I got was a complaint that it was a shame that Trump was such a liar that you couldn’t take his word over the word of porn actress.
    In other words, an unreasonable response to a reasonable question.

  5. jdm, you are spot on, they mostly know they are fake, but they think the story will further their narrative.

    What they don’t understand, because they lack any self awareness, is that every time they run one of these, their credibility drops another notch. And it’s already in the crapper to begin with. Its the boy who cried wolf, and now we all just laugh at them. I mean, that story fell apart in like 5 minutes. The troll will still be on it for a week of course.

    Hey troll, how about all those horse whatever od’s?


  6. jdm, the sad part about shifty shi**er is that he told the truth in congress, that he had no evidence, but lied to the media.

    So for a lefty, that’s mission accomplished.

  7. MBerg wrote: “Rep. Matt Gaetz exonerated of allegations of sex trafficking.”

    Okay— so the extortion appears to be real. Real enough to indict this individual.

    That said— this has nothing to do with Gaetz’s fondness for underage girls. That actual investigation is still continuing. And as I recall, his procurer, Greenberg, was up for sentencing on August 19th, but got a delay.

    The hook for the alleged extortion was that the man was going to get Matt Gaetz a presidential pardon and vanish away all his sex trafficking legal troubles.

  8. this has nothing to do with Gaetz’s fondness for underage girls.

    Replace “Gaetz” with “Biden”, and we’ll get an earful about “presumption of innocence”.

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  10. Their media partners credibility shredded; angry parents confronting their degenerate public school junta; their plan to subvert White America’s self-esteem backfired; their election fraud exposed and countered; SCOTUS undermining years of their debauchery; the government bureaucracies, so carefully infiltrated over the past decade, distrusted and hated… and yet as rat Emery illustrates, the Marxist steam liner plunges on at full throttle through the ice field.


    If history is any measure (and if it was not they wouldn’t be trying so hard to erase it), there comes a tipping point in Western European cultures that never ends well for our enemies.

    I sense that time is well neigh. Beware the ides of March, rats.

  11. Emery, the conviction here indicates that the DOJ was sharing confidential information about the case with outsiders. That, along with the fact that the key witness is getting paid for his testimony, indicates they’re going to really need to bring a lot of other evidence to get a conviction.

    Really, the tactics here work well against public defenders, but not as much against A list defense attorneys. Gaetz will likely have the latter.

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