Against Type

The pandemic and civil unrest has led, as we’ve noted in this space, to a massive realignment of attitudes about firearms, with Democrats, women and minorities the fastest-growing members of a fast-growing lifestyle.

And now – school choice?

Granted, the “choice” is for more mask mandates.

But any port in a storm.

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  1. Someone i know who understands the budgeting process in MN, said that the mask mandates will return on 10/1. By that time the number of students in the district will have been reported to the state and the checks will be written based on that number. If parents hold their kids out after the mandates return, it won’t matter to the districts.

  2. BTW, deaths per million in the US are twice what they were on September 10, 2020, before the vaccine.
    Who predicted this?
    No one. No one in the Biden administration, no one in the CDC, no one in the CDC.
    These people know nothing.

  3. A year ago, the number of covid deaths per million per day in the US was 15. Todat it is 30 per million per day in the US.
    In Sweden, a year ago the number of covid deaths per day was about 1. Today it is about 1.
    Sweden and the US have almost idenitical rates of vaccination, 63%.
    The experts know nothing.

  4. I read somewhere that teachers will be exempt from the vax mandate, can anyone confirm that?

    The teachers unions also coerced the cdc into changing mask policy. Mitch is right, if there are any silver linings to this cluster flub, it is pulling back the curtain on what the teachers unions really are: horrible, power mad harpies who don’t give a rats ass for children.

  5. Nonsense, Kinlaw. Biden has assured us that only GOP governors are politicizing covid.

  6. USPS exempted from the mandate.
    Welfare recipients, no mandate.
    Unemployment recipients, no mandate.
    Social Security recipients, no mandate.

    There seems to be a whole lot of carve-outs in this mandate.

  7. MP, funny you mentioned Sweden. This just in:

    Sweden has announced that it will be lifting all remaining coronavirus restrictions by the end of the month, following its Nordic neighbour Denmark which declared that the country would be returning to normal this week.

  8. 20 years ago, I was practicing in a small town when the School Board got a grant from the State to hire some ‘experts’ who’d come to town, meet with parents and students and community leaders, then draft recommendations to improve the schools. I can’t remember the name of the program but it was all the rage back then.

    I do remember the result. Every single proposal from the parent-student-community-experts that was presented to the School Board was shot down by . . . the teachers. Even the simplest one – male teachers shall wear neckties with collared shirts to set a higher tone for school dress – was objectionable (in response to the inevitable ‘teachers don’t get paid enough to afford that,’ I offered to donate the neckties: keep them in a cardboard box in the Principal’s Office, pick your tie for the day from the Lending Tie-brary, return it after school for someone else to wear tomorrow). Nope. Can’t make any changes without negotiating it with the union.

    I told the Superintendent, “The biggest obstacle to improving your school for the benefit of your students is your teachers.” He was too smart to agree out loud but the look on his face confirmed everything.

  9. Included in vax mandate:

    federal government and contractors
    health care workers

    Not included in the vax mandate:

    Post Office
    Welfare recipients
    Unemployment recipients
    Social Security recipients
    illegal immigrants
    afghan refugees

    The difference is Group A are essential to protecting and serving the nation. Group B are not.

    If this were a cheesy SciFi movie where the ‘vaccine’ was actually a deadly three-stage poison (one stage administered with each dose), then we’d all be yelling at the actors on the screen, “No, don’t take the poison dummy, it’s a plot by your enemies to take over the country!”

    But this isn’t a cheesy SciFi movie, this is real life, where yelling about the poison makes you a domestic terrorist.

  10. Woolly wrote: “Biden has assured us that only GOP governors are politicizing covid.”

    The GOP has decided the worse the pandemic, the weaker Biden’s chances of re-election.

  11. And Emery writes stupid things he can’t support. Again.
    I guess some people can always be depended on to stick to their chosen type.

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