One thought on “I Can’t Be The Only One…

  1. “Can’t be the only one”

    So rat Biden has thrown down the gauntlet. I just picked it up and slapped that wretched motherfucker in his rat face.

    Neither my wife, my kids nor I will ever take that shit. If my clients demand to see my papers, I’ll kindly tell them to get someone else to get their plants running again.

    There is nothing I can’t carry that’ I’m not willing to walk away from. If you crawl for these rats now, you will never walk upright again. You will know all that stuff you worked so hard to accumulate, is in your possession only so long as the rats allow it.

    I plan to make myself immune…to the ratfestation.

    Buying a fucking heap of silver and gold today; liquidating an entire savings account. Selling off 90% of my antiques, my hot rod and all the collectable firearms I don’t need. Paying off the vehicles. Paying off the mortgage on my land.

    Fuck Biden. Fuck the rats. Fuck the vax. I will never crawl.

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