The late Nick Coleman used to accuse my fellow Northern Alliance bloggers and I of trying to “burn down the public schools“ for suggesting that maybe, just maybe, the teachers union and the administrative/industrial complex weren’t necessarily working in kids best interests.

It’s taken 15 years – but it sounds like all the smart parents agree:

Enrollment in public schools nationwide declined by 3 percent last year. But it was the numbers for kindergarten enrollment that should chill the blood of teachers’ unions and school district officials. Kindergarten enrollment tanked by 13 percent last year, and it’s only expected to get worse this year.

One school district in Brooklyn, New York, has seen its rosters fall from 345 students in 2018–19 to a projected 225 this September, with kindergarten enrollment collapsing from 76 to 37. Because school funding is pegged to enrollment, that school stands to lose a sizable chunk of its funding — funds to pay teachers and other support staff.

And yes, it’s not the pandemic itself that’s causing the collapse in enrollment. It’s the policies put in place to assuage the desires of teachers.

My theory: progressives, when they get in the power, always, always, always overreach. Sometimes it even hurts them:

All of which would be another reason to view 2020–21 to be the apex of teachers union power, to be followed by inexorable descent. They got their work-at-home carveouts, their school closures, their preferred party running the federal government, their vaccine fast-tracking, their fingerprints all over the “science,” and their hundreds of billions in federal largesse. And as a result of all that influence, they created a product that’s literally repellant to millions of parents, even at the cost of free. Their ranks will almost certainly thin.

If I had known what I was doing, I would’ve spent a lot more time and effort trying to put together some sort of “homeschool pod“ when my kids were that age – sharing the effort with some of the other parents who had gotten disgusted, even back then, with the system.

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  1. Had you done that, Mitch, you may have set the bar for parents of today.

    I have a coworker, a die hard lefty, until he saw the shenanigans at his kid’s schools. He and six neighbors, hired two retired teachers that agreed to teach a real curriculum that meets the state’s guidelines and his basement rec room serves as the classroom. So far, there has been only one visit from state droogs. Oh and two of the kids are black, one is Hispanic and one is Asian. Both of the teachers say that they are ecstatic about the enthusiasm from the kids and enjoy this kind of teaching.

  2. People who want to reform a thing dislike that thing as it is, those who want to fundamentally reform all of society really hate that thing as it is. That means that teachers are taught to hate your children and the society that produced them.
    I have been saying for years that if people knew what teachers were really up to they would be horrified. You may think that their job is to produce a well rounded, respectful person, with the technical and critical skills to succeed in the world we live in, but the teachers don’t. Nothing like that at all.

  3. A decline in public school enrollment is a crisis that can only be solved by increased funding.

  4. I doubt very much NYC enrollment numbers are that far from the average if you were to account for the all the families that left that lefturd paradise for more free and friendly environs.

  5. Think of this as all part of the transition from a high-trust society to a low-trust one. It’s intentional, trust me (heh).

    In a high-trust society you can be sure that, for example, teachers are trying to “produce a well rounded, respectful person, with the technical and critical skills to succeed in the world we live in” (well put, MP). And that’s why, in the transition to a low-trust society, people are constantly surprised by the crap being foisted on their kids.

  6. Any of you guys see a picture of the LA teachers union leader? She defends the non-classroom teaching by saying that the kids did learn remotely, wants the kids know the difference between a riot and a protest, and they know what the word insurrection means. Do she is obviously teaching them that Jan riots were an insurrection. I would give a link but you don’t want to see it, I assure you. She looks exactly as you would think, obese and ugly. And she is married, must be a dyke, what hate to think what kind of “man” would marry that thing.

  7. kinlaw,
    I saw that video on Wednesday and you are correct, but let me add one thing: she is a twisted black women that fails to notice that she is answering to white people.

  8. Between degenerate teachers and violent blacks, its no surprise White parents are opting out of the public system.

    Parents are forming homeschool cooperatives to hire teachers and lease athletic facilities.

    It’s a ray of hope.

  9. Speaking of obese and ugly, after the St. Paul school droogs passed an edict to require teachers to either be jabbed or get tested weekly, the president of the St. Paul Federation of Teachers, came out in support of the measure. I’m wondering what the backlash will be?

  10. I’m wondering what the backlash will be?

    There will be no backlash.

    The only thing you learn in teacher’s college is how to fall in line.

    And as for parents and student backlash…..



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