Unexpected Consequences

Andy Richter is, by a very liberal definition, a “Hollywood star“, having gotten his start as Conan O’Briens, for lack of a better term, “comic“ foil, I shouldn’t be too uncharitable; comedy is hard, and O’Brien proves it.

But time flies, and Richter has a kid who’s going off to college.

Well, trying to:

In the very, very long Twitter thread that followed, Richter evidenced no sense of connecting his plight with the eviction moratorium that has been strangling the rental industry for the past year and a half.

It’s a pretty domestic (if needlessly snide) representation of Big Populist Left’s entire approach to, well, pretty much everything:

12 thoughts on “Unexpected Consequences

  1. Let me guess, landlords still have to pay property taxes even though they cannot collect rent.

    Not to mention: insurance, gas, electricity, garbage and mandatory repairs.

  2. I wouldn’t rent to the relative of a known leftist rat under any circumstance.

  3. Andy Richter is supposed to be worth around $10 million.
    I bet that he has money invested in real estate, and that the people he pays to manage his money demand that his tenants pay 6 mos rent up front.
    Maybe that is why he deleted the tweet.

  4. Don’t forget that rent control exists in Los Angeles. Another factor in reducing availability of rental properties. I used to know a person in Santa Monica who lived in a rent controlled apartment. At one point she lost her job, moved to Orange County for awhile, illegally subletting the Santa Monica property and eventually moving back . The rapacious landlord couldn’t raise rent ever as long as my friend rented the place. Still lives there after 25 years.

  5. The gulf between reality and how the leftist entertainment tards see the world.

    Leftist anything for that matter.

  6. T: I’d like to rent this apartment.

    L: Sounds great, I need first and last month’s deposit.

    T: Here you go.

    L: Great. Sign the lease here, here and here.

    T: Done.

    L: And here’s your copy of the lease. Rent is due the first of the month.

    T: Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha, that’s a good one, man. You just saw the last rent you’ll ever see from me. You can’t evict me for nonpayment of rent because of the moritorium. I just bought a lifetime lease for two month’s rent. Now get out of my apartment before I call the Tenant’s Union and have them file a complaint for harassment.

  7. 6 months is on the low end. From friends on the East Coast, they’re saying the usual rate is 9 months up front.

    Welcome to unintended consequences 101, libs.

  8. Nine months. Couldn’t they just buy? I mean, interest rates are so low(~2.5%), it almost doesn’t pay to rent.

  9. I bet a lot of them are taking out high interest consumer loans to come up with nine months rent.
    An FHA qualifying loan is currently 5.25% down (3.5% of the purchase price + 1.75% for PMI), so for a $250k house your down payment would be around $13,125.

  10. JDM: They could just buy, but with BlackRock and other companies hyperbidding on hundreds of thousands of homes (to take them out of the ownership market and turn them into eternal rentals), it’s getting harder and harder to find houses for sale.
    When you find one, they are priced tens of thousands above normal market values. A friend of a friend recently sold their house in Golden Valley, sight unseen, no inspection required, for $50K over the asking price. I didn’t ask my friend if he knew if the buyer was a person or a company (and he likely didn’t know either).

  11. (That whole situation, I might note, is one of the tenets of Agenda 21, and marxism itself: Abolishment of private property.)

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