Joe Doakes from Como park emails:

Man drops dead half an hour after receiving the ‘vaccine.’ Doctors are puzzled, no idea what killed him. Couldn’t have been the ‘vaccine’ because as everyone knows, the ‘vaccine’ is safe.

This is what causes ‘vaccine hesitancy.’ Obviously, the vaccine killed him. We know there are adverse reactions, side effects, there’s tons of reports from around the world. Say so. Just say, “It looks like one of the rare adverse reactions, one in a million, simply bad luck; but we won’t know for sure until the autopsy.” Doctors pretending it’s all a great mystery when it’s obviously not, casts doubt on their veracity if not their acumen.

It’s like police officers saying, “Yes, the bearded Arabic man was screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ when he attacked the Jews with his machete, but the bearded man did not have an ISIS membership card in his wallet so it can’t be a case of Islamic terrorism. His motivation may never be known.” Nonsense, we all know what happened.

Pretending not to know what happened makes the authorities look incompetent.

Lying about what happened makes them look evil.

I was hesitant about taking a vaccine being recommended by incompetent people. I’m definitely not taking a vaccine being pushed by evil people.

Joe Doakes

When it comes to messaging the general population, about Covid or vaccines, both administrations have done a visible job messaging the public

“The authorities“ have done literally nothing right, that’s far.

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  1. Funny how fast the “PFDA”, which is actually an offshoot of Pfizer, approved the vaccine. If one reads it, however, they state that the emergency use supplies, can be used. We all know that Big Pharma was protected from liability with the emergency use versions, but now that it’s approved and has the new name on the vial, they will now be subjected to the product liability laws. Funnier still, is that Japan has suspended use on over one million doses of the Moderna juice. Apparently, foreign material was detected in a number of vials.

  2. I’d wait for results of the autopsy before calling this a vaccine induced death. Capitol police officer Sickley died after the January 6 riot but his autopsy proved he had a stroke. He wasn’t murdered by protestors. Coincidence can’t be ignored. Post hoc ergo propter hoc is an established pitfall.

  3. Germany has banned the Astra Zenica juice because blood clotting is very common.

    I read about the mechanics of this side effect, and it’s real nasty. Spike proteins embedded in vascular cell walls…um, no.

  4. Man drops dead half an hour after receiving the ‘vaccine.

    As of August 28, 2021 over 366 million doses have been given in the U.S. 5.8 Billion worlddwide.

    Like they say, “what are the odds?”

    I am with golfdoc50, let’s wait for the autopsy. It certainly could be the vaccine, but lets have none of that, “it ain’t safe” bull. Cause the people who caterwaul about vaccine safety, still drive cars…..and still do so around bar closing.

    Hell, even walking outside is dangerous. See U.S. Weather Service: U.S. Lightning Deaths in 2019: 20

  5. Cause the people who caterwaul about vaccine safety, still drive cars…..

    The alternative to driving a car is using public transportation where your chances of getting hurt on any given day may double. The alternative to getting juiced, which brings really nasty side effects *we know* about, including death, and perhaps others *we don’t know about* vs. catching the flu.

    Sorry friend, that’s an #AllegoryFail

    tbh, even if the juice was 100% safe and 100% effective, I wouldn’t take it as long as it was being forced on me under threat by people I *know* lie to me regularly and do not have my best interests as a motivation.

    That’s just not how I’m put together.

  6. The alternative to driving a car is using public transportation where your chances of getting hurt on any given day may double.


    If we are just talking deaths…..Deaths per 100,000,000 passenger miles by transportation mode

    The death rate per 100 million passenger miles for passenger vehicles declined for the third consecutive year, decreasing 4% to 0.45 in 2019. Even with this improvement, passenger vehicles remain the most dangerous of the transportation options compared. Over the last 10 years, passenger vehicle death rate per 100,000,000 passenger miles was over 9 times higher than for buses, 17 times higher than for passenger trains, and 1,606 times higher than for scheduled airlines. Other comparisons are possible based on passenger trips, vehicle miles, or vehicle trips, but passenger miles is the most commonly used basis for comparing the safety of various modes of travel.

    Having quoted that study, I am not a fan of taking the bus, nor the coal fired choo-choo trains in the Twin Cities. That is why I moved to the country.

    Seriously, after riding the 21A and 16A, or the 94D with all the drunks, screamers and gang-bangers for decades, I still knew it was safer than driving my own truck down a country lane.

    Yet, I prefer to drive my own truck down township roads…because slight risks do not ordain my behavior.

  7. tbh, even if the juice was 100% safe and 100% effective, I wouldn’t take it as long as it was being forced on me under threat by people I *know* lie to me regularly and do not have my best interests as a motivation.

    I trust science, just as I trust engineering.

    But does that mean I trust scientists and engineers?


    But whenever they step in front of a microphone, my trust drops considerably and I have absolutely no trust in science and medical bureaucracies.

    But then do I trust 25 year old “science and medical” writers from Brooklyn, who knock out 15 articles a day? Which is where most people’s science and medical knowledge comes from.

    Put it this way, as for the New York Times, I don’t even trust their page numbers.

  8. I am with golfdoc50

    Autopsy ain’t gonna show shit because nobody knows what the fuck is going on. Doc, correct me if I am wrong, but if this chap died from a blood clot, there is no way to directly tie the clot to vax. Only circumstantially because it was but one of the variables in the chap’s last day. Same as reporting death in a motorcycle accident as a Wuhan Flu or that Chauvin was the cause of St. Floyd;s death. We still do not know everything about the vax since the Grand Experiment is not over yet, and mRNA technology has never before been tried on humans for mainstream use (to my knowledge) because most animal subjects never survived. Look up antibody-dependent enhancement.

  9. Greg, try this. Duck Go “Attacked on train (bus)”

    I wouldn’t ride the TC’s choo choo on a bet.

  10. jdm: post hoc, ergo propter hoc is the “after, therefore because of” fallacy. And bibo ergo sum!

    Regarding dying half an hour later, we would ordinarily want the pathologists to take a look at the autopsy report with a bunch of blood/other fluid samples to develop a mechanism. (a good friend of mine is involved with a review of the adverse events of the J&J and women of childbearing age, that’s what he’s doing)

    I’m therefore in the firm “I don’t know” camp about why this happened. It seems to be a little soon for the immune response to be causing things like blood clots, though, so I’m leaning towards “something really strange and hopefully rare” or “person just happened to have the cardiac/other event at that time and it has nothing to do with the vaccine.”

  11. ER Doc’s: “We’re seeing a LOT of blood clotting in juiced patients…someone should look in this:

    Big Pharma (after looking into it): “Covid — not vaccination — presents biggest blood clot risk, large study finds”

    Fake news: “Covid — not vaccination — presents biggest blood clot risk, large study finds”

    Nitwit rats on comment threads: “Covid — not vaccination — presents biggest blood clot risk, large study finds”


  12. Thanks, bike. I looked it up and wrote it down, so I wouldn’t seem so unedumacated in the future.

  13. “ I trust science, just as I trust engineering.”

    Science is delving into the unknown; engineering is exactitude.

    There’s no profit in designing a shoddy thing; if it don’t work as advertised, you don’t get paid, but there is a big market for shoddy science.

  14. Hey, rat. You posted that leftist bullshit several days ago. I know, “that was 4-5 days ago, man!”

    Get some new material, AssholE.

  15. lol…so AssholE goes to *another* leftist cesspool that parrots the first.

    You incredible fucking idiot. You’d be tarred, feathered and run out on a pole from any respectable trailer park.

    Look here rat; Ivermectin, even in veterinarian doses, has killed, or sent to the hospital, 100% less people than the bug juice. Prove me wrong.

  16. This Ivermectin kerfuffle, just like Hydroxychloroquine, can be blamed directly on the CDC, FDA, and all the little dickheads like our little friend. Rather than be honest and admit that there is empirical evidence that Ivermectin is useful as a therapeutic, and possibly a prophylactic while under the care and administration of a medical doctor, they lie and try to sell a fake story that Ivermectin is useless at best and dangerous at worst.

    You can see a really good example of this in this article, ‘Like Tuskegee’: Southern Jail Treats COVID With Dangerous, Unproven Drug Ivermectin. From the headline and all the way through 20 paragraphs of hysterical and paranoid propaganda, we get to:

    Nonetheless, he said he believed that whatever Karas’ team had been doing was working. “As far as our morbidity rate,” he said, “it is zero.” He said that out of over 500 people infected in the detention center, only one was hospitalized for a brief stint. “I will stack their record against any medical provider in a correctional institution anywhere in the United States,” Helder added.

    This is followed by 14 more paragraphs denying what you just read.


  17. Emery, you are one of those deniers of the actual cures for the WuFlu. As such, just like the rest of your pathetic ilk, you are guilty of being an accessory to murder. Over half of the lives lost, allegedly from WuFlu, could have been saved. Half of the remaining half, could have survived, had it not been for the actions of feckless murdering governors. There will be a special place in hell for all of you bastards.

  18. JDM–at your service, and I reckon you owe me a “noogie” for that one next time you see me. :^)

    Regarding Ivermectin, the powers that be really ought to have noted that they’re really warning against the non-prescription use of the drug. When it comes down to it being properly administered, it apparently has strong evidence of reducing the rate of COVID infections by a large margin.


    One has to wonder whether any of these “powers that be” have ever actually practiced medicine. It’s not that hard to tell the truth.

  19. It’s the false confidence that I object to.

    Claim: man dropped over dead half-an-hour after receiving the vaccine.

    Response: it was not the vaccine. Could not have been. The vaccine is safe.

    Question: how do you know it was not the vaccine?

    Answer: people who have an allergic reaction to the vaccine show effects faster, within 15-20 minutes, which is why we make them wait in the office. His was half-an-hour later which proves it could not have been an allergic reaction which proves it wasn’t the vaccine.

    Question: there are no deviations? Every individual reacts the same? And if there are slight deviations, then possibly a 25 minute allergic reaction could be considered ‘half-an-hour’ later? No wiggle room at all?

    Answer: No. Post hoc ergo prompter hoc is a logical fallacy. The vaccine is safe.

  20. Thinking of which, “Noogie” would be a great name for a double IPA. Found this:


    Regarding Joe’s comment from 1:38, it could be a simple allergic reaction, or it could be something more complex, i.e. something with the proteins leading to an undesired clot. That’s one hypothesis regarding the J&J.

    Definite maybe, or maybe not, IMO.

  21. This just in (below). Short version is, we need to vax the unvaxxed to protect them from vaxxed. You can’t make this shit up:

    The researchers, who detailed their findings in a paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found that while the jab moderates symptoms of infection, it also allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into pre-symptomatic superspreaders. “This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally,” Dr. Peter McCullough noted in an Aug. 23 analysis for Children’s Health Defense’s The Defender.

  22. Today is a big day for headlines. This, if true, makes me soooo much more eager to believe the lying expert™ stoogies. And I am really glad China Bidon is allowing Huawei to gain unfettered access to US infrastructure and secrets, because chinese never had spied on US or tried to steel our IP and secrets. NEVER! More brilliant leadership from adults in the WH.

    Samples from early Wuhan COVID-19 patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipah virus, an American scientist has found. Henipah was one of the two types of viruses sent to China by Chinese-born scientists from a Canadian laboratory at the centre of a controversy over the firing of the scientists and collaboration with Chinese military researchers. It is not clear whether the virus found in the Chinese samples is related to the virus samples sent by the Canadian lab, which were shipped in late March 2019.

  23. Interesting note on some of the tomfoolery around the “fully approved” vaccine. TLDR;?You can’t get it. https://swprs.org/pfizer-fda-95-deception/
    However: “Dr. Meryl Nass notes that citizens pressured to take this vaccine against their will due to a federal, corporate or school mandate may insist on receiving the (unavailable) licensed product that comes with full liability in case of vaccine injury.”

  24. I’ve been reliably told the real problem is the people who aren’t being nice enough to the unvaccinated in their blog posts.

  25. Emery does no know you, will never know you, but he is very, very interested in your vaccination status.
    At some point he will probably request other SITD commenters to submit to him a stool sample for examination.

  26. Perhaps these folks might take the Pfizer Vaccine if the FDA also approved it as a horse dewormer.

    What kind of person says no to a proven and effective vaccine but when offered a animal dewormer says yes.

    The kind who wears a red hat.

  27. I’m dying to know the percentage of dead Floridians who died OF Covid (not merely With Covid) who were vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

    Is Covid killing them because they’re unvaxxed, or is the vaccine creating antibody dependent enhancement in the vaxxed, which is helping the next round of Covid kill them?

    Who’s got the numbers?

  28. The FDA approved vaccine is Comirnaty. Has anybody found any? Seems like everybody around here is still offering the unapproved competitors.

    FDA approval of a specific vaccine that’s not available leaves me where I started.

  29. A trend has appeared. Used to be just a steady drumbeat of Covid porn on cable news, public tv, Democrats and that ilk. Every horror story about the disease got wall to wall coverage. Made the Walking Dead look like a kindergarten tussle. Now I’m seeing vaccination porn. Every possible complication is heralded as the end of the world. Fact is this: incredibly few complications have occurred given the number of shots. I’m not in favor of vaccine mandates, but people please get a grip. Assess your risk of complications due to COVID or a vaccine, then make a decision and shut up.

  30. The state of Hawaii is undergoing a major spike in covid cases and hospitalizations. The number of active cases is about seven times as high as it is in my western Wisconsin county.
    About 10% of the people hospitalized with covid have been double vaxxed, according to Hawaii’s governor. About half the people in Hawaii are double-vaxxed.
    Hospital beds used in Hawaii are nearing capacity.
    FYI, Hawaii has a large Polynesian population (not a majority, tho). The polynesians tend to be less educated, unvaxxed, and are more prone than average to obesity and diabetes.

  31. Golfdoc – I would if I could. But the government isn’t talking about letting me make a decision, they’re talking about making the decision for me, then using force to compel me to obey their decision. That makes it necessary to speak up.

    The survival rate without vaccine is over 98%
    The vaccine won’t stop you from getting it
    The vaccine won’t stop you from spreading it
    The vaccine might up your survival odds to 99% if you don’t have complications
    The complications might kill you
    Therefore, everybody must have the vaccine, no risk-v-reward analysis allowed.


  32. JD, I agree. I would add that inside a couple of degrees of separation, I know more people who have had severe complications from vaccines than have had complications from the Kung flu. I realize this is “merely” anecdotal, but it is real for me.

    Second, I paid the money ($38) last week to get an antibody test. I’ve had the Kung flu (was no big thing). I have the antibodies. And as reports slip out about the superiority of naturally acquired antibodies, it annoys me more that I may be required to take the jab or three without regard to the science.

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