Forewarned + Foreamed

As Covid cases rise nationwide, it’s become fashionable among administration circles and their media lap dogs to try to make Ron DeSantis (and Greg Abbott) scapegoats – largely to head off both of their obvious ambitions and opportunities in 2024.

Is the slander false?

It’s the Biden administration and the main stream media. What do you think?

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  1. Lol emetic, “cases”.

    Florida: is at the national average for vax %, below the national average for deaths.

    Damned facts.

    That’s why they are trying to scare us with “cases”.

    The left is trying to: scare us back into lockdown so they can fraud the next election, and try to keep Desantis from an historic landslide in 2024.

    Neither of which will work.

  2. Twat wrote: “Count Cuomo has resigned in disgrace”.

    One Cuomo down, one to go.

    Tell us Twat — did Monistat do the trick for your Twat or are you going to have a bake sale?

  3. Roger Kimball has compiled a useful list of activities that spread or do not spread covid:

    #COVID19 spreads at:

    -Trump rallies
    -Motorcycle rallies

    It doesn’t spread at:

    -“Peaceful” protests
    -The southern border
    -Democrat wedding receptions
    -San Francisco hair salons
    -Governor Newsom’s dinner
    -President Obama’s birthday party’

  4. Hey — it’s finally “Infrastructure Week”!

    To be fair, the former president did sit behind the wheel of a large truck and honk the horn during one of his many infrastructure weeks.

  5. Hey – it’s finally “Sexual Harassment Week”!

    To be fair, the present president likes to run around naked with female SS agents present – and pet little girls – during his many sexual harassment weeks.

  6. Texas now has the fewest available ICU beds it’s had during entire COVID-19 pandemic.

    As of Tuesday, state data showed there to be 329 staffed hospital beds left. Central Texas is down to only two staffed beds.

    “There should be no mandates — zero — concerning Covid” ~ Ted Cruz

    Does this extend to all other vaccines? If not, why not?

  7. MP, what we see with elites regarding Cuomo is exactly the same thing that we saw with elites regarding Larry Nassar, Robert Anderson (U. Mich doctor), the guy at Ohio State, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and Bill Cosby. Elites protect their own. That’s why we have a republic and people get tried by juries. We know the common man gets s**ewed when elites don’t have a counter-balance.

  8. I would expect now that Cuomo is falling —this will trigger a new wave of young women revealing things about Matt Gaetz. But I guess it is summer vacation and lots of them are on family trips to Six Flags and a few might be looking at colleges.

  9. I know it’s pointless to attempt to educate Emery, but for the sake of other readers let me remind us that an ICU bed is not a thing. There are no curative properties in the hardware. “ICU bed” is a billing code which indicates a certain level of equipment and staffing which entitles the hospital to higher reimbursement rates. You could take an ordinary hospital room, wheel in the required equipment, post a nurse to watch it, and call it an ICU bed. You could even do it aboard a ship like the USNS Comfort. Or in a tent, like the TV show MASH and as several cities did last year and Texas is doing now.

    We don’t have excess hospital capacity sitting empty, waiting for Covid patients, because it’s obscenely expensive. In fact, two hospitals in St. Paul – St. Joseph’s and Bethesda – closed for lack of patients, taking 500 beds out of inventory. Plus, the vaccine doesn’t stop nurses from contracting Covid again so hospitals remain short-staffed, which contributes to loss of ICU bed status. Doesn’t mean patients will be left dying on gurneys in the hallways and parking lots, simply means different billing codes will be used.

    Texas is doing what the medical community has done for every epidemic in modern times. Lying about it isn’t helping.

  10. Regarding the plight of Texas, it’s like the President has released thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants with COVID into the state. What a shame that President Biden doesn’t understand the smallest thing about epidemics–you quarentine the sick, not the healthy.

    But of course, “Dr.” Fauci doesn’t seem to know that, either, so perhaps a bit of this can be forgiven.

  11. I don’t understand, bike. Roger Kimball via MP assured us all that the Kung flu doesn’t spread at the southern border. It’s gotta be those unvaccinated Evangelicals that Texas has so many of.

  12. Lol, reaching for a Mat Gaetz take, ha ha.

    Where are those accusers again?

    I yeah, I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another

  13. Lol, a Matt Gaetz take.

    Yup, any day now troll, just so many accusers against him.

    Oh, wait, I mean no accusers, I heard from someone who heard from someone.

  14. I wonder when #metoo will catch up with George Staphanopolis?
    His job was to kill stories about Bill Clinton sexually brutalizing young, low-status women.
    He viviously denounced Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones as liars (both were telling the truth about Cliton’s sexual advances).
    After Stephanopolous left the White House, he went to work for ABC News, eventually rising to host Good Morning America.
    There is an interesting video of Stephanopolous interviewing Ronan Farrow about NBC’s attempts to quash the sexual harrasment (and so much more) claims made against Matt Lauer.
    There is a reason so many people believe the Qanon stories about a Democrat pedo ring.

  15. Regarding the cost of hospital rooms, I’m pretty sure that the actual big cost is staffing them–typical nurse/patient ratios are 5:1, and you’ve got 168 hours (4.25 person/weeks) per week that you’ve got to staff. So more or less, your first $80k or so including benefits is the nursing staff. Then you’ve got doctors, janitors, etc..

    Really, as I take a look at what we went through the past year and a half–huge shutdowns of ordinary and essential medical care and an epidemic that only took a pause when medical personnel got vaccinated—that the thing to do for nasty contagious diseases like Ebola and COVID is what Ed Garcia did for Firestone in Liberia–he put medical staff in Firestone PPE for chemical hazards (it worked great) and quarantined the sick, not the healthy.

    We might be able to do Garcia one better (given that COVID is sometimes airborne) by doing laminar flow like a cleanroom for electronics, and have a few dedicated buildings for infectious disease outbreaks and/or mass injury events. Contract for dedicated housing for the caretakers, and suddenly you’ve isolated the disease instead of doing a Fauci and spreading it while shutting down the economy.

    Let’s be blunt about the matter; did any of us observe a shortage of tires in 2014 when Ebola was ravaging Liberia? As Firestone showed, quarantining the sick works. Quarantining the healthy just creates resentment.

  16. The Delta variant was completely made up by the reprobates. The medical community claims that they are still using the debunked PCR test, yet, when asked how they detected the Delta variant, medical liars say that they use that test. Funny! The PCR test CAN’T detect variants!

    Further, the CEO of Pfizer was denied entry into Israel, because he wasn’t jabbed. If the fact that the CEO of the company pushing the jabs, escaping any liabilities for the deaths and harm it’s causing it’s victims, doesn’t take it and you aren’t concerned, then your picture should be in every dictionary under “gullible” or “dumb ass!”

  17. The entire lockdown regime –mandated business closures, social distancing, mask wearing — is predicated on the notion that all human intercourse raises the spread of the disease.It makes the exponent bigger.
    These days we have tools to measure that. Google (and presumably Apple) keeps track of how mobile people are, fine grained enough that they can classify mobility by visits to various businesses, parks, private residence, etc.
    So this information should show that the more people move around, the more covid spreads, right?
    Nope. the graphs of mobility show bass-ackwards corellation with mobility. If case levels rise, after some delay, mobility decreases, even as case levels rise.
    Worst elites ever.
    Fauci knows this. Your local health dictator knows this.
    Worst elites ever.

  18. Most Americans want to see the pandemic end, and put it in the rear view mirror. For whatever bizarre reason, DeSantis wants to stretch out the pandemic as long as possible.

  19. Most Americans want to see the pandemic end, and put it in the rear view mirror. For whatever bizarre reason,Biden wants to stretch out the pandemic as long as possible.

    Fixed it for ya, Emery. It’s Biden, after all, who is ignoring the basic precaution of “not letting COVID-19 positive people into the country”, choosing instead to “send thousands of infected people into areas he knows is vulnerable.”

    If the International Criminal Court was of any value, Biden would be in the defendant’s box.

  20. Are infected immigrants shipped to Florida, Texas, and other parts of the country really on “vacation”?

  21. Feels like the majority of people who are getting vaccinated and fine with some (non-lockdown) safety requirements are getting ignored because they don’t scream and shout as much as the holdouts.

  22. E, your 12:47 could be said of many topics:

    The majority of people are fine with limiting abortion to the first tri-mester.
    The majority of people are fine with showing ID to vote.
    The majority of people are fine with fully funding police departments.
    The majority of people are fine with evicting renters who don’t pay their rent.

    So let’s give the majority what they want, right? Sounds good to me.

  23. Look in the bright side — the resignation of Cuomo leaves New York open for successful return to politics by Rudy Giuliani.

  24. Lol, still lying about Florida.

    Just curious troll, what do you hope to gain by your posts?

    You certainly are amusing, so if your efforts are meant to entertain us and lighten our days, thanks!

  25. Emery, it’s an interesting thing that you can see everything good about face mask mandates, although the science actually doesn’t tell us face mask mandates work, but you cannot see anything important about keeping COVID-positive illegal immigrants out of the country, or keeping COVID sufferers out of nursing homes–and in these latter two cases, the science is absolutely unambiguous. The person who does not enter the country or nursing home cannot infect those who are there.

    Jesus said something about this–straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel, if I remember correctly. For that matter, why is it that the WHO cannot bring itself to say “opening up borders and sending COVID sufferers into nursing homes is the wrong thing to do.” It is as if someone’s got a vested interest in a bad outcome–and draconian government controls that will follow if they get their way.

  26. Another point of reference; states were imposing outdoor mask mandates (shutting down outdoor exercise and the best way of dealing with co-morbidities that also killed COVID patients), shutting down health clubs, and shutting down routine medical care. If you really wanted to put the kibosh on how deadly the disease was and is, this is exactly the wrong thing to do. I’ve read that 40% of adults gained an average of 15 pounds apiece–folks, that’s going to cost lives.

    Where were Fauci and the CDC/NIH/etc. as all this was going down? Why the heck didn’t they speak up?

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