Never Thought I’d See The Day

I’ll admit it – I thought it was impossible for.a ‘woke’ lefty to get charged with a “hate crime”, and that the entire category was designed to try to gin up numbers for Big Left’s “there’s a wave of white supremacist terror coming that will dwarf 9/11″ thesis.

I stand, well, partially corrected.

5 thoughts on “Never Thought I’d See The Day

  1. More hate and contempt from the party of love and tolerance.
    I have yet to meet a Lefty who understands that “hating hate” makes you a hater. In this case the seven year old kid wearing a MAGA hat is not a hater, while the lib who takes the kid’s MAGA hat and punchs his mom is a hater.

  2. From BH’s link:

    Little is known about Navarrete’s personal life beyond the fact that he is openly gay.

    That’s more than enough, right there.

  3. The bonus Navarette reel is that despite vaccination, he is covid positive, and yet he feels that he is some kind of authority on public health manadates. I mean, my God, the same people who told him the vaccine would save him from covid are the same people telling him to wear a mask.
    When the Democrats say “science,” they don’t mean “observation and study of the natural world,” they mean “what the guys in lab coats say.”

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