7 thoughts on “Democrats Gonna Democrat

  1. Ms Lightfoot’s attitude towards white journalists is just racism and her hiding behind her gender and ethnicity to push back criticism shows that she’s not up for the job.

    When you elect someone because they’re a black, LGBTQ woman, don’t be surprised when the full list of their achievements is being a black, LGBTQ woman who is mayor.

  2. If you ever wake up in a city where the mayor is a black lesbian, get out, fast.
    It indicates something.

  3. “I will only be interviewed by straight white males” said no one never.

    Now, maybe 50 years ago, that never had to be said, but always happened….

    Still, is present day discrimination going to change history?

  4. I second Gollum, looks and character… and thanks for spending my money since I have to get a new keyboard, this one is drenched in coffee.

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