I’d like to claim this as a late addition to the DFL Dictionary – but alas, it’s actually from the Urban Dictionary:

Rupar (Verb): To purposely (sic) mislead. To completely mischaracterize a statement or video by omitting context.

Yesterday, at a “press conference” on the Capitol steps, as embattled representative John “Burn Hugo Down” Thompson, the DFLer from either Saint Paul, Superior or someplace else, was promising not to resign, a woman – “Tammy Jo”, we’re told – drove “onto the Capitol Mall” (looks like the upper parking lot to me) and waved a Trump flag.

KARE11’s John Croman – who is distinguised by being “Not Quite Esme Murphy” – tweeted what would appear to be a troubling outburst:

Now, my first thought was that “Tammy Jo” was likely a DFL plant, a DFLer from Woodbury, sent to lend Thompson and his press conference a cleansing blast of the unambiguous victimhood that is his only line. That, I surmised, would explain why not a single member of our city’s press corps – the people who ran down “Umbrella Man” and his life story run down while the rubble was still burning last year – has come up with a complete identification of “Tammy Jo”.

I’m sure it’ll happen.

But even given the in-the-bagginess of the Twin Cities media, that seemed a bit of a stretch.

Still – it’s not merely the Twin Cities media; it’s KARE11, the station that led the local TV market to “Woke”-ness. There’s got to be a DFL-upsucking angle, I thought. I mean, this wasn’t a “hate crime” per se, but Berg’s 20th Law seems to be proximate: “All incidents of “hate speech” not captured on video (involving being delivered by someone proven not to be a ringer) shall be assumed to be hoaxes until proven otherwise.” There might need to be an Esme Murphy Corollary: “Hoaxes, and/or DFL PR operations”.

Because the DFL had a need, and Croman fulfilled it.

Leave it to David Steinberg, who on issue after issue – Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, the riots, the Minneapolis City Council – does the reporting the Minnesota Media can’t be bothered, or haven’t been told by Ken Martin they’re allowed, to do.

So – what really happened?

Aaron Rupar isn’t the disease. Coming from the Twin Cities media scene as he did, he’s just a symptom.

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  1. So, Mitch, do we yet know about “Tammy Jo”? Because I agree with you that she’s sure fits the bill of a DFL plant. I mean, c’mon, a nothing-burger of a press conference where the central figure denied everything and then refuses to “go away”. But white Trump supporter!

  2. Who else is looking forward to reruns of McCarthy and McConnell blaming Trump for 1/6 insurrection on video today?

  3. I wonder if she’s an ordinary Minnesotan who’s fed up with the endless and obvious lies, sees both parties participating in them, and decided it’s time for real Americans to take bold, decisive action on her own, but she doesn’t own a Barrett?

    If so, she’s not the problem. She’s an early symptom of the problem. You don’t want to meet the later, more serious, fully developed symptoms of the problem.

  4. Who else is looking forward to the Democrats yelling “1/6!” like a bunch of poorly trained chimpanzees whenever a year of rioting, two billion dollars in damage, skyrocketing crime, a border area in anarchy, calamitous urban decay, the collapse of the education system, the storming of the Senate offices during the Kavanaugh hearings, and a year of leftist terror in the streets of Portland, Seattle and (more and more) Minneapolis is mentioned?

  5. “Threadjack by the Trump Derangement Syndrome looney.”


    Which brings up a couple questions for “Hayduke”:
    1) What DID happen to my garage, anyway?
    2) How are Eva, Jim and Karl doing these days?
    3) Who’s your favorite C-list Twin Cities R-Crumb-apeing “cartoonist?”

  6. When you have Liz Cheney defending Nancy Pelosi, you know the committee isn’t about left vs right politics. It is about defending the institutions of the United States.

  7. Purely coincidental that she showed up during the press conference. Absolutely no reason to believe that it was an attempt to bump Thompson out of the news cycle with this domestic “terrorist”.

    No siree, no reason.

  8. When you click on Croman’s Twitter “home page”, there’s lots more info. Apparently Tammy Jo had a Trump flag and Bible with her too – couldn’t get to the trifecta of a gun (maybe that was discovered later?). Also, Thompson’s supporter’s complained about White Privilege because Tammy wasn’t treated like all black people are. You know, handcuffed and lynched (OK, OK, I made up that last part).

  9. you know the committee isn’t about left vs right politics. It is about defending the institutions of the United States.

    No, you don’t know that, Emery. Your conclusion is missing factual support.

  10. This was an attack on the electoral process. That is not a partisan issue. A fair, just and transparent electoral process is the core of our constitution.

    We need to know who planned it, funded it and most of all prevented a response to control it.

    But if you truly believe they were just there looking for a restroom then no amount of morality and ethics will get through to you.

  11. … no wonder the (thread)jackhole does it. You guys, including the host, are more than happy to engage with him.

  12. The local media hasn’t been able to investigate Tammy Jo yet because they have all hands on deck trying to find out where Thompson actually lives

    I also found it amusing that Thompson holds a press conference and then says he can’t answer questions without his attorney present – and his attorney is out of the state at the moment (perhaps back home in Wisconsin?). Still, who calls a press conference (even with the fawning MN media) w/o having his attorney handy?

  13. ^ You can’t go into politics and be a one trick pony. You have to make alliances, and draw in supporters who also care about other issues. Lori Lightfoot would be another example of this phenomenon.

  14. HAYDUKE!

    I asked you a question or two up above.

    They were not idle questions. Rather pointed, as luck would have it.

    Please see to them stat.

  15. Hayduke? Emery?

    Is that you Bill Prendergast?

    Haha! How ya doing, ya old anal cyst? Say, did they ever manage to inflate the flat side of your head, or no?

  16. @berg: “stat” — you working in the ER now?

    /1) What DID happen to my garage, anyway?
    2) How are Eva, Jim and Karl doing these days?
    3) Who’s your favorite C-list Twin Cities R-Crumb-apeing “cartoonist?”/

    I have no idea what you’re referring to. Other than you writing about rampant crime wave in the metro — go figure.

    Have you thought about moving out state?

    BTW: nice to see Tom Swift— your white nationalist back on SiTD.

  17. Thompson thinks that he can ignore DFL leadership and not suffer significant payback. He is probably right. The Dems are just discovering that they have no defense against the radical racists in their midst. They gave that up long before Pelosi and other dem leaders donned african-stye garb and took the knee.

  18. Hayduke/Emery/Prendergast don’t know nuffin.

    He don’t go anywhere near Minneapolis, and don’t know about any Negro crime waves. He wasn’t there; he was at his lake estate, leafing through his portfolio.

  19. /1) What DID happen to my garage, anyway?/ — Well, what DID happen to your garage?

    Let me get this straight — Mitch Berg — 2A and C&C advocate is the only self defense advocate who does not have a home security system? Motion activated lighting? CCTV? What kind of operation are you running?

  20. Ah! The fruits of SITD becoming “Emery Blog”!
    Can’t say that I did not see it coming. Straight out of the Leftist playbook, and it really is a playbook.

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  22. ♪♩Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me ♪♫
    Say, Emery, there have been a few complaints about the modbot on your blog. Please look into that.

  23. ^ From the few comments or yours I’ve read I’m going to assume you’re a boomer.

    I find it interesting that someone in your demographic grew up while the US was losing a war, cities were on fire, leaders were being assassinated, families collapsing, the economy rocked by energy and inflation crises, somehow believe that things are hopelessly awful — today.

  24. You have quite the imagination there, little fella.
    Maybe now go check on that modbot?

  25. I loved the part of the video where all those ghetto sparrows were complaining because the cops didn’t beat the snot out of that crazy woman…never dawned on them that waving a bible instead of a 9mm, and not fighting with them might have had something to do with it. lol

    But seriously and sincerely. I’ve come to John Thompson’s defense here before and I’ll do it again. Thompson’s constituents got up before noon, put on their best clothes and came out to support him. The stuff he’s accused of is normal behavior in his community; John’s wife dragged the shorties up with her, waved her 4″ long finger nails in y’all’s faces, shook her weave and said just that in her own words. None ya damn business.

    And so did the rest of Team Johnson.

    These are the people leftist reprobates say bring critical diversity into the community; without them, there is no vibrancy. The reprobates do everything they can to attract blacks to the festering cities they control; they are crucial to maintaining that control…and now they’re going to expect blacks to conform to White measures of civil behavior? Fuck you and the Soros bus you rode in on.

    Personally, I don’t want Thompson, or anyone like him within 500 miles of me, but reprobates say they do, and I’m grateful to them. So walk the talk, ya stinking degenerates.

    C’mon Hayduke/Emery/Prendergast and 80 IQ manlet, contact your reprobate representatives and tell them to embrace the vibrancy and join me on Team Johnson! That MFer ain’t going anywhere.

  26. I’m going to assume you’re a boomer.

    And? So what?

    I find it interesting that someone in your demographic grew up while the US was losing a war, cities were on fire, leaders were being assassinated, families collapsing, the economy rocked by energy and inflation crises, somehow believe that things are hopelessly awful — today.

    I find it interesting that someone would discount the life experiences and wisdom of someone who lived through that. Experience helps with recognizing the patterns of fringe elements lacking nuanced thinking, who keep suggesting the same failed policies to new generations.

  27. Take a look at the crimewatchmpls twitter feed.
    I doubt if “crazy white ladies driving on lawns” is a high priority for Twin Cities cops.

  28. I think the #1 priority for TC cops is to find a nice, shady spot to park until their shift is over, and I’ll be damned if I blame them.

  29. Remember this story?

    This was the long dreaded attack on state capitals the FBI warned us about back in January. How Tammy Jo eluded the feds this long is a testament to her fox-like craftiness. I’m guessing that she has a background in special forces or maybe was an instructor at a ninja academy.
    Oh, well. It’s off to the gulag with her now. Unless she has one of those suicide-pill-disguised-as-a-tooth things.

  30. She’s a White Supremacist! They’re everywhere… just ask Jughead #1 or Jughead #2

  31. lol…ngl. I really do enjoy grinding leftist dimwits into the concrete, literally and figuratively.

  32. Ian, I missed it by a couple years, but I’m close enough to identify as a Boomer.

    There is no getting around the fact they allowed this rot to fester. They had a roadmap from their parents, but they chucked it in favor of “free love” dope, “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” of degenerates.

    They allowed degenerates and.leftist union thugs take control of the public schools. They left the parishes they were baptized in go to seed.

    Boomers have much more to account for than time to account for it.

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