Around The MOB: Conrad Zero

In my trip around the MOB, I’ve been delighted to find a few blogs that I’d overlooked over the years, that I realize I’m going to have to check out much more regularly, or even devote a coveted spot on my feed reader to.

One of those would be Conrad Zero. He’s an enigmatic anonyblogger with a taste for writing depthy analytical pieces about eclectic topics; he doesn’t blog often, per se, but he writes interesting stuff.

Yes, interesting:

A leisurely stroll through the fiction section of your local bookstore will reveal a surprising number of book covers that are… ass.


Primarily female ass.

I’m going to be the very, very, very last person in the world to complain if people want to put any portion of the female anatomy on book covers.  So blame my Inner Philosopher for asking “Why?”

The simple answer is that ’sex sells.’ But for the sake of a blog post, I’m going to pretend there’s more to it than that.

It’s a longish post, like most of Zero’s output.  And, like most of Zero’s output, it’s an interesting read.

So I’ll be checking back more often.

That may be the downside of taking this tour of the MOB; my daily reading load keeps rising.

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