The Memory And Perceptions Holes

A friend of the blog emails re what’s going on in Uptown Minneapolis:

If the local media doesn’t report on what’s happening does that mean it doesn’t exist?

As far as political life and the institutional history of Minneapolis at this point in history observed by our political class?

Rhetorical question, right?

Urban Progressive Privilege means never having to feel awkward about the devastation your policies inevitably lead to.

7 thoughts on “The Memory And Perceptions Holes

  1. It’s all true although I have my theory of why “the local media doesn’t report on what’s happening”. Thank goodness for @CrimeWatchMpls; send them money.

    It occurred to me to wonder what is going on in the back-channels, the ways the government and the elites communicate behind the scenes. I remember walking around Calhoun and Harriet a few years ago before the current “troubles” and there are huge houses along the lakes, big money and what I would assume is some clout. Are they OK with this? And along with the big businesses downtown – and all the small businesses Uptown and everywhere else. Or maybe they have no clout? This is it? This state of affairs is the goal? Maybe it is – look at Chicago.

  2. jdm,

    Unless they are high on alcohol or other illicit drugs, thugs are careful not to disturb the elites in Kenwood, Highland Park, etc. As you pointed out, these elites have clout, since they have bought and paid for their elected leaders and the thugs, for the most part, know that.

    There are exceptions, of course. I believe it was two years ago when Muslim utes were driving fast through Linden Hills neighborhoods and intimidating female residents. Even the one woman who had a couple of them follow her into her garage and harass her, didn’t get much coverage by the DFL propaganda machine. I guess she didn’t pay enough protection money.

  3. they have bought and paid for their elected leaders

    boss, who says they did not pay off thugs as well?

  4. Funny you should write that boss. I know 50th and Colfax ain’t Kenwood nor Highland Park, but it sure ain’t the ghetto and it’s next door to Tangletown, another pretty ritzy area.

    And this, @CrimeWatchMpls – 1412801528897937413, reminds me to wonder if, how, when the various suburbs are going to pressure Mpls (and St Paul too). I mean, executions while driving down 169 by Rockford Rd have not normally been a reason to move to the suburbs.

  5. jdm.

    Hadn’t seen that story, either. Notice comment that “police arrived promptly”. I ask you, how much white privilege can you display?

    I didn’t expand on that Linden Hills incident, but, apparently, the utes involved, upset the women with their sexual overtures toward her. She thought that she was going to be raped.

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