6 thoughts on “29% Of Our Neighbors Need A Serious Talking-To

  1. Show me a person who thinks equality and equity are synonyms and I’ll show you a progressive.

  2. And yet last November Americans voted for the equity and justice candidate over the equality and freedon candidate.
    Polls don’t matter, votes matter. It shouldn’t have even been close.
    FWIW, I am reading more and more attacks on Christianity as being opposed to the “equity and justice” regime prefered by the mediocrities that we call our elites.

  3. I’m not seeing a lot of MN Republicans that grasp the freedom thing, other than Mort, and the Party is trying to smother him because he won’t play well with others.

  4. It’s all about envy.

    If I were sitting in a Section 8 apartment in Frogtown with my fatherless child, sitting in my parent’s basement with my worthless Gender Studies degree, sitting in a dead-end job making $12 an hour with no benefits, I would favor Social Justice and Equity. Give me the same as the fat-cats driving their Beamers to their McMansions. I deserve it. That’s justice.

    If I were the fat-cat driving the Beamer, I’d favor the Freedom and Equality candidate. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps working 60 hours a week for the last 30 years, you have the same opportunity, too. I earned everything I have, I deserve it and I should be able to keep it. That’s justice.

    As the mass of proles demanding bread and circuses becomes larger, the problem will become worse. This poll is a harbinger.

  5. Hay! I drive a beemer! And I did work 60 hour weeks for 30 years!
    True, I only worked 2 weeks a month.

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