The DFL Dictionary: Third Edition!

It’s been 12 years since we last updated “The DFL Dictionary” – the official guide to translating from “leftist” to English.

And in today’s politics, that’s a couple of eternities, pureed to a fine sheen.

Looking back at the Second Edition, last updated in 2009, it almost looks like a trip back to a more innocent time, doesn’t it? Like an archaeological artifact when it seems like the languages were just a difference in argot, rather than rapidly diverging dialects of English?

It’s high time for an update.

I’ve got my suggestions. I welcome yours in the comments.

My Proposed Additions

Cancel Culture: It doesn’t exist, and never existed. And if you suggest otherwise, a mob will come after you, your employer and your family, as a consequence for saying things that aren’t and were never true.

Gender: (Noun) A social construct that is simultaneously dispositive on Intersectional matters, and doesn’t exist.

Hate: (noun). Any political thought that isn’t covered in the Democratic platform at the appropriate level of government.

Orwell, George: A British author who, despite his decades of activism on the left, and his own admissions, really wrote 1984 and Animal Farm about Republicans. Not leftists. Nosireebob.

Privilege: A set of class entitlements that one invokes in an argument against someone else to pre-empt them doing the same with your own class entitlements.

Racism: Systemic power. Not classism – no way, no how. And it has nothing to do with hating someone for having a different ethnicity.

Woke: The acceptable substitute for critical thought.

15 thoughts on “The DFL Dictionary: Third Edition!

  1. De-fund the Police: something which, despite ALL evidence to the contrary, is something that Republicans want.

  2. Anti-racism == the belief and practice of categorizing human beings by immutable racial characteristics.

  3. Suppose that you have a pair of identical twins. They both developed from the same fertilized egg, and share the same genes and chromosomes. If you know the sex of one, do you know the sex of the other?
    Not if you are a DFL voter! Cuz they are the party of science!

  4. Vibrant = description of low level(& low IQ) street criminal possessed of class and race privileges.

  5. Mostly Peaceful = description of a public gathering during which extensive property damage occurs and innocent onlookers are savagely beaten but no Progressives or their oxen are gored.

  6. Diversity = The most recent 5 year plan that requires recruitment( coupled with aggressive retention policies) the proper indoctrination, and eventual public facing placement, of otherwise class deficient members into the Progressive collective system on a national and local level.

  7. Investigative Journalist = Intermediate level rent-seeking hack propagandist with Affirmative Action driven credentials, see Nikole Hannah-Jones.

  8. Cancel culture is the proposition that some speech is free speech and other speech is censorship.

  9. Fair and Honest Election: the dhimmis won.

    Stolen Election: the republican won. (I’m looking at you Fat Stacy and Winebox Hills)

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  11. I see where the “activists” in MN do not accept the police reforms agreed to by the legislature, and have announced they’ll be protesting (peacefully, no doubt) in front of the homes of elected officials. Hugo may burn after all.

  12. 👆If these people are serious about saving lives and justice, let’s hear some protesting about the child murders and all the shooting on the north side.

  13. Infrastructure = guaranteeing a Zampolit in every office and every classroom; it is not the XL Pipeline or Enbridge Line 3.

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