The DFL Dictionary: Third Edition!

One of the things that first put this blog on the map, back in 2002-03, was the “DFL Dictionary” – a compendium of DFL language translated into English.

The Dictionary first published in 2003.  The second edition came out in 2009.

It’s time for another!

If you see any new terms that deserve inclusion, add the terms and their definitions in teh comment section; likewise, suggest edits to older terms there, as well.

Posterity will thank us all.

8 thoughts on “The DFL Dictionary: Third Edition!

  1. “Fake news” is a new term. DFL version: noun, referring to reporting from non-NPR,NYT,CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN sources that puts the activities of progressive politicians in a negative light.

  2. You may have these already, but:

    “Reproductive Health” Free birth control (all 20 kinds) and easy abortions.
    “March for equality” I have no f’n clue what that means. I am hoping your dictionary can help me
    “Immigrants rights” Open boarders and don’t touch illegals

  3. Chuck, “Reproductive Health” – yeah, your definition is right, women love having cold metallic objects shoved inside them by strange men and they expect free birth control, I mean, after all they’ve not been paying for it up until now. No, wait, most have, they just expect it to be covered as a prescription, like any other prescription, whatever the religious beliefs of the owners. What’s clear from your response is the other definition we should have is “Woman’s Health Issues” should mean invading women’s privacy, not being concerned about their actual health, because you believe women are sluts, they just want to screw everyone and “not pay the consequences.”

    The problem being that while both definitions are hyperbole, the second definition, the one where I accuse you of trying to make women “pay the consequences” of sex rather than “easy abortions” is that mine is accurate, while yours is a boogey-man (or woman in this case) that has never and will never exist in any meaningful number. There MIGHT be some crazy woman out there who likes the pain caused by an abortion, but the vast VAST majority are morally torn apart by the decision and nearly all only engage in having one because they cannot afford the child. I wonder why they can’t? Could it be that it’s because rather than paying a living wage to all employees, we’d prefer to give the money to the likes of DJ Trump and hope it trickles down? If so, doesn’t that then mean, Chuck, that YOU are responsible for the decision, indirectly, which women make to abort a pregnancy? Take accountability Chuck, accept your “Reproductive Health” definition should probably be instead “The agonizing set consequential decisions forced on women in the USA by a hostile government structure designed to make exercising their Constitutional right nearly impossible.” Own it Chuck, be the Party of Accountability representative that you doubtless claim to be.

    Said tongue mostly in cheek, but if we want to start mudslinging with this kind of garbage, recognize there are just as many fingers to point back at you as you point.

  4. check your privlige- I should get the same oppertunities as you despite the fact I’m dumb don’t want to work hard and believe that I am always the victim even if I start fights first

  5. The patriarchy- The system that favors men because they generally work harder and for longer hours and work dangerous jobs.

  6. Gov. Dayton’s health status – “doing great” per son Eric’s tweet. Which apparently means drugged up beyond all recognition. Kind of like Hillary’s “heat exhaustion” on a 70 degree day. Interesting that neither sought medical attention. Are you going to reopen the betting on when Tina Flint-Smith takes the reins?

  7. I think I am now out of the Flint-Smith pool by 2 months. I thought last November, after the election.

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