A Little Hope

This video’s been making the rounds. I’ve had at least a half dozen people refer it to me. It’s Brad Taylor, speaking last week at the Rosemount School Board, on how his education has already been given over to indoctrination:

I give speaker points: the kid is excellent.

All you folks moving to the third-tier burbs looking to escape the lunacy? The lunacy is following you. Running away ain’t gonna work. You’re going to have to stand and fight.

And a few thousand more like Mr. Taylor and his like (I’m looking at you, Kyle Kashuv, wherever yo88u are) it may be a fair fight.

As re getting him on the NARN? My people are already calling his people.

4 thoughts on “A Little Hope

  1. Watch all the high buck, socially secure lefty activists cast hate on this “privileged” kid.

  2. This young man is awesome.

    I would also call your attention to another video that appears at the end of this one. It is a brave teacher in the Detroit area giving an epic resignation statement to his school board. I’ve gotta believe that many of the teachers and students in every school district in the country, feel as these two do. They are afraid to speak out for fear of being canceled by the woke mob. Many of the members of the mob, hypocritically are anti bullying advocates, while they are the very bullies that they hate.

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