Sober Appraisal

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails, citing the title of a “Crime Prevention Research Center” article “What is the danger to allowing Concealed handguns on University property?: Shootings by permit holders from 2012 to May 2021”:

Obviously because college students are too stupid, too immature, too emotionally volitile to safely and wisely use guns.   Unlike sex, drugs, alcohol and Tide pods, for which they are perfectly well suited. 

Turns out college kids who are mature enough to go through the process of getting carry permits, don’t use them in fraternity hazing rituals.

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Sober Appraisal

  1. I don’t have the facts in front of me but my guess is that on campus deaths due to drug or alcohol overdoses, plus drownings and falls from windows at parties of impaired students is much greater than harm from CC permit holders.

  2. Meanwhile, the U of M is having another rash of violent crimes against students – including a shooting last weekend – and is stepping up campus police patrols and has the already stretched thin MSPS increasing its presence in the adjacent Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. This is the same campus where, a few months ago, a student government leader urged students to not cooperate with police and to “make their lives hell.”

    Hell delivers.

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