Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Writer Peter Grant passes along a fascinating premise for a novel. The only problem is it’s so outrageous that it would be instantly dismissed as a tin-foil hat conspiracy and therefore is too implausible even for fiction.

Except . . . remember the Somali day care scam? And the mailbox registrations in the Phyllis Kahn race? And every business rents their mailing lists nowadays, right?

Could you craft a political action thriller in which nefarious schemers use fake voters to elect a fake President to take over the country? You could be the next Robert Ludlum.

Joe Doakes

Remember: with progressives, yesterdays joke (or fictional plot) is today’s proposal and tomorrow’s law.

1 thought on “Implausible

  1. The problem with conspiracy theories is that they don’t get you anywhere.
    There is nothing actionable about them.
    At the edges, it’s hard to tell illegal conspiracy from permitted actions. A lot of mind reading is involved when deciding people did and did not know, and what their motives were.

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