New Wrinkle

When last we met Rashad Turner, he was the firebrand leader of the Saint Paul chapter of BLM.

What a difference a couple years can make:

It would seem Turner started having misgivings about BLM for some of the same reasons I did – the organization joined with the Teachers union to piddle on the charter schools that are the lifeboats for so many kids, disproportionally minority, in the city.

He’s appearing at an event tomorrow evening at Willy McCoy’s in, I believe, Champlin, along with Kendall Qualls, the former CD3 candidate who’s been running “TakeChargeMN” – the group that produced Turner’s video, and which is aiming to evangelize the black community on the things that used to make it strong; family, faith, and an actual education.

I’m looking forward to it.

4 thoughts on “New Wrinkle

  1. Here’s a clue for lefties everywhere: you know who all that burning looting and rioting that took place in the various cities (Portland, Chicago, St Louis, Twin Cities) was popular with?

    Upper middle and upper class white women** in the acela corridor. The people (many of whom are minorities) who live in the rioting/burning/looting zones hated it (obviously) and want more police, not less.

    **Lefty men are basically women so they are included if not specifically mentioned.

  2. I recall when Turner moved on from BLM due to its hostility towards charter schools. I also remember commenting how noble Turner appeared to be by making that move, so much so that it got little to no media coverage. After all, a BLM chapter leader becoming disaffected with the parent organization flies in the face of prog media narratives.

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