This Ain’t No Foolin’ Around

The sound of gunfire, off in the distance/I’m getting used to it now.

That wasn’t off in the distance. It was the scene at 38th and Chicago yesterday, also known as George Floyd Square. Sure, it was the middle of the day, but it’s always a good time to bust a few caps, right? This news report was, ahem, deadpan:

The Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd died was disrupted by gunfire Tuesday, just hours before it was to be the site of a family-friendly street festival marking the anniversary of his death at the hands of police.

Nothing quite says family-friendly street festival like random gunfire. But fortunately, a bona fide journalist was on the scene:

Journalist Philip Crowther, who was shooting live video from 38th and Chicago, reported hearing as many as 30 gunshots about a block east of the intersection. Crowther said a storefront window appeared to have been broken by a gunshot.

“Very quickly things got back to normal,” Crowther said. “People here who spend a significant amount of time, the organizers, were running around asking, ‘Does anyone need a medic?’ It seems like there are no injuries.”

Mr. Crowther? There’s nothing normal about any of this. But hey, we appreciate the narrative!

16 thoughts on “This Ain’t No Foolin’ Around

  1. A store window took at least one round. Allegedly, a journalist took a picture of that and had her phone smashed. So much for truth and justice in clown world. Nobody is laughing.

  2. The SMAZ has its own MINITRUTH.

    It’s informal, but it’s effective.

    And it seems to be able to tell the entire national, to say nothing of Twin Cities, media what it can and can’t do.

  3. No, it should not be the normal. But it is the normal that the Progressives seem to want for some neighborhoods. Which is why this incident, with what even appears to have the people responsible caught on camera, is not being played over and over again and talked about incessantly the way a similar incident would were it to happen at Grand Ol Days, for example.

  4. What’s not being said in the story (unless it’s been updated while I slept), is that this is far from the first “shots fired” call in the immediate vicinity of the shrine. Perhaps that’s why so many of the bystanders appear relatively calm.

  5. Maybe they’re The New Hotness – Palestinians – shooting up in the air to celebrate.

  6. If Minneapolis needed any more damage to its reputation, it got it yesterday. It was not a “Chamber of Commerce Moment”. A proud moment though for government leaders who have destroyed the police department.

  7. One wonders whether we might do a lot of good by giving many residents of the area an all expenses paid weekend in a quiet neighborhood in Apple Valley so they can see what civilization is like.

  8. I don’t wonder that, bike. They vote for their situation. Every chance they get.

  9. If all a person, or group of persons, knows is chaos, then they will not be comfortable in an environment that isn’t chaotic. They will all but inevitably introduce chaos to the new situation.

  10. Bike and jdm, the great Dennis Prager has said that the left in America (not liberals) has truly succeeded at only one thing: demonizing the right. This is proof that his theorem is correct. As bad as it is in these dhimmi run cities I guess people think Repubs would be worse.

  11. ^^ The problem with the left isn’t that they don’t realize many of their policy ideas are unworkable in the real world. I think many of them do indeed get it but that like the Tea Party and then the Trumpists who took over and then destroyed the Republican party they continue to tilt at policy windmills because our electorate would always choose utopian policies that require no compromises over the sorts of messy but workable incrementalism that will effect real change over time.

    Their goal isn’t to win elections but to win primaries. I too was mostly a Republican but Trump is such an irredeemably horrid person that I’m now an independent who’s pretty happy with his Biden vote. I fear the left will turn the Democrats into a leftist version of the disaster that is today’s Republican party.

  12. NW, I was going to add something like what you wrote. But I’m glad I didn’t, you wrote it much better.

  13. I saw a couple of the videos and I counted 36 shots – that’s almost a whole box of ammo – and they only tagged one window. Good thing they are such poor shots.

  14. It has been suggested the people of Minneapolis voted for the current crop of politicians so the residents deserve that they get. But is that so?

    Blacks can’t vote. They can’t get ID. They can’t make it to the polling place. That’s why Democrats had to harvest their ballots and cast the votes for them.

    Blacks residents of Minneapolis didn’t choose to be ruled by fools, Democrat party volunteers chose it for them. Almost as if Democrats believe Blacks aren’t fully first class citizens, maybe second class, or maybe only three-fifths of a citizen (enough to collect benefits but not to participate in governance).

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