Pork-Barrel. Almost Literally

The DFL put this out on social media over the weekend:

“In partnership with the USDA?”

Isn’t there some kind of rule against using taxpayer money (or things bought with taxpayer money) to directly benefit a political party?

I mean, they put this event at their headquarters – down an obscure little side road along the river, far from where most of the hungry people are – for a reason, right?

14 thoughts on “Pork-Barrel. Almost Literally

  1. I don’t believe I see any bus routes that go to the majority of the city on the other side of the river, either. Looks like we are talking some serious shades of Tammany Hall here–legal or not, it reeks.

  2. A similar scene appeared in the novel, “The Ugly American.” We paid for it, they steal credit for it.

  3. bike:
    Yea, they don’t fix the roads over there, either. But then, that’s typical of both St. Paul and Minneapolis. I have some customers over there and I’m dodging potholes every time I’m in that area.

  4. Jugs of milk sitting in the hot sun. Yep, that’s the approved storage method. No risk to the public there.

  5. You know, JD, they could have used the empty cold storage morgue we paid for last year.

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  7. they could have used the empty cold storage morgue

    It’s been empty since election night, when Ken Martin let John Thompson out.

  8. A lot of food safety issues there. The milk an obvious one. If there is, in fact, fresh meat in those boxes, bacteria are probably starting to multiply.

  9. It would be poetic justice if there was a little epidemic of food poisoning among the “beneficiaries” of the USDA program hijacked by the DFL. Not that I wish that on anybody, but it would be poetic justice. You could discredit both the DFL and the USDA in one fell swoop.

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